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Kuroyukie chapter 33 . 2/21
black pikachu chapter 24 . 1/17
Another life
Hi guys this is my version of a continuation of the wondafull fan fic A New Life by infernal maelstrom. He is the one who inspired my to make another life. I will not claim to be as good as infernal but like it's predasesor it will not contain any lemons so get all your frustration out in the reviews now go on I'll wait...ok are you back? Good now with out further ado here is the unofficial sequel to ANL: another life

It has been forty three years since the masked tamer disappeared. And his pokegirls still continue to live out there lives as they had been pryer to ther tamers disappearance, how ever this was about to change.
Kidara was walking along the beach when she spotted a strange lump floating a little bit up the shore. She ran over to it but over shot a bit not being used to tuning fast as she had not practised in a while. Apon futher inspection
g chapter 24 . 1/17
Part 2
Kidara Noticed a familiar mop of unruly bloind hair. Geting excited she picked up the lump and brought it in to the house that narato had given the girls all those long years ago. Setting down the lump on the chouch kadra started cleaning away the gunk that srounded the person. As she dug kadra got more and more exsited in till she uncoved who was in the ball of mud to her surprise she found a boy wearing a bright orange jumpsuit. Suddenly the boy opened his eyes jumped up and screamed "what the hell is that" having seen kidara " and where is jriya sensai" "I was training with him just now" " is that really the last thing you remember Naruto" kidara said a little dejectedly "what do you mean last thing I remember and how do you know my name" the newly identified Naruto half yelled. Kidara sighed and with nothing left to do she got up and went to the kitchen "hey where are you going" naruto half yelled again. Kidara knowing naruto would listen to reason with food in him set about making
h chapter 24 . 1/17
Part 3
His favorite dish: ramen. Which she had long since masted making in case naruto ever came back. "Well I got my wish" she said to her self "though not how we wanted him I suppose". Naruto tired of being ingnored started to get bored and as we all know a bored naruto is a dangerous one. Seeing that this "thing" that had apparently kidnap him. He was going to try and get up to a little mischief. But right at that second the door burst open and another one of those creatures came flying through those this time it had wings and was slightly pale blue. "Were is he" Ryai yelled (for that was who had burst through the door). Naruto Sensing that he was in deep s*** here decided that would be best to run however Before he could even make it two steps he was thust into a big hug by Ryai. The others started shuffling into the house behind her. Vinslet the vampire master of illusions, kireina master of the sword and the current leader of the flying Heaven honorable sword style school, yuffie the
Guest chapter 24 . 1/17
Part 4
Outgoing master of ninjusu otherwise know is the Mistress of BOOM and current leader of the Naruto no ninjusu school and finally fumiko the shrine Oracle And current leader of the Naruto Uzumaki faith. Ryai having been done with her hug held out naruto for all to see. When she got a good look at Naruto Ryai noticed the bright orange jumpsuit that he was currently wearing and realise that this was the 14 year old version of the Naruto that she loved. Setting him Down gently, she also noticed the stream of blood running out of his nose and the stupid look on his face. Realising that she probably had just overloaded Naruto's adolescent brain by pressing him up against her breast. Ryai took a moment to compose her self before she set naruto down on the sofa where he promptly collapsed from overload.
so what do you guys think was it good shod I continue please let me know and ill make a official version on my real account until then bye bye now.
black pikachu chapter 25 . 1/17
Huh the double reference of every narato and sasuke that you missed nice
ddentler21 chapter 33 . 1/16
Awesome story, really enjoyed your work
Astroman1000 chapter 1 . 1/10
Yo straight up this is the first chapter and the story seems awesome. Also it's very long and any opinions or ideas I have have probably have no chance of getting integrated but after seeing(reading) Naruto beat up Rylai himself I just wanna see that happen again. After thinking on it it might be seen as neglect to whatever girls he catches knowing Naruto he would personally train he girls anyway. It would be too funny seeing Naruto just walk into the he elite four and them going "bring out your first girl!" And Naruto says " Naw I got this" and then they fighting and Naruto absolutely wrecks shit. Haaaaaaaaa...
