Reviews for Romanticism
TheBeingOfEverything chapter 1 . 4/12/2011
Oh wow, what a crack pairing... and I like it! lol I don't know how you did it but now I want to read more HieixSensui fics XD The writing style is very interesting and I enjoyed it immensely, awesome fic!
Miyuki Jaganashi chapter 1 . 5/26/2010
Nice...It's exactly how Hiei would react if Kurama started dating his sister Yukina.
YuYuFanatic14 chapter 1 . 11/27/2007
Wow.. I really liked that. I don't think I've read a story using these pairings before- I find it interesting. And I love the way you have Sensui thinking- "what is the name of the irritable one?" like Hiei has other people like him. _

I want to see more like this. I know the story's done, but if you could do like a follow-up kinda thing? I think it'd be good. :)
Fran chapter 1 . 10/28/2007
Grace it is great I really really really like it moved my personal life to a more emotional level he he he appreciation francis

[Fran he say: “Huh-huh. She called me kiddo.”]

And we have compiled a list of his favorite parts below. [If one examines it, one may come to the conclusion that he has some kind of height fetish thing, but I’m sure it’s all innocent young… power play.]

Hiei was really short and holding him against the tree.

- verbatim

The “you’re short” and then picking back up with “VERY short” like no time had passed.

Hiei throwing the glass and then cleaning the water right back up. “It didn’t seem like something he’d do and I liked it.”

When he picked him up by the shoulders to kiss him

Hiei using “mating” as his term of choice.

- not verbatim, but I forget his exact words…

“Sensui didn’t seem to mind, instead putting one hand over Hiei’s fist and holding it to his middle. Hiei was stuck with his arm extended up level with his head.”

“Lose the attitude or find another tree.”

Sensui standing on a lower branch so his was head level to Hiei’s.

“Hiei took the chopsticks she offered and picked a few stir-fried sugar snap pea pods out of the tangle because he liked them.”

“Luckily, Kurama saw him and retreated a few steps. Then, he saw the darkening fingerprints on his throat and came closer. Finally, he saw Hiei’s expression and didn’t ask.

‘Well, I’m going to go home,’ he declared.”

“He hated, hated, hated tall enemies.”

“Hiei hated the height-to-reach ratio.”

“Sensui smiled beatifically.”

“Hiei was training.

Actually, he was hacking a tree to pieces, but he couldn’t bring himself to care for the difference.”


Worth the wait? Well, he’s twelve.
Adi88 chapter 1 . 10/24/2007
Silly Grace, not liking this ending either. FOOL I say unto you.

At this point, we segue to say that Mimi has read Fran half of the story - they had to leave then, and now that they’re back there’s a friend over who does not permit of the readink. However, in the moments I was able to snatch with him on the phone, he said, among other things, “it’s sweetness.” [Sweet… for him means cool, for the record.] And other things, but that stood out because I’ve only ever heard him use it to describe skateboarding movies. I’ll make him write you properly when he finishes it, anyway.

Ahem. But on to what I liked. Because yay me. I could just die for the INCREDIBLE melding you did of cuteness and, well, Hiei, who is not generally cute. In the sense of the word I’m using. His cynicism and selfishness and occasional nobility and all. It’s all of the deft weaving. And then, the sort of kid’s-book thing… with a little lesson for the end and all… it is squee-worthy. What kids’ books could be if they employed subtlety, actual characters, and some respect for their audience. Fran’ll love it [the ending; we already know he loves halfway-through], and it’s so perfect, and just mnah.

The first two scenes I had Teh Previews on, so you know I adore them to bits and why…

“Self-righteousness was a pain for the sane people of the world.”

- Ah. I whimper from the win. That is so bank. Ooh, the one-liners.

And gonna cry for Yukina asking if it’s alright and him not screwing it up. So easy to say, ‘Yeah, you know what? Don’t.’ It’s so utterly perfect, this is, like some kind of skewed Arthur/Guinivere/Lancelot thing if you mixed the genders around a little, or even… like, take out Hiei’s maybe-lusting for Kurama, and the wonderful thing is, it remains just as beauteous and all, because… even plain best friend and sister… it makes it more plain that the thing here is HIM. He wants their ATTENTION and stuff, damnit. He wants to come first. So much realism. Praise be for no ‘oh I’m so happy for you guys and yayz fourth demon wheel am I’.

“The smile of someone that wasn’t his to protect anymore.”

- Yes yesyes. Another icon.

Mm. And the glass. And he cleaned it up. This makes me love him even more.

[I’ve had that scene too, I’ve not forgotten, but only on the phone in the Abridged version, so… same goes for the next one.]

Pretty about the city being especially designed for losing oneself. And, “He was counting the plant-alters (holes in concrete where trees collected the sunlight that powered things, as far as Hiei could tell) when a huge, suffocating aura sat down on his forehead.” - Both parts of that sentence are made of pwnage. So much of it.

And then… I would have to drag their entire conversation. Snark and theme and Sensui’s lovely fragmented view on time… which is especially pretty since time kind of hasn’t passed for the reader, or not much, and it’s just nifty. Analyzings and readings. He has Hiei figured out. It’s too awesome. And then the kiss, which is just… nifty.

Hiei and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Week. I had to say it. I want to hug him.

“She gave him a bracing, I’ll-protect-you-from-the-world smile.”

- After that about their smiles and not being able to protect them any longer… yeah, that about reduces me to tears.

Oh GOD. And Yukina’s deep, dark request of an unnamable nature… which is to taste-test the food… and he picked out the peas. Because he likes them. You slay me, my own, you know that? So perfect.

“No - the apple, too.” God I adore her. You will eat it all, and then we shall be having of your opinion. Fool, thinking to thwart my will…

Kurama having screwed up at this, making her think he doesn’t like her cooking? BANK. I mean, he’s the prettiest man in anime history, and he’s smart, and emotionally mature, and one would THINK… burn, Kurama. Burn.

“How funny. There must be a thousand million different ideas about romance. As many as there are people, or demons, or anything. Isn’t that such a beautiful thought?”

- Lalala. Adoration. Inna bun. Especially with his response.

This exchange also wins awards:

“I don’t lust after her.”

“You love her.”

- And I can’t for the life of me put my finger on why, exactly. The distinction, I suppose. Something to do with her being The One, which makes family trump romance [assuming he had the hots for Kurama] and is mad cool.

“Lose the attitude or find another tree.”

- Pure snark. I luffs me some snark.

“How disturbingly charming.”

- Snerk, and also it leads nicely into the Win Exchange below in a way.

“I’m not insane. They’re all me.”

- Hiei is making of the pwn.

“She said something about everyone having a different idea of the nature of romanticism.”

“Clearly, your idea of romanticism and mine do not complement each other.”


- The winning exchange of the entire fic. It ties everything up in such a very open-ended way, if that makes sense. It FEELS like an ending, and it’s really a beginning - a tentative one at that. And stuff. Just love.

“But Hiei still didn’t start a fight when Sensui kissed him again and stuck around for a while after.”

- Best. Ending. Possible. I don’t even know how to convince you, as it’s so shockingly obvious to me. It just IS. Same stuff as for the Win Exchange, only more so. More blatantly so.

Congratulations - best birthday year ever.