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COBRASTEVE chapter 2 . 7/23
I gotta say, this might be a good story if you had kept the characters even vaguely close to who they are supposed to be, but they are so far from canon that they are different people. I really can't condone rape either. Talented as a writer though.
echo42 chapter 1 . 7/3
Wow, that went from zero to fucked up real quick.
not important chapter 1 . 6/21
dude what the fuck is wrong with you, why would you make this, they are fourteen for god's sake!
AWOLxEvangelion chapter 23 . 6/4
Hello there. I would like to tell you just how beautiful your story really is. Honestly I think you captured the characters fairly well. I have to admit, this could not have been an easy pairing. There were times when I thought that the story might be crumbling, but you managed to pull it through. Also kudos on completely avoiding Asuka remembering her past relationship with Shinji. I honestly think it might have been better if their renewed relationship were sparked by her memories. Much better then a fake suicide; but, none-the-less I find the story to still hold. As for your surprises and other plot twists! Outstanding! I commend you on your ability to bring back past events from such a long story with accuracy. One example was when Steele's forces invaded the apartment but were unable to track Shinji because he had changed his cellphone. Little things like that give your story a lot of credibility. Now this is the only story I have read from you thus far. I would like to see some more of your works and I am looking as soon as I am done writing this review. I only have one little request... Now I'm not asking for a new chapter, but I would at least like to know if Shinji lived through the last moments after tells Asuka of the past. If you would like you can tell me via email. My address is Please feel free to put the subject as AsukaxShinji so I do not mistake it for spam. Thank you for writing such a good story, and if you know of any other LEMONS (preferably long ones) with a ShinjixAsuka fic then I would love for you to link them if you send the email. Lastly; if you are interested I am currently writing a 'book' I am sure you would like it very much, but I warn you it is not for the faint of heart, and there will be sex scenes in the writing as well as deleted scenes what will be added later on. You will only be able to find it on wattpad. Origin of Insanity is the title. Please feel free to take a look and leave a review when you find yourself bored.
lucastreet chapter 23 . 5/8
I don't know if you will ever read this review. 9 years have passed more or less since you wrote this final chapter but i really hope you will. I loved your story and i think you wrote it pretty well. I didn't like everything actually, some situation were strange in my personal opinion but still the story was well make and it's a really enjoyable reading. Good job. Sorry if i didn't write everything right but i am not english.
Kidfrom2016 chapter 23 . 4/24
Yo I've read this over and over again for years and it's a shame you haven't put anything else out since like 2008 jeez :P but you are an amazing writer and I absolutely adore everything about this story. If you ever do read this(which I don't count on it being 6 years since you've done this) I hope that you can see how much I appreciate this work of art! My email is so hit me up if you ever see this
kevin chapter 1 . 4/2
mr.alex173528 chapter 1 . 2/29
Story :Shinji and Asuka
TheBigAlProject chapter 23 . 2/11
Omg I've read the whole story, even though it's a lemon and soft porn, etc. I would honestly think tht u could add this into the tv show, if it didn't have some things in it, or maybe, not sure. But besides tht, the bustiest fanfic i have ever read, really got connected with the characters, there emotion and experiences ;). But really realy really good piece, really man tht was awesome, and luved how u made him, use the unit 03 and the fighting story change, just awesome man, really best thing I've eva read!
chm chapter 23 . 1/28
This is one of the fanfics with lotsa (juicy) lemon that actually justified it ;) I'm not a fan of lemony fics due to the fact that they're very similar to porn (I.e. No plot) loved yours!
Guest chapter 23 . 1/27
Honestly this is the best fic I've ever read. 10/10.
Guest chapter 2 . 1/19
After raping her, I don't think that Shinji should be allowed to talk about "going overboard."
Adol116 chapter 23 . 12/12/2015
Loved it one of my favorite Evangelian Fanfiction.
Akritedes chapter 1 . 11/21/2015
Holy shit, you have serious issues. I'd get your head looked at pronto.
Guest chapter 23 . 10/26/2015
Gotta agree with Guest reviewer down below me. Some aspects of their character were way too exaggerated or changed and you could have made up a better plot device than a rape scene. Game of thrones is infamous for this type of shit, and it's rather cheap if you ask me. It's also somewhat frightening that a lot of your reviewers condone this as 'original' when it's not. If you have any plans to write another story with this pairing, do them some justice, please.
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