Reviews for I Promise
BrandonBravado chapter 1 . 10/10/2009
"Do you know how much pain u caused me and Naruto when you left?"

Edit the "u."

Naruto sucks btw.

Elaborate more on the story, and make it more surprising and vibrant.
rawrchelle chapter 1 . 11/4/2007
Yahh~, another review by the fantabulous me!

Hum, ho. Again, let's start with the bad things:

- In the beginning, I don't think Sasuke would talk that much. But I'll forgive you for that, because it gave good information.

- From where his dark eyes "reflected emotions". I don't know, something just doesn't seem right there. It just doesn't seem like they would show emotion until right before he kisses her, or after he kisses her? -shrugs-

- And the worst thing of all: YOU USED MY LINE TOO! FIRST EDI USES IT, AND NOW YOU USE IT! "If you're willing to chase me, I promise, I'll run slow." GR. Well, it's okay, I guess... but still. GR!

- One last thing. Where Sasuke explains what it would be like searching for Itachi alone... I just don't think he would describe it all, missing her, and stuff lol.

Good things now lol.

- Even though something wasn't right where his eyes showed emotion, I liked the way you listed them between his dialogue.

- I liked the quote, "Black to green, green to black".

- I liked it when you said it felt like Naruto was eating her face, too. Hahaha.

- And him asking her to come with him... it's not something I particularly liked, because it probably would happen if I wrote something like this, but, I don't know, it affected me, lol.

- Oh yeah! I liked it when you said "come with me" was better than an "I love you" lol.
FMA4EVER chapter 1 . 10/20/2007
i love this! i just watched Naruto and it was the one when sasuke left sakura the first time...i started screaming at the t.v...seriosly...anyway, THIS is what sasuke should have done the first time he left! i love this fiction and it was beautifully written!

tres bonne!

in Christ,