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BLAZE r e q u i e m chapter 15 . 12/2/2007
I have the feeling that John's spells were random letters shoved together... ARE they?
FireyFlames chapter 25 . 12/1/2007
! I am so glad you included that marriage and mushy/funny scenes with Alviss and Dorothy! I feel really sad that it's ended, ended. ;_; And it's nice that Ginta came back in the end. Your outtakes were funny.
BLAZE r e q u i e m chapter 9 . 12/1/2007
W-what...? No reaction? Even after all the time she spent working to find/steal those Arms? Dorothy SLAVED for ages to get (most) of the Arms that Diana stole back, and when she finds out that OVER 2700 ARMS WERE STOLEN, she doesn't do ANYTHING? Wha?
BLAZE r e q u i e m chapter 5 . 12/1/2007
Oh... over 2740 arms...That's kind of harsh... I bet dorothy'll have a fit when/if she finds out...
FireyFlames chapter 24 . 12/1/2007
Woah, this was intense! It kept me on the edge of my seat all the way. I fully support AlvissxDorothy and I'm really glad that you incorporated that romance into your story. The plot was really good, especially since you didn't bring Ginta back or anything. Your use of character deaths was very nice, killing a minor character (Charley) and a main one (Jack). Hope to see those deleted scenes!
vivid4 chapter 20 . 11/30/2007
Rev. for c.20: The outcome of Pano vs. Candice, well.. my jaw nearly dropped on the floor. Never in my wildest dream could I have thought - love or not - .. Candice has gotten really better, she almost defeated Dorothy while Pano just..tsk, I guess she merely improved her magic power/whatever helped her against Dorothy, not meleƩ skills. She was down so soon.. and now I ought to suggest you somehow make the fight longer. Seperate the dying thoughts, focus more on the characters' thoughts. Make us FEEL with them. Let us feel the vibration of their emotions. Don't convey it through talks alone - make use of the space of the narrative sentences; it can produce amazing effects. To be succinct with it is very nice - but after this I see that you're being a bit too succinct. I can almost see Anzai in you.

P/S: When Halloween use the Grand Seal on everyone.. I think you missed Galian in the curse's recipients.

Rev. for c.21: LOL an army of countless zombies from everyone died in THREE wars; I'm actually surprised our guys still had the guts to keep themselves on their feet before something like that. It's lucky the Tree only revived fallen warriors. Eh.. and btw how come those who are fighting the zombies now don't get revived once they're killed ? (and how come "once Halloween left this world, everything will be saved" ? I thought the Tree doesn't need a manipulator now ?) And I'd like to know how come Marco's corpse is in the Chess' graveyard.. did Chimera manage to recover that ? (and LOL, the way you called her Eileen instead of Chimera was pretty.. strange. Everyone's used to Chimera)

Rev. for c.22: ...I can say the Chess meets its glory in you XDD First Candice nearly bested Dorothy, now Alibaba took on Alviss and Dorothy together..something tells me Alan has to be very careful with Halloween (or not, from the experience with Rolan we can't expect the higher ranks to improve as well..)

And cliffhanger again.. *bites nails*
vivid4 chapter 19 . 11/29/2007
Short but succinct, and thanks to Charley's death (which well balanced Alviss' predicted victory) I did not feel like the suspense has lessened.

Rev. for chapter 18: too bad for Charley, he couldn't even put up a decent brawl.. So Alibaba is still alive ? Shesh, I'm feeling he's been living for a bit too long already.

Rev. for chapter 19: likewise for Emokis. Although I dislike where Alviss spared her, which made him the star (again LOL - but well, Pano spared her brother too..), I still had to commend you for leaving yet another cliffhanger. One more death to be decided outside the Arena.. will it be decided in Halloween vs. Alan or will it not ? Whatever it will be, I'm looking forward for more.
vivid4 chapter 17 . 11/28/2007
*sweats feverishly* that's fearsome, indeed. *counts* Now that Jack, Rolan, Ekiar, Pinocchio, and lastly Weasel himself have died..the soul supply is only short of one soul to activate the Tree and the only way to stop it is to inform the last fighter of this... which is pratically impossible now ! OMFH this is what I call cliffhanger! *thrilled* (Even if that means AGAIN, Alviss is the star of the shows _'')
vivid4 chapter 16 . 11/26/2007
well finally we're ridded of Pinocchio, sigh.. about time. Nothing much to say except.. I'm surprised Dorothy is still haunted by the ghost of Diana's betrayal.
vivid4 chapter 15 . 11/26/2007
*satisfied* I love fights where they use both their mouths and their fists. Rolan & Ekiar for Chess and Jack for MAR - you have a taste for choice of victim. Man, not many understand that who to be killed is one matter to be given thoughts too.

I have no problems with Ekiar, but Rolan and Jack.. well, their endings are not at all what I call epical, but they were very nice in their own ways. I especially appreciate the fact that none of the fighters tried to lecture or, to put it in a blunt way, "talk their opponents to the good side" more than they had to (in fact none of them seemed like they did). And the talks were pleasantly insightful, which made up for any un-epical parts.

