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Marcus chapter 1 . 12/3/2020
Even a decade later i have to say, this is shit. Another Fanfiction using rape as a common plot element, because it is completely normal for a 14 year old girl to be raped, and then eating dinner at the same table with the rapist.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/30/2020
What the fuck
Guest chapter 23 . 11/4/2020
Hello, after all these years your work has reached me. I would like to thank you for the enjoyable story telling. It was really good in my opinion. The ending with adult shinji left me wanting more though. I'll probably check out the sequel you suggested. Thank you so much! I love asushins and yours is by far the one of the best, EASILY. 11/10 rating
Shadow chapter 23 . 11/1/2020
This definitely has been the best fanfic Ive ever read so far. I really wish I hadnt binge read it in pretty much two days but I couldnt help my self as it was too good a story.

Sure theres always some negatives though I wouldnt say there were that many even and this is just my opinnion. First one is that in some parts the wording felt a little strange and having originaly just watched the Netflix version with the remade subtitles I was used to for example "Spear of Longinus" instead of "Lance of Longinus". Second being the many sex scenes which sometimes felt a bit too much and unnescessary and that maybe the story could have done without a few of them but in the end I see them as an integral part of the story.

Heres some personal notes if your interested: When I started reading this I had just finished watching the Netflix version of Neon Genesis Evangelion also both of the movies and I really enjoyed them. Since I really enjoyed the show and movies and just wanted to see Shinji happy I went to look for a fanfic to read and this one was the first to pop up and it seemed interesting so I started reading. When I got to and read the skip part I was a bit put off about the scene but I decided to have faith in the writer and it was a good thing I did.

I havent ever been very emotional about characters in a show or a story but after watching the show and the movies I really couldnt help but to sympathise with Shinji and Asuka and that definitely continued while I read the fic. I understood and kinda felt the emotions of the characters through out the fic though I couldnt believe I was letting it get to me so much. So in any case I think the fic portrayed emotions well and was written in a way that made it easy to sympathise with the characters.

The calamities in the story sometimes definitely hit hard esspecialy the deaths since in the end I just wanted something happy but having faith in the writer once again proved worth it. The happy and goofy moments were great the most memorable probably being the legendary waffles and I couldnt help but to smile alot while reading. As for the ending I kinda knew what was gonna happen and my suspicion proved correct as Asuka vomited in the toilet.

Lets not forget the epiloque though which was also very nice. Having Shinji and Asuka as a seemingly happy couple with kids and one more on the way along with Rei and Kensuke together really made me happy. Though I cant help but to wonder whose graves apart from Shinjis fathers were they going to visit and I hope Misato and them are fine. And well as for Shinji in the batheoom I really cant help but to think "I told you so". But finishing this off: Its been a real pleasure reading this fic and I just wish it would continue as once again I feel real hollow inside having another story that I so liked come to an end but thats just life.

Extra note:
Just an extra thank you for writing such an amazing story. I was going through a hard part of depression while reading this and well this really helped me get back of track. No disrespect intended btw but at times I changed the voices of the characters to the voices of other characters that absolutely didnt match (for example Jack Sparrow) and well it was the most fun thing Ive experienced for such a long time.

Anyway just an apology for the last thing. English isnt my first language and so im sorry if its hard to read cause of grammar mistakes or the missing of commas. And I really wanna thank you DeadlyPole for writing this story as it has made me very happy and I hope your happy aswell where ever you may be.

I have to wonder though if those waffles actualy tasted as good as they said they did...
silver99zero chapter 8 . 10/11/2020
i have never read fanfics or anything heck i don't even read much , i just saw a poster of EoE on reddit and thought their MC and FMC could've become a nice couple and i go to google and literally randomly searched started reading this fanfic and now its the second day and i am reading this throughout the day and its so good, just astonished by the randomness of it lol.
tomdj1701 chapter 23 . 10/8/2020
Not sure you will ever see this but enjoyed it :)
pooom chapter 23 . 9/4/2020
best story i've ever read :D 10/10
Joan05 chapter 23 . 9/3/2020
I liked your story !, I think it is one of the best in evangelion. Obviously it earned a spot on my favorites list.
(Sorry if any word does not make sense, I speak Spanish and this is translated with google translator)
noop chapter 8 . 7/22/2020
Someone that really loves fanf chapter 23 . 7/7/2020
It's been 13 years since the rewrite so you probably won't read this but this story is the most well written one than other fanfic because I can't believe how you make it so good and intense, it's just a masterpiece, all aspects of it, so that's it, I think you won't read this because you may have changed your account and stay safe and healthy
Guest chapter 23 . 6/26/2020
Hey thank you for you fanfic it’s a little late now but it helped me through quarantine so yeah thanks I enjoyed every single word of the chapter
Guest chapter 23 . 5/20/2020
Hey. I just found this over a decade since it was finished. All I wanna say is... thank you. This fanfic was honestly so impactful and has reallt given me hope to continue on. If you're seeing this, just know you really helped someone

- a lad from Malaysia
Guest chapter 1 . 5/11/2020
So, I don’t know if after 12 years you still care about this story, or are even in contact with this account
But someone on wattpad has stole your shit, and it making thousands of reads
Just telling you this
Xapa150 chapter 23 . 5/11/2020
Gracias me gusto mucho tu historia
PrusKangaroo chapter 1 . 5/6/2020
This shit of a disgrace Eva fanfic, is so bad it's good, for the first part until Asuka loses her memory, I don't like it, but I find it funny and some what interesting, like kinda watching the Autistic kid in class freak out. I feel bad laughing, but that's just me, I guess comedy is subjective, if you actually read this fic, don't bother going after the part where she loses her memory, specifically chapter 10 I think.
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