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Guest chapter 31 . 7/30/2015
Bloody good mate.
Namord chapter 31 . 8/11/2014
The story was almost something that could've been in a video game. I'm glad that I read it. It had characters, drama, action, death (a lot of) and planes. Sadly I was hoping that the enemy would've thought twice before engaging the newfound Razgriz members.

Now for things I didn't like.
1- The White Crow members (and supporters) were so close minded that the sky could've fallen around them and believe it wouldn't crush them and when it does, most don't even try to avoid it. Some ace pilots died because of pride (daydenko), surprise (Yancing), or unwanted kill (Molina).

2- Aliases. While Jonathan and Ava Sosabee are interesting names, I kept thinking that eventually they would become themselves. It took Catherine, Snow, Grimm, a superweapon and countless others to SNAP and be David Lovecraft and Kei Lovecraft Nagase. Why even bother living under an alias from the get go?

3- (This one made me so infuriated that...) the Looking Glass, being such an agent of death (and a really good one too) avoided an artillery barrage from former comrades, but couldn't save his own life against smg, assault rifle fire (if I knew how sneaky a guy really is (and shady too), I would have a body double do my business for me (if he/she dies, I know who to kill later). Ammon telling Sasha how to live her life was, at best, a very bad idea. Granted, Sasha was in a better place, but it didn't mean that she shouldn't allow other to enjoy freedom as well. Verusans deserved a leader to unify them and have a better future (it seems like a middle east country with soviet resources and population).

4- learning from past mistakes? Really!? Because a psych eval would've worked just fine before using the weapon the first time.
-Mistake 1: your superweapon is finally ready and you want to test it. You want to use a drone or a decommissioned vehicle instead of a vessel with precious cargo.
-Mistake 2: your superweapon has a limited range and to extend its reach you use jammer aircraft. Investing in stealth aircraft that could be retrofitted for that purpose and having a wing sized element of planes protecting said jammers.

I could go on, but I can only ask that you please make a sequel that ends better than this one. Thank you.
pir84lyf chapter 31 . 10/18/2012
Beautiful man, just beautiful
Bondubras of Devoncroix chapter 2 . 11/29/2011
Lillian sounds like a fun character.

"She was upset because the spiders were fake, not the surprise they were there." I laughed at that. It takes a truly strange person to want real spiders in a prank played on them.

It also takes a good author to make me want to hang on, and you have done just that.

Keep up the good work! I want to see more of that humor.

The Arch-Admiral chapter 2 . 6/24/2011
Yellow 14


Sorry Buddy! UAVS and Stealth (Movie) already beat you to it.

Stupid E.D.I.

Tin Can is more like it!
The Arch-Admiral chapter 31 . 6/24/2011

That's all I can say.


This guy is genius!

Ace Combat: End of the world.

That's my title for it.

Even when the Dispater was destroyed Portia still wanted to go out with a bang. A cornered criminal. That was cruel...Pointless.

5/5 stars! Keep up the good work buddy!
trecero chapter 31 . 8/20/2010
One word to describe this amazing work of art: WOW! this is not just the best fan fic I have ever read, it is one of the best, if not the best piece of writing I have ever read! You nailed the Kei/Blaze relationship, your character development is flawless, the story has great pacing, and it is impossible to put down! (I would know, i read it in two days!) Please write another Ace Combat fic, as I and many others would be honored to read it. you sir, have a gift :)

Thomas Grainger UK chapter 5 . 1/30/2010
Hi again, this is tom from before. (The guy who found your story and left a message before reading it.)

I was reading your story when I got to chapter 5, when I got to the section Raven’s Lake Air Base, November 17, 2016

0400 hrs.

You nailed the Kei, Blaze relationship, It was genuinely moving, emotional, honest and expertly written.

I shall continue to read your 447 page work of fantabulous, fanfiction. Well done and hope it gets made into a moive. In face given that you live in america you should try, I would definitely go and see it.
Tom chapter 12 . 1/19/2010
Hi, my names tom. I haven't read your story yet, but just wanted to say, I loved Squadran leader and have been meaning to write a follow up myself. I love the relationship between the characters in the game and as a player I really felt connected and also responsible for protecting the other characters. Personally, I think blaze is the blond guy at the back of the room (the cut scene after the first level, when there all together and barlett is handing out the flight assignements) and also because the little girl on nagasase's lap at the end, has blond hair.

Well done with your story, I bet I enjoy it.
Mercenary Flyer chapter 31 . 2/1/2009
This is one of the best Ace COmbat Stories out there and you are certainly one of the best authors of the genre. This story was excellent from start to finish with high flying action, dirty humor, and well-rounded characters. I like how you included and/or mentioned characters from you're other stories in here. The thing is I had a little trouble keeping up with who's important and what planes Wardog flew. Other than that, A-list material right here. Keep up the good work.
spaceraider53 chapter 9 . 12/23/2008
Its EA-6B Prowler, not Hawkeye. The Hawkeye is the E-2C AWACS platform used by the Navy.
major wallace chapter 1 . 9/22/2008
Stonehenge chapter 28 . 8/18/2008
Good. But honestly the end is incredibly anti-climatic.

Nice job.

Stonehenge chapter 24 . 8/15/2008

It was a good chapter, now that I'm finally reading again.

But this line, "hey looked like planes that Kaida flew years ago when he was mere test pilot."

"Mere test pilot", what's that about?

Good Job,

valentine012 chapter 31 . 7/2/2008
OMG... amazing story! I remember reading this last... Feb I think.. I just read the epilogue and wow, great ending... a bit sad because there's still war going on but that's really close to reality you know?

It's been a long time and normally when I get an update from long stories, I had to backtrack to refresh what happened and often times, what the story is about lol.. but with your story, even after months of not reading it, the story is still fresh from my mind and the characters were easy to remember. The nostalgic feeling when I first read your story is still there. It is that memorable so congratulations on completing it! Great work!
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