Note for C.13: I can't believe monkey Jack could have said anything so insightful to Candice. But I disagree with his comments about how, in his opinion, she didn't really love him when she never tried to stop him. That was what Alma did, and again, how did not stopping him relate to loving him ? I think Candice didn't stop him because she loved him was move natural... after all, since when have ppl been sane in love ? Common sense in love, however true it might be, would lessen the love, not magnify it.

Candice surrendered sooner than I expected. I was looking for something more epically intense in her part, but well, again it was nice in its own way.

Note for C.14: The fight awkward ? Since I don't fancy any battle that ppl talked for a half of it. However, I find Rolan's comments on Phantom's and Galian's similarity and on how Galian, by criticising Phantom, conveniently ignored his own evils, particularly interesting. How he knew himself to be both evil and good is very IC as well.

P/S: since you said you didn't watch the anime, and this part couldn't have been from anywhere but that, I think you got the note (2) wrong. Phantom died happily knowing he was NOT unloved, not depressedly thinking he WAS unloved. But don't bother to correct it if you feel it's too much inconvenience. The rest is more than enough to compensate.

Note for C.15: Ekiar defected Caldean wizard ? Very interesting. And I like his reason.
vivid4 chapter 12 . 11/23/2007
Some nice ARMs Pano got there, and I'm glad she appears to be good with them.. Her skills and the ARMs made it one interesting fight, but truth be told I feel a little apprehensive. ARMs after ARMs, ARMs counterattacking ARMs... it was exactly what Anzai inserted into the WG fights, and by that he ruined the whole series. To be fair Anzai made many of them Guardian ARMs, which meant the users could sit back and enjoy the tea while the Guardians kicked one another's butt; while your new ARMs (so far in this chapter) were Weapon ARMs, and the users didn't exactly relax - so I hope you won't repeat his mistake.

P/S: Tree of Life Yggdrasil ? XD And to think Jack destroyed an ARM of that calibre...
vivid4 chapter 11 . 11/23/2007
(LOL we're so bombarded XD)

Rev. for chapter 9: so Caldians finally got their asses moving eh ? About time.. actually surprised me they had to lose another vault of ARMs to dispatch one of their own to the war. Normally I would rejoice, but considering the combat prowess our wizards have displayed so far except Phantom.. well. But John has a good background so I guess I will ne looking forwards to his fights.

And the talks by the fire, both of Chess and Cross Guard, were very nice and nerve-relieving *sighs* It's always good to have some time like this after battles.

P/S: OMFG so it was DorothyAlviss. Caldean languages might not be based on any old runes that we know of, but I do know what Caldean itself is based on, Chaldea :) Just for your information, though.

Rev. for chapter 10: I like the Bishop rankings part, additional - original they might be - infos are always welcome :) The fights were fine, but I wonder since when Rolan has had that fighting maniac-like laugh with him :(

Rev. for chapter 11: (thanks Haruhi that was short..) Alan (& Halloween) being sealed outside of the battles is one little old trick, but fine - guess I've had enough of the type where everyone joins in and kicks everyone's ass. And surprisingly, Halloween cursing himself as well makes him so suddenly look chivalrous XD
vivid4 chapter 8 . 11/19/2007
Rev. for chapter 7: It was exhilarating. I appreciate your effort to guarantee the battles geographical logic and logistics - the results were amazing; this IS what I call a world war, not the pathetic crap that was the War Game before. I wonder how the Chess could have surrendered when Phantom was dead if they could do it this good by themselves..tsk. The fights were excellent as well - the Chess Knights really lived up to their fame.

P/S: 1. wth AlvissDorothy ?

2. so Alibaba was promoted to Knight...*gets nostalgic* Ah, the good ol' Rook day.. who would have thought?

Rev. for chapter 8: Ash and a new girl entered the scene ? And seeing Ian on stage, though only temporarily, was nice enough.

P/S: More characters more potential for the plot. Like it and hope you can make use of them successfully.
quillor chapter 7 . 11/16/2007
Nya! I luv your story! Update soon!
A.VV chapter 5 . 11/14/2007
Where to begin? A very good story, especially the fight scenes, (I heve so much trouble writing those) and how in-character everyone is- particularly Al. I agree that most of the time Al has to get beaten down (just enough to make me almost scream) before he gets his act together and takes down the enemy. (Exept the time he totally owned Leno is the first battle- that was hilarious)I hate it when people call Al emo 'cause so many other lterary characters could also be characterized as "emo" if that were the case and I loath people who label awsome character suicidal/dark/depressed when they're not...or at least they change or are such in one or so scenes.

Bottom line: Even though I don't think Nanashi and Galian could ever to anything bad. Well, maybe Galian could, but that's just because I don't like him- wicked story.
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