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LostOzian chapter 11 . 4/5/2008
*Okay, I've been reading this story, but I have to review this chapter. I just have to.*

THAT IS THE BEST TURN-FIYERO-BACK EXPLANATION *!EVER!*. EVER-R-R-R-R. A thousand times better than anything else I've ever seen. I'd say it's a pretty cool defense mechanism, though. And it's very in-character for Elphie to want to explore how Fiyero can change into a scarecrow and back BEFORE 'reuniting' with her love. Because Elphie is a nerd at heart. -LostOzian
yerosmyhero chapter 1 . 4/4/2008
I love this chapter! I had read it sooner, but for some reason I hadn't reviewed... It seems all so... real. Most scenes like this I find OOC, but this is perfect. Elphaba is in character, and so if Fiyero. You conveyed it so well.

hushedgreylily chapter 11 . 3/9/2008
brilliant story. really loved it...
Faba chapter 11 . 3/7/2008

Good god, that was love.

It makes me incredibly sad, though. No idea why.

that was just great.

ElphabaTheDelirious117 chapter 11 . 3/4/2008
I really love this chapter, it's too awesome to describe. The last paragraph is great, and I'm really glad you didn't go into too much detail about what we already know. Good job!
The Phantom's Muse chapter 11 . 3/4/2008
What the...? I *know* I wrote a review for Chapter 10! *grumbles* stupid site. Well, anyway...

I'm so sad that it's over!

'Hated that, after years away from her, he’d finally managed to get his arms around her and hold her close and be with her, really be with her, and now she was gone once more.

He understood hearing something in the wind - he’d heard her dozens of times, or thought he had. But he’d eventually given up pursuing the sounds... Elphaba, however, was certain that her sister was in danger.'

-*exhales* Oz, don't do that to me! For a minute I thought that she decided to secretly leave him. Give me a heart attack, while you're at it.

'Elphaba, holding her daughter in her arms for the first time in years, couldn’t help but choke out a strangled little cry at the sensation of it. Fae just looked up at her, big brown eyes matching matching her mother’s in both colour and intensity. Fae seemed content on Elphaba’s hip, though she’d never met the woman.'

-Oh, finally! Mother and daughter reunited. I've been waiting forever for that!

'“We’ll find a way to write,” Fiyero called after her.”

“You’re damn right you will, Fiyero Tiggular!”'

-I love Elda. She was such a fantastic OC. And this part just made her even better. I never expected her to say anything like that. *grins*

'“Damn,” she repeated, pleased with herself.

Fiyero’s eyes went wide at it, and Elphaba smirked. “It’s a better first word than mine,” she shrugged.'

-Yeah, same here. My first word was boring. Mine was 'Hi'.

'“How did this happen?”

Fiyero froze. Her voice wasn’t clouded with lust, no. It was crystal clear. He sighed. “You’re thinking, aren’t you,” he groaned.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” she continued. “They said you can’t reverse a spell once it’s been cast.” Fiyero sighed again, and stepped back to give her room to pace.'

-Ha! If my roommate wasn't sleeping when I read this morning I would have been laughing out loud.

'“It hinged on your being in danger.” Elphaba’s eyes grew wide. “Though they beat him. However they try to destroy him.” She took his very human hands in hers. “Fiyero, I think you’re only a scarecrow when you need to be.”'

-That is too cool! And you know, it makes sense. See, I would never have thought of that. We've had to accept the "Oh, it just wore off" explanation. So this is just great. See, this is why I love your stories. You always create a new twist on points that we fanfictioners *think* we know front and back.

So, does that mean when someone throws a pitcthfork towards him Fiyero automatically turns into a scarecrow? It makes sense. I bet it's interesting when Fiyero and Elphaba have a fight. Heh heh.

Hee hee. Arro. That is just too cute.

*sigh* It's sad how all good things must eventually end, isn't it?
Aerecurie chapter 11 . 3/3/2008
Thank you so much for this story. You're such a fantastic author, and I really like all your work. This chapter was a lovely way to close a beautiful story. I liked the explanation you gave as to why Fiyero turned back into a human. I only have two complaints: the first is that it seemed a little rushed and jumbled together (but not to an extent that was really that noticeable). The second is that it's over :(

As long as you keep writing Wicked fanfiction, I'll keep reading!
HC0 chapter 11 . 3/3/2008
And so it ends...or begins. This was truly lovely. Thank you.
Fiyeraba chapter 11 . 3/3/2008
NO! It's the end? Aw! now i'm going to be sad. Lol i loved this story. Great job!
TryDefyingGravity chapter 11 . 3/3/2008

That was absolutely beautiful. And the explanation for Fiyero was the best one I've ever seen! I loved this.
Kennedy Leigh Morgan chapter 11 . 3/3/2008
Holy cow.

That was amazing. I can't believe it's the end already, but that was just fantastic.

I'm so glad they got Fae back, I was seriously worried they wouldn't.

“What would have happened if we hadn’t survived?”

“Glinda would have found out the hard way...”

Though I must admit this part made me wonder just how that would have gone down.

I loved the dialogue with Elda, especially when Elphaba and Fiyero got off on the tangent concerning Glinda and Elphaba's status as her best friend .

And I think your explanation for Fiyero being de-scarecrowed is the most gloriously original explanation I've ever seen. It's like Zorro or something, whenever you need him the scarecrow will be there lol.

The end was just gorgeous too. I love that they have a whole brood of kids and the last line was basically perfection. I can't even begin to tell you how incredible this story has been, there just aren't words. I love it, it's definitely a favorite. Now I can't wait for you to finish Accidents of Fate and start some new stuff too, so keep writing!
elphaba-thropp chapter 11 . 3/3/2008
No! Don't end it! Wah!

Okay, now I'm done. I promise. lol Amazing! Simply amazing! I enjoyed every freakin' word!
Elphadera chapter 11 . 3/2/2008
this story is awsome. I loved it. The way they found eachother, the way everything turned out. i loved it.
You Are Love chapter 11 . 3/2/2008
That was superb.

Thank you for the perfect ending.
fermataoso chapter 11 . 3/2/2008
"Fiyero froze. Her voice wasn’t clouded with lust, no. It was crystal clear. He sighed. “You’re thinking, aren’t you,” he groaned."


I like your explanation for his return from the scarecrow, and not just for the sexy Fiyeraba it allows.

Such a great end. Love it. :-D
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