Reviews for Vulnerant Omnes, Ultima Necat
Sleepy Lotus chapter 64 . 4/15
Sparrabeth FOREVER!

Ah what an epilogue! So delightful I might die of happiness! Haha! Where to start? What a lovely turn, the herald became an angel! The kids were so cute! Jack in a wig is HILARIOUS! It would have to be so big to cover the dreds! Haha. The way you illustrated their marital bliss back and forth was brilliant! "We don't get headaches..." Lol! And the coup de grace. AWWWWwwwwwWWW!

Brilliant. You are amazing! You *are* Sparrabeth! :)
Sleepy Lotus chapter 63 . 4/15
Oh my. :D

My heart just SIGHED at reading the ending of this BEAUTIFUL story! What an EPIC adventure! Your understanding of the human heart runs deep, and you write love so exquisitely! This story had SO many elements and you managed to bring them all full circle perfectly! You really outdid yourself with this one, darling. Chapeau. Hats off. Bravo! I bow down low!

"Isn't marriage exciting?" asked Jack in a sleepy voice, after a moment of them just lying silently in each other's embrace."

I loved this part! Haha. It rang so true. My favorite thing to do with my hubby is sleep, I swear to god. Lol!
Sleepy Lotus chapter 62 . 4/8
"Jack's eyelids stilled."

I literally felt my heart STOP when I read this! Oh my god, girl! You are the queen of angst! The grand dame of tragedy! And, the empress of TWIST! What a brilliant turn! The way the pieces all fell into place! ::bows. Kisses feet:: Magnificent! What a beautiful reunion!

Oh and I forgot to say a few chaps back, I love your explanation of love at first sight! :)

And lol! Poor Gibbs is always walking in on them making out. Ha!
Sleepy Lotus chapter 61 . 4/8
Oh my god! OH MY GOD! Where do I start?! Beckett's treatment, ahem, of Lizzy had me on pins and needles! The herald saving her was such a brilliant twist!

"Or ye could just all turn around and run."

LOL! And then you intersperse the tension with such wonderful humor! Ha!

And THEN you tear out our hearts by killing Jack! And you write it SO beautifully! Omfg! Lol. I really would have died if I had to wait for the next chapter!
Sleepy Lotus chapter 60 . 4/8
I love the scenes with Elizabeth and her father, they're so sweet.

"Forgetting was strange, and silence was death's victory."

Such a beautiful line! And so true.

The way you highlight Jack and Lizzy 's longing for each other is palpable! So beautiful and heart felt!

And what a cliffhanger with the white dress! If I had to actually wait for the next chapter I might die! Haha
Sleepy Lotus chapter 59 . 4/8
Just when I think you can't top the last chapter...this gets more and more interesting and I'm going to be so SAD when it's done!

I loved the scene where Jack and the herald are chatting, heart sick over Lizzy. Gah, it hit me like a knife to the chest, that Jack is still pining. There are SO many dimensions to this tale and you weave them so masterfully!

". "At the moment I am in a very bad mood and when I am in a bad mood, I shoot people, so do take a walk toward the rail and over it if you don't want to be considered a perfect target."

Lol! Loved that line!

And the branding! OH MAN! I burned myself on the stove the other day and of course my first thought was how much more a P brand must have hurt! Lol. The way you wrote Lizzy, facing with such bravery! I adore the way you write her! :)
Sleepy Lotus chapter 58 . 3/31
Such great action in this chapter! I feel like I was sitting on the deck of the Pearl with a bucket of popcorn. Haha. Your Beckett is SO evil! He gives me chills! :)

Very good, let Ameerah be little Dutch girl. She clearly doesn't know what to do with her heart anyway. Haha. ::retracts claws::
Sleepy Lotus chapter 57 . 3/31
This was such a tender and beautiful chapter! From Davy and Tia, to Jack and Elizabeth's interlude (her exploring Jacks scars made me teary eyed)-and then this: "And I hope," said Beckett, turning to Jack, and walking toward him, "that you will always remember this day," he lowered his voice, "as the day," he stopped right in front of him and smiled, "when you lost everything."

