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Shinigami200 chapter 3 . 19h
The age of consent laws very from state to state in the US so you would need to specify which state you’re talking about none of them is below 16 though
Lucius Walker chapter 6 . 10/18
That awkward moment when Shinji raping Asuka might've prevented an XK-Class end-of-the-world scenario in a very Montauk-like way, but somehow a lot more wholesome.
Lucius Walker chapter 5 . 10/18

Chapter: 5

What a difference your love makes. (a Basement Jaxx song)
Lucius Walker chapter 2 . 10/17
Man, in this hentai version of NGE, Asuka really is getting the instant loss 2koma treatment she needed. .
Lucius Walker chapter 1 . 10/17
Goddamn, I can totally see Shinji snapping like this in an AU.

Dark, twisted, still hot. Love it. .
Guest chapter 1 . 7/20
Get in the prison cell shinji
Guest chapter 24 . 6/29
Why did I read this and why did I like it?
YuutaITAI chapter 24 . 6/6
Holy shit man, what a journey this was
Such a well written fic
No chapter 1 . 5/31
Thaeonblade chapter 24 . 5/23
I applaud you for following through with this story and acknowledging the consequences of its base premise.

It would have been easy for you to just rewrite it or something, but that might as well be a you making a completely different story.

Instead, you finished it while acknowledging your mistake while accepting the backlash that comes with it. You took an ill-conceived idea and made the best story that you could make with it.

Also, I say write what you want when you want. Even old dogs can learn new tricks and show the newcomers some things from the old school.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/27

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana


www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana

kaijue.zhao chapter 24 . 4/25
Good job for finishing this fic. The last cliffhanger was always a shame I thought for this fic. OMEDETO!
deathbringer374 chapter 24 . 4/23
"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

Wow, man.

What a ride this was! When I first heard of the epilogue being worked on, I got very excited! Couldn't wait to see if the loose ends from the OG text would be addressed, and above all I was curious as to how they would be addressed. To say I'm satisfied is a gross understatement. From the very first moment of the chapter we realize there is this tension in the air, this electricity.

Asuka's reactions to how both the truth was revealed to her was a treat. Such a long time has passed, she's settled into a life that provides happiness, but the elephant was always there, waiting. Her attitude towards Misato is perfectily understandable, let alone Shinji, and as the chapter developed I found my eyes glued to every word, anticipating what was to come.

The way Shinji confessed to his baser emotions during the 'act' was delivered masterfully. I was on the edge of my chair, waiting for the big explosion, but did you deliver such? Nah, you fucking surprised me yet again. Asuka's words in the latter scenes as they meet up got me right in the heart. I felt a deep despair in reading Asuka leave, but found myself just like Shinji, absolutely delighted and shocked when she returned. It was a prank, bro! You mad? Fucking tremendous.

All in all, this was a damn good ride, brother. What a way to end this roller-coaster of a fic. We had it all! Drama, love, hate, both horrible an beautiful acts, lies, truth, forgiveness, and in the end, a light at the end. CLAP CLAP CLAP.

By the way, DeathBringer Incorporated will be forwarding you the details of the lawsuit on the fault of Copyright Infringement. As is stipulates in the DB archives, page 69, 'the phrase pants down and its use in an Asushin scenario are the exclusive property of DeathBringer Incorporated. Any violation of this Intellectual Property will result in a quick, swift death.' Please put your affairs in order in the next seven days.

Pffft nah. Couldn't resist! Loved the little wink to ST, brother. My eternal gratitude for this great read. Keep up the great work and remember stay healthy and eat your veggies!

Romulo Nidoking BR chapter 24 . 4/19

It's a very nice end of a journey. Both from Shinji and for the author.

Seeing this epilogue was touching in many ways, especially because I can relate to the author journey as an Evangelion and fanfiction enjoyer.

I started to read Evangelion fanfiction when I was a teenager and avid for more Evangelion related content.

I was a little bit older than that when I first read Shinji and Asuka and its notorious harsh opening chapters. But I kept reading it, like I did with most fics at the time.

And it was a pleasant surprise when I noticed that the author slowly begun to turn "a general teenager power fantasy fic" into an actually decent and coherent story, while also improving the quality of the writing.

I could see that the author was growing up and becoming more mature, just like this story and the characters depicted in it.

Even if as adults it's likely that we will always feel ashamed of things we did when we were young teenagers and if it's hard to "fix" thing that is "doomed" from start like this one, I admire the authors persistence and the fact that he managed to develop some really interesting concepts in the story (such as Aria) to make it better and more rewarding to the audience that stick by the fic after the rough start.

And that's why this epilogue was a really pleasant reading.

Here we see the author, now a grow man that went full circle with his younger self, is self-aware about the limitations of his work, but still worked hard to polish in respect to his readers and delivered his best chapter that is, at the same time, a recap and a much needed closure to the story arc and also with the impact that the "rape fic" made into the fandom.

When Shinji is apologizing to Asuka for "deceiving her" while also stating that he loves her, I can see the author also "apologizing" for writing a fic with such complicated and sensitive issues, while also stating his love for Evangelion, Shinji and Asuka and the fandom.

And just like Asuka found in her heart the will to forgive Shinji because love prevailed at the end, Pole can rest assured that we will also "forgive" him, because the good things surpassed the bad things afterall.

Also, the callbacks to Scar Tissue and the ending with a callback to the classic waffle scenes were hillarious!

I don't know if it's "goodbye" (magic spell to meet again?) - because now that you are a far better writer than 15 years ago I'm sure you would be able to deliver new and better stories - but even if you will retire for good from Evangelion fanfiction writing, I can only say thanks and congratulations man.

Because, even with all the the fails and issues, "Shinji and Asuka" was a great journey, a fic that marked one (or maybe more) generations of readers and that, at the end, was a story worthy of having been written. I'm glad that it exists and, like Eva 01 in EoE, should stay here in this site as a prove that authors can evolve and that no fanfic story is a hopeless case.

Take care and thanks for writing.
TheOneAndOnlyErik chapter 24 . 4/19
Sure was FUN coming back to this mister deadlypole who caused me more nightmares than my final exams.

Joke aside, it's almost nostalgic to come back to this. Happy you closed this book now and hopefully, with new stories in the future with a better beginning than this one. Wish you and your family lots of happiness.

P.s I am eating waffles now, don't ruin it.
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