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Arashi-Kumo chapter 1 . 6/23/2009
I like the Link/Sheik pairing, but this was a well written story. I like it very much actually. Because it's true. Heart shattering to find out Sheik was Zelda, because he is an awesome character. But i'm not going to rant! I love your story and well done!
Kiba Wolf chapter 1 . 4/20/2009
I caught one little mistake towards the end somewhere but now I can't find it. Other than though, it was well written and appreciated. The "Sheik x Link" pairing has always aggravated me to no end. Its nice to see someone who agrees enough to write a nice little one-shot about it.
peachymomotaro chapter 1 . 10/15/2008
Great! Very profound, but very easy to understand all the same. I liked it very much.
Tainted Kattitina chapter 1 . 4/12/2008
I like this work of words. I wouldn't say it's anti-yaoi, just, hmm, more along what the creators were thinking. Link's thoughts on the subject are artfully put, and true.

I think most of the SheikxLink pairings came from the fact that the girls didn't like losing Sheik, who was totally fangirl material, leaving the only hot guy in the game Link (and as an extention, Dark Link). Even my mom was upset that Sheik was really Zelda when she played OoT.

I think it's good that you posted this because you are expressing your view on the matter and that's a good thing. I'm partly with you (the eother part of me is still a yaoi fan girl, but since I like AU . . .) and I hope you keep your views true to yourself.
Squigglefish chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
I'm a slash reader and liker, but I don't restrict myself to it like most lurking about. This story is a wonderful interpretation of the whole Sheik debate - and considerably more well-thought-out and convincing than most of the pointless smut out there. An extremely beautiful piece - nicely done. And it's not homophobic at all - to deny a yaoi fan-based pairing is no more intolerant than to deny a het fan-based pairing.
Twilight Archangel chapter 1 . 1/6/2008
Hahaha, I'm more surprised of the thought of Link being so mature sicne he's onlu 10 at mind. I like it, good job!
MayaMay chapter 1 . 11/11/2007
Actually, I'm a fan of (well written) male Sheik stories (which usually defaults to slash fics), but I still liked this drabble in spite of the anti-male!sheik reviewers' opinions of yaoi/slash fans (I took a peak at your reviews out of curiosity. Yikes. My review's presence might result in a small war).

Link's reaction to the question of relationships between himself, Zelda, and "Sheik" was terribly embarassing and appropriate, because, after all, the implication that the woman you love is in fact, a man, would put a lot of people off, hero or not. (this part I especially liked: But… that they might think that I… that we… that they thought it might add a ‘new dimension’ to the relationship between Zelda and myself… Oh goddesses, I thought I might be sick. ... I supposed that would indeed be… awkward… were things truly as they appeared from an outside perspective.)

In any case, it was made pretty clear in OoT that Sheik is in fact 100% Zelda, so I understand yours (and others') frustrations concerning the male!SheikxLink bandwagon that seems to have taken over the roads. Not speaking for all male Sheik fans, but I can say for myself that I like the diversity offered by well written stories that propose different perspectives to an old storyline (hence a male Sheik).

What you wrote most likely reflects the exact intention behind the creators of OoT, in that "There is no Sheik[;] there is only Zelda dressed in Sheik colored robes” (quoting you).

(about your author's note on the bottom: it's a sad world when you have to disclaim something like that. Definitely shows the mentality of some people on the internet, when you have to clarify for some readers that what is written does not always have to reflect the beliefs of the author; and furthermore, complaining about another's opinions is just ridiculous-we're all entitled to our own views on homosexuality, and like you said, disagreeing about a lifestyle does not necessarily equate to going on a homocidal rampage directed specifically at homosexuals in order to cleanse the earth of their "impurity." Bah.)

(again, great drabble; a must-read for male Sheik fans too, if only to remind them about canon and show them your lovely writing style)
ThetaGraphics chapter 1 . 10/29/2007
Precisely! I get really annoyed at the number of LinkShiek, (or just slash in general, no offense) fics that pop up. LinkShiek especially, since that 'pairing' solely exists just so they can write about yaoi. There is no other excuse, since, as you said, Sheik is merely a mask for a woman. To make LinkShiek a yaoi, they have to change that mask into reality just so they can get some 'action'. Annoys the heck out of me...

Thank you for posting this...
The Celestial Tiger chapter 1 . 10/29/2007
Thank you! What is it with other people and their obsession with immediately finding some yaoi pairing in every single freaking story. It's one thing when the characters are originally like that but to take characters and twist them beyond recognition when they weren't intended to be like that is ridiculous. I mean, come on...Evil Knievel couldn't even make those leaps!

Oh, was I on my soapbox again? In any case, extremely well-written. You expressed your thoughts superbly and eloquently. A very enjoyable read and I agree 100% with your stance.

Highest regards,

The Celestial Tiger
boo chapter 1 . 10/27/2007
This definitely needed to be said, and this was a very nice way of saying it.

Rabid yaoi fangirls are the plague of all common sense and good writing, and really have no business touching a computer.
Link's Ocarina Babe chapter 1 . 10/27/2007
Awesome! I really like this, because I am sick of coming across yaoi! It seems that every time I come across an interesting story involving Sheik, "he" is homosexual.
Un-namedReader chapter 1 . 10/27/2007
Yes! Thank you so much for writing this story. I really don't understand why people say Sheik isn't Zelda - That they are two different people. Even the game (OoT) says that they are the same person.

Thanks again for posting this story!
Zairos chapter 1 . 10/27/2007
Nicely done,and to the point.

Yes,Sheik is Zelda.(Imagine my surprise as i played the game!)

This was tastfully done as well.

I'll admit that what caught my eye was the summery itself.

Mind you, I AM an open minded person,and try to see from all perspectives.

I was interested in what you belive,and how you would portray it.

I was glad to see that it was not out right all against homosexuals and more of link just trying to explane what the relationship really was,and such.

Again,it was very well done.I'm somewhat like you, a good friend of mine is gay,and though I dont agree with it, I do realize he has the right to love who ever he chooses. *Rubs forhead*

I apologize if I'm not making much sense,and my spellings probably horrible right now too.

(From 4 hours of carving pumpkins,and 5hours of sleep)

But whatever.

Nice job:)
Lupi Loop chapter 1 . 10/27/2007
An excellent piece and beautifully written! Well done for standing up to the rabid fangirls! I loved your description of what Sheik actually is, it's a very good analogy.

Well done (again).
Tiger5913 chapter 1 . 10/27/2007
I love you for writing this, because it is SO TRUE. Those crazy fangirls don't seem to understand that Sheik is just a disguise and he doesn't exist as his own entity! He is not actually a whole other person, so how in the world can Link have buttsecks with him? Yeesh... the only way he could "be" with Sheik is if Link and Zelda had some kind of cosplay fantasy or whatever, and the princess dressed up as Sheik as some kind of weird kink. 0 I hope not... But anyway, I really liked your reasoning and I don't think the story was homophobic at all. I wish you the best of luck against the rabid fangirls that will no doubt go nuts all over you, but if you ever need somewhere to hide, I will share my rock with me! :P Here is encouraging you to write more Link x Zelda stories! *raises wine glass*
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