Ahhhh! It's so good it HURTS! :)
Sleepy Lotus chapter 56 . 3/31
I have been putting off finishing this story because I don't want it to end! It's SO good! :D

Where to start? I love that Lizzy is Poppet and her dad is Pops to Pintel and Ragetti. Lol!

I love the tender moments where Weatherby sees how much Jack truly loves Lizzy and how happy she is.

"I fell from the sky straight into his arms," replied Elizabeth, narrowing her eyes in a small, artificial smile. ADORED this line! :D So there Ameeeerah! Haha.

And now Beckett is scheming for Lizzy's hand too?! There are SO many layers, you really are a master storyteller!
Sleepy Lotus chapter 55 . 3/14
Ha! Suck it Ameerah, Jack's not falling for your tricks! ::cat claws out:: LOL. Love the tension!

Jack and Lizzy's interlude was SO sweet! "shouldn't have come for me," she said quietly in a quivering voice.

"I'd come for you to the inside of a volcano, to the middle of the sea, and to the hell itself, Lizzie," he said propping her chin with his hand. "There's nothing you could do or say to stop me from coming for you," he added with a smile and kissed her. "Remember that."


These two in your hands are pure magic! and now you have me hoping for a happy ending for Calypso and Davy Jones too! The last line of this chapter positively gave me chills!
Sleepy Lotus chapter 54 . 3/13
Oh excellent chapter! You evoke such visceral emotions with your writing. I felt Ameerah's advances right along with Lizzy, and when Jack called her luv it was like a punch to the gut!

"In peace?" Jack repeated automatically with such sincere despair in his voice that the Governor's smile widened a bit. He glanced at Jack one more time, and left the cabin.

Lol! More like in PIECES! Lol. Jack got off easy. Their reconciliation was ever so sweet. ;)

Ah and I love your Calypso! So much more than in AWE! She truly acts like a goddess under your guidance. This is like a real Greek myth, the gods all working against each other and the humans caught up in the middle. Bravo!

And I hope your head feels better! :)
Sleepy Lotus chapter 53 . 3/12

LMAO! I died, that was so funny! :)

"but not as appealing as the lifetime with Lizzie, he thought with an inward sigh. In fact, it was impossible for him to think about living without her, a terrifying thought, and yet... it made him feel so calm for once, as if there was nothing to chase after, anymore. Of course there was still the horizon to reach, treasure to be found, battles to be fought... But they were all an addition, an embellishment. He could live without them, breathe without them, sleep without them."

That passage was so lovely! :)

And oh my, the kiss on the stairs was blush worthy, it totally gave me goosebumps! Haha. You are the queen of writing fabulous kisses! :)
Sleepy Lotus chapter 52 . 3/7
Not for the first time he wondered how it was possible that she preferred that kind of life to the life of quiet mornings in a sunny parlor, the scent of coffee and fresh bread lingering in the air... As much as his opinion about Jack Sparrow might have improved over the course of recent events, the comfort that Elizabeth seemed to find in his arms - and in his world - was still somewhat puzzling to him."

Loved this passage! Your insights about Elizabeth are so interesting and I love how you illustrate her character through the eyes of the others around her.

I almost feel sorry for Death. The way you have created his character is simultaneously scary and pitiable. Ah!
Sleepy Lotus chapter 51 . 3/7
"But then he recalled the look in Elizabeth's eyes, and... he was not entirely sure what he would do if she was his wife and she looked at him like that..."

Oh how I loved this passage, it made me chuckle! I love Norry angst, it's a sickness! :)

The love scene in this chapter was just gorgeous! I adore how the drawings keep popping up. I could really relate to Jack's heart lurching at having them spread out every where. Haha.

Sleepy Lotus chapter 50 . 3/6
"Jack silenced her with a kiss, and then put his finger across her lips. "Let me inform you, darlin' wife that I have a legal right to kiss you without making any promises, in fact, I made the very promise to kiss you for the rest of your life," he gave her a lop-sided grin, brushing her hair off her shoulders, and she found herself smiling back at him."

Teehee! This made me grin like a madman! Your Jack and Lizzy make me so very VERY happy! :) Love it when she wallops him with the pillow! Haha! :)

And again, I really liked your interactions between Jack and his father in law. What a shock for Weatherby! Haha. He's handling being related by marriage to an infamous pirate so well! :)
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