Reviews for Yoshi Gets Ticked
Razzkat chapter 1 . 10/25/2007
Um, Yoshizilla, may I suggest something? You have been doing a lot of one-shots lately, which is fine and good and all, but perhaps it would be better to converge them all into one fic, or make them all much longer? A four-hundred word fic is perfectly fine...if you have a point, a quick punchline, and don't submit twelve such stories in a row. ;D And I think many of us in the SSB section would appreciate it if you put a bit more effort into some of your recent fics...for example, in your author's note, you mentioned you felt rushed writing this. Well, who's rushing ya, mate? XD Just yourself, none of us! You don't have to be first to write about Diddy Kong, or be the 2600th fic of the SSB section, or reach 200 fics or one's going to remember you for that! What they are going to remember is that you wrote a great fic. You have actually written some quick interesting stuff recently, like that Marth mystery one I think, but it sort of gets hidden amongst the mush. I'd actually think it'd be kind of cute if you took all these short Yoshi fics you've been writing and make them into a multi-chapter fic like, "Yoshi Drabbles"...where each chapter was, you know, a drabble about Yoshi XD...but that's just me. Just a suggestion! I think many more people would read/review if there's less stuff to dig through, if you'd like more people to read/review. :D

P.S. Also, thanks for unblocking me...I don't know when you did it, and now you may do it again -;...but thanks. :)