Reviews for Don't Think Twice
Adorelo chapter 1 . 3/28/2008
You know, I'm going to be totally honest with you. I hate song fics. Truly hate them. The writers are generally people who, well, can't write, focus solely on the song and lose sight of the emotions that should be prevalent within them.

That said, I loved this. You did none of the stereotypical things I have come to associate with song-fic writers and I'm highly impressed with this piece. While I'll admit, I skimmed over the song, the actual writing was more raw than I expected, the emotions more real.

You've captured Martin so well. I read 'angst' and nearly *squeed* with excitement. I love angst and you most certainly didn't disappoint. The last line chilled me, and made the little ball of angst yarn inside me unravel. It was beautiful.

Well done, you're being popped on my favorites list; I save it for the best.

Jodie x
stephell chapter 1 . 10/23/2007
Hi, Jenn,

Gotcha over here (thanks for the reply on destined)

You captured so many of my thoughts about their relationship, especially the part where he questioned her refusal to discuss Viv's condition, I've always thought that a great scene between them would be him confronting her about her 'lying' to him about not knowing Viv's condition and her saying something like "I promised her I wouldn't" and him saying something like, "Then that's what you should have told me and trusted me to respect you on that."

Also the whole part about fighting harder (it's actually a scene I've outlined in my upcoming fic so don't yell at me -not that you ever do :-)- but you'll see something similar, 'cause I've long decided that what Martin meant was that if you really wanted to be with me than it wouldn't be a 'fight' as in a battle or something that you had to push yourself to do against your will but that you'd want to be with me enough to overcome these issues and concerns and problems and fears and that we'd talke about them.

You really captured so much of my thoughts it's like you were inside my head (trust me...YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE IN THERE LOL)

Great job on this and I love how you set it that he was having an anonymous drink at a bar and thinking and reflecting and letting go.

He needed a neutral place to go and get past all his thoughts.

You can write shorties.