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Lordsunshine64 chapter 33 . 11/15
a most excellent story. thank you for writing this!
Conchamp1998 chapter 33 . 10/24
I do not know if you will ever read this considering this review is 3 years after this stories completion. I have complete respect for you... You are a genius of Humanity... You pieced together Naruto took it apart at a section, then made a world where you got to decide how the story went... You did a perfect symbol of what and who Naruto Uzumaki is... The undying will, and the utter Humanity of it all, his struggle, and the fact that it made him HUMAN... This story has answered some questions my soul has pondered for a while. You took the fragility of Humans, and, in my own personal opinion, did what Naruto was supposed to be all about... The anime Naruto, it was always goofy, and always ended perfectly well with Naruto always in the right... It distanced Humans from him... You created a story in which it made it POSSIBLE to connect to Naruto. It let one, on the deeper and emotional level of life itself, one connect. I am rarely moved by things... I have read and seen gut wrenching stuff, and have tried to kill myself and am truly just an awful person in general. This has helped me see how everyone is human, and that maybe, just maybe, other things are possible... You have created a masterpiece that makes things seem possible even if out of reach. I dare to hope just a little bit more, after 6 long years of a constant struggle against myself and depression... I cannot express enough gratitude for what you have done for me. This small push will help just a bit more, just that little bit more to escaping the pit I have been stuck in for years... I have read almost all of the Naruto stories 100k long... story by story, I have cycled through it... You have touched upon aspects that most people spend their lives discovering. So thank you... Thank you for sharing your genius with the community... You have truly, at least to me, left an impression that has brought me one step closer to what others call happiness and love, and I might finally have that chance to experience it myself.
Azaira chapter 24 . 10/15
Gotta call bull on Yuffie's fight. I know you want to make it dramatic and all for the victor, but 30 seconds to prepare for a Ninja against an injured opponent recovering? With Naruto, a true trained ninja there to help her? I could think of dozens of scenarios that would end up being instant KO the moment that shield lowers. A ninja's best weapon is deception! There's no way Yuffie would just prepare a little when there's so many plays possible. Not even just a single backup plan, but several...

Yuffie could summon several explosive clones and surround her enemy, replace her own with a clone to throw off her opponent, set up two more hidden, and allow them to set up various traps, put herself into her speed techniques and wait for the right moment to attack a blind spot before running off fast enough to even be seen. - All this could be just ONE plan, and more could be done. Hell, I would have had her ensure a clone was on hand at any time to kawarimi with her at any moment... I just don't see her losing that, not with Naruto actually there to guide her.

I admit it's a good fight, but I still call bull...
Azaira chapter 23 . 10/15
"To answer your question" One of my most hated lines. Why? Because people use it RIGHT after the questions are asked. Most times its absolutely unnecessary. The only times it should be used is if you're adding something else after it giving it actual reference. 'In order', 'from earlier', etc. When used after only two or three lines, it just becomes one of those annoying lead-in's which we already recognize. Even then, you could just skip it and go with the reference instead.

Another thing, foreshadowing is a VERY vague lead-in that should almost be overlooked, not a specific reference to a likely or certain future. People to this all the damn time, many of which causes me to actually stop reading. And most times, there is absolutely no backing for the reference either. "Little did s/he know..." Not that specific line, but anything similar is just completely ridiculous. There's no scene, nothing of relevance indicating such, and no foreshadowing to even give a vague reference to such.

There's two or three lines in nearly every chapter that has some little reference or idea that just doesn't seem to belong in the story, or at least not that the time. They're either misleading, or detract from the story itself(Which is overall a great read). At least you do it so little with such a long story. Most times I point out large grasmmatical issues of various sorts along with various contradictions or something. With your story, its mostly just minor irritations with the story itself. (Mostly the idea that what could only be an immortal beast that passed its vast power onto a successor that doesn't physically change in some way. Either the Kyuubi would be mortal and the successor would change into something ageless, be immortal and has his body changed to suit the new power/abilities, or the kyuubi would regain its powers over time. There's just something wrong with Naruto gaining massive amounts of poisonous chakra and nothing happening other than the ability to use it)
Azaira chapter 21 . 10/15
Gotta be honest, love the story but little parts here and there annoy me to pieces. Naruto can SENSE his time in the world is short? Really? Where does this otherworldly foresight power come from?

My biggest peeve is always the mortal bit. The naruto story never gave even an inkling that kyuubi was mortal, moreso towards the opposite, even in the beginning. Even if it's not explicitly stated, every indication leans towards the kyuubi being immortal from the start of the manga. Yet somehow the nidaime kyuubi is mortal? Hell, how is he even the nidaime kyuubi yet? He took kyuubi a chakra, but it doesn't even act as if it's his own, rebelling against his body in its usage.