Anyway excited for the rest if I enjoyed this first chapter so much til then...
darkthanatos chapter 33 . 1/6
I couldn't think of a nicer and more fitting ending to this story I hope that you would consider doing a small "sequel" where he does come back
Squarekiddo chapter 22 . 12/26/2016
What the fuck do you mean Rylais mental state? she lost its not like its never happened before, she might be abit bitter, but dont make this out to be a bigger deal then it has to be. Nevermind, thats basicly you in a nutshell, screw backstory, just make shit fit, have a square piece, and a circle shape hole? your solution is always to cut the edges of the square piece.
Squarekiddo chapter 17 . 12/25/2016
Well its not really a cliffhanger, Im calling it right now that this is all just forced drama for Naruto to go apeshit infron in the Kyuubi Shirine, and in the end Kidara will be alive. I hate how you write battles, truly hate it, but the rest of the story is alright so I enjoy myself, just have to skip most battles, hell the Gym battles were all the same layout.
Squarekiddo chapter 7 . 12/24/2016
Whats the point of being as learned as Naruto if he dosnt use it? Do you even realize that a simple teleport would have saved him before the battle even begun? You already told us he knows The Hirashin. I get that you wanted to force drama so you can give us a show of the sword and evolve the chicks, but forced drama is a double edge sword, like I said, hes coming of as a complete moron, like mental hospital moron.
Lordsunshine64 chapter 33 . 11/15/2016
a most excellent story. thank you for writing this!
Conchamp1998 chapter 33 . 10/24/2016
I do not know if you will ever read this considering this review is 3 years after this stories completion. I have complete respect for you... You are a genius of Humanity... You pieced together Naruto took it apart at a section, then made a world where you got to decide how the story went... You did a perfect symbol of what and who Naruto Uzumaki is... The undying will, and the utter Humanity of it all, his struggle, and the fact that it made him HUMAN... This story has answered some questions my soul has pondered for a while. You took the fragility of Humans, and, in my own personal opinion, did what Naruto was supposed to be all about... The anime Naruto, it was always goofy, and always ended perfectly well with Naruto always in the right... It distanced Humans from him... You created a story in which it made it POSSIBLE to connect to Naruto. It let one, on the deeper and emotional level of life itself, one connect. I am rarely moved by things... I have read and seen gut wrenching stuff, and have tried to kill myself and am truly just an awful person in general. This has helped me see how everyone is human, and that maybe, just maybe, other things are possible... You have created a masterpiece that makes things seem possible even if out of reach. I dare to hope just a little bit more, after 6 long years of a constant struggle against myself and depression... I cannot express enough gratitude for what you have done for me. This small push will help just a bit more, just that little bit more to escaping the pit I have been stuck in for years... I have read almost all of the Naruto stories 100k long... story by story, I have cycled through it... You have touched upon aspects that most people spend their lives discovering. So thank you... Thank you for sharing your genius with the community... You have truly, at least to me, left an impression that has brought me one step closer to what others call happiness and love, and I might finally have that chance to experience it myself.
Azaira chapter 24 . 10/15/2016
Gotta call bull on Yuffie's fight. I know you want to make it dramatic and all for the victor, but 30 seconds to prepare for a Ninja against an injured opponent recovering? With Naruto, a true trained ninja there to help her? I could think of dozens of scenarios that would end up being instant KO the moment that shield lowers. A ninja's best weapon is deception! There's no way Yuffie would just prepare a little when there's so many plays possible. Not even just a single backup plan, but several...

Yuffie could summon several explosive clones and surround her enemy, replace her own with a clone to throw off her opponent, set up two more hidden, and allow them to set up various traps, put herself into her speed techniques and wait for the right moment to attack a blind spot before running off fast enough to even be seen. - All this could be just ONE plan, and more could be done. Hell, I would have had her ensure a clone was on hand at any time to kawarimi with her at any moment... I just don't see her losing that, not with Naruto actually there to guide her.

I admit it's a good fight, but I still call bull...
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