Reviews for Grey Maiden V: Sacrifice
SeveraSnape6 chapter 21 . 4/19
I love your series! Hope life is going well for you and that maybe one day you'll get back to this. I totally understand writer's block. My poor muse has taken what seems to be a permanent vacation. So thank you for sharing what you have so far and hopes for new things if you can.
BlackOcean chapter 2 . 1/18
I am really a fan of your version of HP series. But you have underdeveloped Hermione so much that it hurt to read. I am sorry, I am not judging. I will continue reading the story, of course. But to this point, you make Hermione like a whiny girl. And you are just staring Ginny. Harry needs his best friend too, you know. I feel like, this far, Ginny's a Mary Sue and your only concern is Harry and Ginny. Make Luna strike a friendship with Hermione or Blaise with Hermione.
Guest chapter 20 . 8/14/2016
dead/abandoned? :(
Guest chapter 20 . 8/14/2016
dead? or still going to be finished?
dhms196 chapter 21 . 5/3/2016
Smellerbee chapter 1 . 10/17/2015
Are you going to continue with this story or should I let my hope die?
RiddleMort chapter 21 . 2/17/2015
Hi there I have to say that this is one of my favourite HP stories :). It is insightful, realistic and filled with interesting dynamics.

I completely understand that writers block and abandonment of projects can happen, but I do have one request. If you are not gong to finish the series could you perhaps post the outline you've mentioned in author notes you have for the remainder of the series? That way us readers can receive a sense of closure.
Yocum1219 chapter 21 . 2/10/2015
Oh, wow. I've just read the entire series up to this point in a matter of days. I know from your profile that at this time, it's on hold, but I do hope you get a chance to finish this.
Guest chapter 21 . 9/11/2014
Amazing story. I hope you continue it soon
Guest chapter 21 . 9/8/2014
Jfx210 chapter 21 . 9/8/2014
Phenomenal! I just recently read the entire series and it is as captivating as it was the very first time I read it. I hope you continue this story. I try to check weekly for updates, and hope for even an update in your profile.

While I like others wish something's were different (not a huge Ginny fan) I trust your vision because what you've created is in my opinion one of the best if not the best AU's for harry potter.

I will keep checking for updates! I hope you find your desire to continue writing this series. It's funny re reading the series and seeing all the little details I missed haha!
snickerdoodle14 chapter 21 . 4/1/2014
I have really enjoyed this series, even tho i don't review. its kind of hard to review every chapter when you read them on a phone. but i did want to let you know that i greatly enjoy it. i also wanted to share an idea i thought of that you might like to incorporate into the rest of the series.

i've noticed that you have been alluding to the eventual death of harry's guardian and as harry is still underage it would seem like his new guardian would most likely be sirius or even remus. something that you might like to through your readers off a little is maybe during the summer between his fifth and sixth year instead of living at headquarters maybe you could have him be trained by the goblins.

throughout the series you kept bringing up the goblins and harry trying to learn more about them. you also put in the part between harry and (forgive me i can't remember the name of the goblin) where the goblin in a way basically says that they might follow him in the war. and what better way for harry to learn about the goblins then to live with them and maybe learn some war strategy and sword fighting with them. i'm not saying have the goblins train him in their type of magic, but it would be a good way for harry to learn more about the goblins and also train for the coming war.

you also mentioned at the end of this chapter that you might like to incorporate some time travel into the series, you could have harry train with the goblins during the summer and use the time turner to increase the amount of time he has to train.

