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Llandaryn chapter 20 . 6/11/2010
Great story guys, brilliant work. You handle the tension really well, and your protagonist is both naive but endearing. It's taken me over two hours to read, but has been well worth it.
Gaspode chapter 20 . 2/11/2010
Nice idea. Well written. Perhaps a little too 'romantic/angsty' for me but that is actually not criticism, just a matter of taste and the world would be a boring place indeed if we all liked the same thing.

I did enjoy the characterisation and the humour balanced the angst. One of my favourites; "It was the potatoes all over again." Snort!

As someone mentioned in an earlier review it was painful to see Bishop and Liliana almost connect, yet always just missing each other. As mean a bastard as Bishop is he's also strangely endearing, well sometimes anyway, so even though I normally don't mind cliffhanger endings I definitely want to see a sequel.

I'd love to find out what happens with Liliana. After all it's in a way thanks to Bishop she now might be able to make her "own kind of music" and not let others rule her life quite as much (and she has already met a Bard who could prove an interesting contact). There's still a price on her head so the threat has not gone away. I'd also love to see what happens when Bishop catches up with her, one feels that he might find her more than a match for him. In fact it's his influence that made her strong enough to escape him. How ironic. He might find that he's created a monster...
Meeshi chapter 20 . 8/5/2009

This is the last chapter?

with an ending like that?

how could you be so cruel? SOB

so... is there a sequel? please let it be so ...

and if there is please please please message me with the title so i can read and review...

Lily Fae chapter 1 . 10/19/2008
I read all 20 chapters and I loved it! Very convincing character interactions and a nice slow build-up to an unexpected ending. 4.5 Stars!
isolde2257 chapter 20 . 7/18/2008
Heh, just read the entire story, and I have to say it was amazing. For a moment I was scared the stupid prat was going to go back to him. I can't tell if she was really smart or really stuffy for leaving, but I'm atleast glad she tried her best to remain faithful to her fiancee.

The emotion and tension were well presented; Bishop's drunken stupor was exceptionally heartbreaking.

There were a few grammatical errors, and a bit of redundancy every now and then, but overall the writing style was very good and clear.

I was really pleased with the ending...truly, I'm so tired of happily-ever-afters.
Amy Larson chapter 20 . 7/4/2008
No no no no no the story can't end like this! You have to continue it! Dx

I cried twice, at least, and and and I'm mad at Liliana, it IS her fault, if she was mad at him for chaining her up and everything she only has herself to blame for all the teasing and crap, she's stupid. D:


...continue it, please T _ T

Reading this has kept me up for the last three nights! It can't end this way!
Darth Ixnay chapter 20 . 4/19/2008
And I thought your previous cliffhangers were evil... ;)

As much as it pains me it is over, this was an amazing epilogue, and a truly frightening foreshadowing. I love the stark contrast between the hope and happiness of Lily's ending and the pain and rage of Bishop's.

As so many people have already said, the description of Lily's flight through the woods was very vivid. I could feel my heart beating faster every time she looked behind her in fright, and hear all the sounds of a forest at night. I have also really come to like the couple that picked her up, despite their appearance being so brief. The bard lady certainly seems like an intriguing character.

And I really, really wanted to beat that bastard, the brother, into a pulp the moment he appeared. Not the outcome he had expected, huh?

Bishop's part was, as always, intense, and he gave me the creeps at the end. Apparently, he's back to being his scary, vengeful self, and I already feel sorry for Liliana, should he ever find her...

It's wonderfully written, and painfully in character for him. Of course, after being reminded of his weakness for so long, he would grab the first opportunity for revenge to prove to himself that he is the one in control, and poor Lily gave him the perfect motive.

But if he only stopped lashing about like a wounded animal and thought for a second, he would see that she was just trying to survive and not play him for a fool, as much as he deserves it after everything he made her go through. *shakes head* Men. ;) And he didn't even notice she covered him with blankets, the buffoon. :P Why is it that Karnwyr always has more reason than the ranger?

Speaking of Karnwyr, the image of him grinning at Bishop had me laughing, even after Bishop's outburst of destructive fury. That was a really nice touch to lighten the mood a bit.

I think Brielle made a good point - meeting Bishop was in many ways an emotional and mental awakening for Lily, and I'm afraid she'll find it next to impossible to get him out of her head, and not just because of all the traumatic experiences. A man like him cannot be easily replaced, curse the luck.

It was heart-wrenching to watch them pass each other by the whole time, always half a step away, but never actually able to truly understand each other. Any chance that you two are planning to fix that? ;)

*takes out a bag of cookies and waits for the sequel*
Brielle the Dragonslayer chapter 20 . 4/17/2008
First of all, BRAVO! Your writing sweeps me away to another place which is why I love to read.

