Reviews for After The Fairy Tale Ends
seasnake.756 chapter 24 . 1/22/2008
that was great. but you've really neglegted? (i swear i don't know how to write) zaraki here... lol
Wittgen chapter 24 . 1/22/2008
The captain pileup was pretty hilarious. I don't think I've ever seen anyone explore Hanataro's bankai, so kudos on that. As always, I enjoyed the chapter and look forward to the next one. Happy writing.
Soethe chapter 24 . 1/22/2008
lmao! GREAT CHAPTER! as expected of the child prodigy Hitsugaya Toshiro. xD Well well i wonder what we have next in stall for chapter 25! UPDATE SOON!
m3tfr34k chapter 24 . 1/22/2008
*happy dance of joy* You updated!

Wow. Go Iceman!

I love it. Love it, love it, love it.

MysteriousEyez chapter 24 . 1/22/2008
Scrubbery chapter 24 . 1/22/2008
You know, you should probably check wikipedia for the correctly spelt names. You're just making a mess of the Romaji. Frankly, it's quite horrible to read. Keep on updating.
KuroAi15 chapter 24 . 1/22/2008
... I'm confused.
sandcat chapter 24 . 1/22/2008
Yay! an update! an update! (does update victory dance around computer) Great story, good chapter, longer wait than usual thought... I'm not complaining or anything, we do what we can (well, try to)

Keep it up cause it's just plain great, one of the best I ever found on Fanfiction and thhere aren't thousands of those. :)


PleiadesWolfe chapter 1 . 1/16/2008
This sounds very interesting so far. I'm going to have to read more later.
Odin13 chapter 23 . 12/30/2007
I just found this story tonight/this morning. I read the whole thing so far. It is the funniest thing that I have read in a very very long time. The day dreams remind me of scrubs and they're rediculous and I can't even put it into words. My favorite was Hitsugaya's nightmare of elementary school as punishment, Hitsugaya's nickname(Snowy), and your description of Ichigo's Kido. Good job, keep up the good work, I hope to see more of it.
1Waylander chapter 23 . 12/30/2007
Like anyone was going to catch the Iceman.

The only problem with being this damn good was he couldn't tell anyone.

That cracked me up.

Superb as always. I'm just hoping that one way or another Yoruichi will show up; It's just a suggestion and if it doesn't work with your story okay. But oh how much wouldn't I give just for one apperance, if possible with Ichigo aswel.

Thx for one of the best stories ever writen on FF.
seasnake.756 chapter 23 . 12/29/2007
oh dear it's genious... more and fast
sandcat chapter 23 . 12/28/2007
Good chapter, it was a nice surprise!


SSHiei chapter 23 . 12/28/2007
I LOVE the way you portray Hitsugaya in this. Keep up the excellent work!
hizmit12-waterlilly3721 chapter 23 . 12/27/2007
Ooh evil freezie that be bad for captions he scary good.

LOL horrible review.
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