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quillor chapter 6 . 11/9/2007
Nya! Nya! Luv it! LUV IT! Especially Ga-chan became the star of this chapter! NYA~!
vivid4 chapter 6 . 11/9/2007
Your chapters just amaze me one after another. First Gaira, then Candice, after that Alibaba, and now Galian. I can almost see him radiating charisma in that Luberia conclave - one can't expect any better speeches from leading figures. That was also a nod to your skills.

P/S: I like the new character, but I sort of wonder why Sophie didn't join with Nanashi in the 2nd Game if she was so powerful. Was that because she had to stay and protect who was left of her comrades ?
xChibiTenshix chapter 6 . 11/8/2007
i have a question...isn't the guy with the eyepatch dead? he died in the second war games because of peta. and mr. hook is supposed to be dead too..he was killed by rapunzel. other than that, good chapter! '"That's the spirt..." Galian smiled again.' i think you meant spirit XD
quillor chapter 5 . 11/2/2007
I love your story! Keep writing, and update soon! *hops*
vivid4 chapter 1 . 11/1/2007
Fantastic fights; the battles were well-balanced in accordance with each side's strength and the casualties were also adjusted accordingly. I especially like the way Caldia fell to Chess - they're about as skilled as Pawns despite their sorcery, and you so blatantly pointed it out (2740 ARMs lost...)


1. I like the character speech. Medievally knightly.

2. Oh my Haruhi you killed Belle ? You unknowingly did a service so great to Alviss' fangirls I have little doubt they're gonna be your fans (and had Halloween incinerated Alviss too, I would have been your fan)
xChibiTenshix chapter 5 . 10/31/2007
omg you killed Belle! thank you so much! is so useful. btw..i always thought it was magical rou S or maybe it's just me, i dunno. anyways...since chapter 2, i've been wondering. since when was Snow a queen? isn't she just a princess until her father dies and she gets married? that's all i have to say so update soon! -
vivid4 chapter 4 . 10/29/2007
*pats your shoulder* Alibaba vs. Cross Guards was most well-performed. The way cowards mix in with braves in their ranks was amusing - I never like how our protagonists were all treated and regarded like valiant Hectors. One nearly surrendered before he was killed, four killed their sworn brothers-in-arms for survival - that was a nice double blow.

Pano fights the Chess to avenge her family without knowing her brother was still alive in the Chess' Rook line - I sense sibling conflict in the future. One of my favs.
Eriot chapter 1 . 10/28/2007
Wow! All I can say is wow! This series has good and smooth prgoress and the length of each chapter is perfect! I also liked the fights especially the part where Gaira fought! I'm happy that someone finally wrote about his fighting style(perhaps I'm just not looking through the other fics enough, hahaha.)! Good job and keep up the good work!
vivid4 chapter 3 . 10/28/2007
Candice vs. Dorothy was probably one of the best battles under the brand of this series I've seen. Good thing for Candice - the only chance she had to show off her skills was that time with Jack, and Heaven knows it, I'd seen less farces of battles. Although Candice didn't win (as if I expected her to when her opponent once bested Chimera), I got to see in her a powerful warrior she somehow ought to have been - a woman able to master a stone axe twice her size can't be your everyday mediocre fighter.

Though I still had doubt about Candice's easy win against Crazy Quilt.. could that doll have been stupid enough as to close in on a Stone-clawed Candice without singing first ? (Since, anyway, if Candice had charged at her from afar, or she had kept a distance from Candice, there could have been no ways for Candice to attack without raising the doll's alarm and trigger its horrendous voice) And that doll was one nimble doll, she avoided Chimera's Ogre Hands with little effort, and Stone Claws MUST have been one hell of a lot weightier than some giant hands. But never mind it.
vivid4 chapter 2 . 10/25/2007
that was one smooth progress and some good fights you put up. I commend you.

(Here's some of my personal comments on the characters. Sorry, can't help it:

- Gaira: (somehow I can't imagine this guy confiscating -dead or alive- opponents' ARMs for his personal use. Whatever the excuses, I'm still inclined to think of it as disrespecting the dead. No offense to either you or him) You did it great,Gaira's strength indeed befits his position as one of Cross Guards' Three Leaders. Good thing to remind me this guy came third in the the 1st WG and not some old geezers just there for the sake of it.

- Alan: Saint Anger was mean. I hope the punches were light.

- Alviss: he sounded like a knight, didn't he ? I actually want to praise you -God knows it, I love knights- that I nearly forgot to get pissed at him.)
xChibiTenshix chapter 2 . 10/25/2007
all i can say about this chapter is..I LOVE IT! - cuz galian's my favorite character...and he actually seemed important in this chapter. i think it was really interesting how you included gaira cuz you don't really see him much in fanfics. the beginning with alan beating up magical roe, that was in the past right? so i think it would be better if you put it in italics because then you can tell the difference between what's past and what's present. you kept galian's personality quite well...he wasn't ooc at all..except for somewhere near the end...screaming his head off, i can't really see him doing that. he has too much pride to be screaming his head off. you also kept nanashi in character as well, which is a good thing. i can actually see this whole chapter going on in my head like it was a movie XD lol. yes..i love this chapter very much. love the new ARMs. they seem really original. especially gaira's guardian, Charybdis. Nanashi: 'I could really picture him in our world saying: "Dude, let's rock out!' i agree with you here. anyways, update soon! sorry if this review doesn't really help.
xChibiTenshix chapter 1 . 10/25/2007's the review you wanted! overall, i think this chapter was really well written. it really captures the reader's attention - love how you included the minor characters, unlike some other authors who make it seem like they don't exist at all (i get pretty disappointed when authors don't recognize minor characters just cuz they don't do much or show up very much) okie..moving on to chapter 2!
vivid4 chapter 1 . 10/22/2007
as much as I grieve for the loss of Phantom and Peta in this 3rd War, it looks promising enough, and I will hold my breath to see how events will unfold.
quillor chapter 1 . 10/22/2007
This is really good! Your structure is good, and I love your plot. Yes, I've always thought about the reborn of the Chess, and you make my dream come true, nii-san! NYA! Thank you! Update soon, and keep up the good work!
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