I'm hopeless I guess. I'm still holding out for Bishop to end up saving Lily when he realizes she's in danger again back at home. My problem, well Lily's problem, I think is that Bishop is in her blood now and under her skin. No other man is going to simply fill that void and hold that he has on her. There is something about a man that is that passionate about life.

I'm also sympathetic to Bishop. I've always felt that life made him what he is, but that having faith and trust in something or someone would make all the difference. Would he be tame? Not by a longshot, I think he would be jealous, highly overprotective, possessive among other things. Do I think Lily could handle it? Yes. She's spent most of her life being caudled and doing exactly what others expect of her. Bishop challenges her to be more.

Bishop has already admitted to himself that he wants to be with her-Lily. He knows he wants her, but he thinks he's been played the fool and that she wants Cedric. If he knew how she felt, it would make all the difference. A little heartfelt screaming at each other, getting everything out in the open, might make for a mighty hot love scene and a fresh start. Life would never be dull for these two.

Bishop just isn't programmed for a docile, domesticated life, but I think he does have a burning need to be loved. It's shown itself time and again.
beehoon chapter 20 . 4/16/2008
Oh, it was lovely! The descriptions were very well done. Lily's escape and the way she felt Selune watching over her was perfect... very apt, now that I think about it. Angry Bishop was in character; stupid ranger, he just lurves smashing up stuff:/

Epilogue? Ah! How can you do this to us?

*waits for sequel*
femensqueterror chapter 20 . 4/16/2008
Ah...That better not be the end lol.

This was a nice chappie, I felt like I was running next to Lily the whole time. And Bishop...that scared me, because he went insane for a second there. But Karnwyr was like "Yo, dude it was for your own good." I really love that puppy. Great chapter and that better not be the last, some type of cliffhanger that would be...
Red Nightfall chapter 20 . 4/16/2008
Love the chapter! The blow-by-blow description of Lily's escape was really effective, and I like Bishop's reaction to realising he's been duped. But what does it mean, Epilogue? Surely that's not the end! :'( Please keep going! Bishop and Lily - arch enemies! Sounds exciting... (wink wink)
Rhia474 chapter 20 . 4/16/2008
Like I said elsewhere, lovely job, ladies, with plenty foreshadowing should you decide to continue.

What I especially appreciated was the almost movie-clear description of Lily's flight and Bishop's rage. Very visual. And I could sense that your bard had an entire slew of backstory behind her.

I am _especially_ glad you two kept in in character perfectly all along. ::smirk:: :) You were very brave to end it the way you did and not to succumb to the tempation of our ranger getting 'reformed'. Well done, indeed.
Jade Sabre chapter 2 . 4/10/2008
I got your reply to my first review, and I will confess that I sat down and read this fic all the way through when I first encountered it, and feel compelled to leave y'all reviews because I had such a fun time reading it-so yes, I know that Lily improves past first impression. :-) I've just been busy, so going through chapter by chapter again might take me a little while.

Now, chapter 2!

ooh, gratuitous dress description. It's the sort of thing that most editors don't like, but it's also so much fun to imagine what she's wearing. XD

IT'S THE BROTHER. (Especially as the friend describes Damian's secretary as the guy who looks just like Bishop's middleman.) heh heh heh. I want to know why, though. Does he disapprove of Cedric? Is she set to inherit too much of their father's estate?

oh Cedric. You poor guy. You stand no chance.

oh Bishop. as soon as I read this I realized her neck was going to be all bruised...but if it wasn't, then he would just kill her, and what's a fanfic without a plot? :-b

I do like the descriptions. Very vivid.
Sings-off-key chapter 15 . 4/4/2008
Ah, Bishop. What a mess. You've done a great job of showing his internal struggles and self-delusions. 'He felt deathly tired, and his head seemed to be stuffed with cotton wool.' What a perfect description, yet he doesn't know why he feels this way? Heh heh.

'Maybe there was no hurry after all. Why not let her finish with his shirt first. He could still kill her in the afternoon.' Yeah, sure, you keep telling yourself that, Bishop.

A good chapter, and you gals sure know how to ratchet up the tension!
Jade Sabre chapter 1 . 4/3/2008
confession: as soon as the strange man mentioned that Bishop would be going after a girl, I said to myself, she's going to look just like the old Knight Captain.

And...score! She does!

that slightly clich├ęd note aside, I enjoyed this chapter. I thought the section where dwelt on Riana was fairly well-done, if a little over-the-top in places; it captured Bishop very well.

the Cedric jokes made me giggle.

Liliana looks like a Sue, but I like your Bishop, and so I keep going to the next chapter!
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