Sorry, the story itself is good, but the little details really are annoying and just don't fit together. I know it's AU but still... he has a harem of possibly ageless girls, and he's only mortal... yeah
Azaira chapter 8 . 10/14
Love the story, really do, but I really don't care to read the pokedex entry of EVERY pokegirl that pops up in the story. Having Naruto look them up in the middle of battle? Really? My advice is to cut out anything irrelevant to the story out. I can read the full pokedex entries elsewhere. The main entry, appearance, and MAYBE personality type?

Could have done much better with the Kyuubi chakra too... Naruto literally absorbed it, which makes it his own, yet it hurts him? The body will reject or mold around anything harmful to protect itself. Having absorbed something like that would obviously either change Naruto or the chakra. You wrote this as if the chakra is still the Kyuubi's.

I really don't get how a Bijudama that took 6 or 7 tails of chakra didn't incinerate the entire cavern and open up the ceiling. Hell, I don't see why he needed to put that much into a single ball either...

Some things here and there just don't add up, but the story is mostly fine otherwise.
wildman90 chapter 33 . 8/13
Can you make a sequel?
MGStarFire chapter 3 . 8/4
ok last chapter i asked if there were going to be any lemons in this story and now like 2 minutes later i read in your autors note that there aren't any so i just want to say good luck getting more readers with this story becouse i'm dropping it.
MGStarFire chapter 2 . 8/4
are there any lemons in this story
richardrobinsonjr chapter 21 . 7/31
Do the girls get to exceed Level 100? They seem to be stuck there. I know you have mentioned a Level 200 occasionally but it isn't clear if all pokegirls can eventually reach it.

I really like your story, you are doing an excellent job of combining action and romance.

Richard Robinson
ivanganev1992 chapter 33 . 7/24
Ch 33

The greatest evil was banished devoured in grizzly horrific price.





That is touching and tragic.

But it was for Better good... Hild was the Kuubi the destroyer in the half perverse Pokegirl universe.

Group story still the death hurts. But Naruto could be with his dead precious people.
ivanganev1992 chapter 28 . 7/24
Ch 28

Damn it that time was Youfle . Will she be revived again?!

Here comes the manifestation of the maddened angry Kuubi .
ivanganev1992 chapter 24 . 7/23
Ch 24

BraMage The copycat . SHARINGAN imitator.

Rylay - Anakadeteka anafreze . Berserker Undying Unyeldeng Dedication .
ivanganev1992 chapter 21 . 7/23
Ch 21
In grating of my liking those Pokegirls is in that grate :

Rylai because she is powerful dragon and also very carying if the pride is a bit too much but she is humble enough, Kidara and Yuffie are equal in first place . I wonder what would happen if she starts to use Naruto's Yoki just like the priesess .

Vinslet, Vampire is second

Kireina, the Samurai Third

And Fumiko the shine priestess last place.

Yuffie, Level 100 Kunimitsu

Kidara, Level 100 Evangelion


Rylai is one of the most favorite because she is powerful dragon and also very carying if the pride is a bit too much but she is humble enough . She could try the jutsus if you got that idea. And also wonder what would happen if she starts to use Naruto's Yoki just like the priesess .

Yuffie basically is Cute fox type and I like foxes and Kunoichi just like a ninja. Even if she behaves pretty childish like Naruto but she enjoys her life. And I wonder what would happen if she starts to use Naruto's Yoki just like the priesess .

Kidara the cute suffered maltreated kitten on one a heck steroids seeing so much evil that she was scared to death and still very or still too much timid and needs even more confidence boost. I like her because she endured all of that and because she is very sweet as imagine her. And what grate of destruction could be done if she could do if she starts to use Naruto's Yoki just like the priesess .

Viniset the Genjutsu mistress Vampire .
Life similar to Nejy and Hinata now completely relaxed. Basically I like her because of that.
And she is nice Vampire. I wonder what is her full power or she got it already? I wonder what would happen if she starts to use Naruto's Yoki just like the priesess .and try the jutsus and what ever Naruto knows.

Kirena the honorable Samurai pure life like Hinata. But she is way too stagnant. She cold improve even more if she swallow her pride and sword class and try the power of the ancient knolige of the Justus. Or try Naruto's Yoki just like the priesess .

The priestess. Naruto could be said to be the new Kuubi slowly turning into demon because that power and giving that power . So far great healer she cold teach Naruto starts to learn the seals . Add the potenual jutsus and she cold be very powerful powerhouse maybe rivaling Rilary the Ice dragoness. Or even Kidara . She is still away on her "god" .
Kuubi is scared from Naruto The Red Twister Of Death but in potenual Kuubi gigantic form is way more devastating. If Naruto become in that form use his jutsus in that form than I can admit that he is really totally equal to really powerful God. And the priestess as her messenger. And really powerful.
ivanganev1992 chapter 20 . 7/22
Ch 20

What is Fumiko . She needs heavy pimping and pumping to the Limits and beyond.
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