Reviews for Chatting with Guvava
Shinigami Clara chapter 1 . 1/13/2009
gaki is actually kid, just in a somewhat rude way

good fic, this is just before Basara left for Zora right (Dynamite)? although i don't think Basara wants to find people who needs his songs, rather he wants to find people to sing to, that his songs will move and motivate or will persuade them out of their quarrels... sort of like when he wanted to move the mountain

Interesting story, i always loved Macross, the only thing about Macross 7 is that i will probably never know who Mylene chose in the end XD i hope it's Basara, although i do like Gamlin... i just like Basara more and i think Guvava will agree with me :D
Kirstian chapter 1 . 8/28/2001
WAI! Tres great! Awww, you've got a knack for writing the oddball characters... and you have Guvava-speech downPAT, my friend! Great work .