now this is just an idea that i suddenly had pop into my head. but if you like it, let me know. i understand about having writers block, so if you want someone to bounce ideas off of to help you get passed this writers block let me know. i'd be more then happy to help.
blahblah4234 chapter 21 . 8/21/2013
It is exactly a year since your last update on Fan Fiction universe. Any chance you might update this on this anniversary? Just curious!
QueenVissy chapter 21 . 3/2/2013
I am somewhat worried about reviewing in fear of receiving an angry authors note but I thought I'd throw in my two cents anyway. I am merely a lowely high schooler Mr. Widger. I won't pretend to be a better writer.
In my opinion, I think you focus too much on in story explanations. By this point, it's getting a little redundant on some things. Yes, Harry's not perfect in your story or canon. I applaud your very layered and believable characters. I'm just a little tired of reading the same idea again and again.
Second, from what I can tell, you don't seem to think romance is very important. I believe it is. I'm not Ginny bashing or anything, but even as a Slytherin she just doesn't seem right fir Harry. I liked the Fleur angle. She's obviously a strong character, yet not too powerful. I also commend your integration if lgbt acceptance as a minor thing.
Third, I'm confused on the whole Kalas thing. I understand that may have been your intention. What is his role? I don't understand the need for ANOTHER mental problem for Harry.
I really understand you're trying to make the story seem realistic, but it's about MAGIC. Some things cannot be explained. All in all, I believe this is a great story. I love how far it's come and your character development is stunning. It seems that some characters are being ignored though. I'd also like to see more with Peter for the simple fact that he's so innocent. It's sweet and refreshing.
I understand that in the GM world, war is occuring. But light can be found in even thedarkest if places right? I love some humor evenif it's the cynical slytherin
The Thief's Downfall chapter 21 . 7/19/2012
I think this is a fantastic series and I, like many reviewers, have read and re-read this a number of times. This is also I believe a very good portrayal of Slytherin Harry and I find that the plot is very clever in that it explores both history and politics with fantastic creativity but also draws on real history. The quality of the writing is also fantastic, I genuinely feel as I'm reading the work of a published author. I also have to praise the symbols you have in this series, such as the tortured nature and inevitable fall into Darkness you have with Daphne. I also believe the accusation she is a Mary-Sue are unfounded. Yes she is beautiful ( though scarred physically which is great symbolism for her mental state), exceptionally powerful and is often a few steps ahead of most of the characters including Dumbledore but I feel you have shown her make mistakes, such as not detecting the presence of the Diary and being ambushed by Alecto Carrow to bewitch the cup.

I do have very minor constructive criticisms ( and I do mean minor as I feel you do have justifications and have explained either in the plot or authors notes, most aspects of the plot open to question). I'm not entirely keen on the power Luna seems to have. I understand that she has an exceptional gift but I have difficulty believing she can be all knowing and can so easily manipulate, control and penetrate the mind with Dumbledore and Snape whom not even Voldemort the most powerful Occlumens could. I am also a bit disappointed at how poorly Sirius is potrayed. He comes across as too naive ( he is aversion to the Dark is undesstandable given his family background but he comes across more like Molly Weasley) and I also find it hard to believe an accomplished duelist such as him would be so easily nullified by a fifteen year old, who though exceptionally powerful in terms of raw magic and studious, is still relatively untrained. Personally I would also like to see them get on better, which you could do without portraying Sirius too saintly, as there is still a relationship there and his intentions are ultimately good. Having said that, you could justify the conflict between the characters well. I assume if Harry is lured to the D.O.M like in canon it will be Daphne not Sirius as he does not have the attachment to Sirius, and furthermore it is in respect of Daphne, Harry acts irrationally mostly.

I hope you'll update and have not abandoned this, particularly as you gave the Ministry scene a massive build up! I understand real life gets in the way, and also writer's block can be troublesome but I really need to know what happens for selfish reasons and it is a fantastic work! If you finish off this masterpiece series, I believe you could genuinely surpass Lightning on the Wave's Sacrifices Arc which you clearly take great inspiration from ( which is no mean feat as it, aside from the slash which for similar reasons you state in your bio I disapprove of, is an excellent work)

In the words of Dumbledore : " Chris Widger, I implore you to see reason. The evidence that you must update is incontrovertible! "

I hope you update soon! Almost a year has been too long to wait!
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