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Fangirl chapter 1 . 2/3
X'D I just thought of naruto saying ''Moon Prism Power!'' and transforming like sailor moon, into the school-girl-looking outfit and fighting bad guys, my life is complete.
Monster King chapter 20 . 6/29/2016
Great story loved the crossover and the pairings having usage rather than kushina as Naruto's mother was also intreasting you did a good job with the plot as well so good job all in all with the story
misuky7 chapter 20 . 3/25/2016
This was an amazing story. I normally do not do harem stories because they are usually written poorly. But I did so enjoy this one and I liked who you chose for Naruto. I also liked the Gaara/Sailor Saturn shipping. I cannot wait to read more. :3
DalkonCledwin chapter 15 . 1/16/2016
This review is incredibly likely to get truncated...

Huh… I think that the mental download Ami got came with a character history for Tsunade’s childhood… that will be mortifying for the Sannin.

LOL Temari’s reaction to Luna will be entertaining, won’t it?

LOL the fact that you seem to be implying that Setsuna never got reincarnated like the other Senshi would imply that she would require countless hobbies to negate boredom.

That is one of the curses of true immortality combined with longstanding isolation. It either results in the individual developing what to the rest of the universe would seem to be completely inane hobbies or it results in the individual going completely insane. People who have some level of mastery over Time invariably seem to be a mixed basket between the two as the Timelord species can prove just by how frequently they screw up history and then retcon it to suit their whims. The absolute best thing the Doctor Who franchise ever did was to remove the vast majority of the Timelords from the equation as the entire civilization was a major plot foil from the very moment that they first appeared as anything more than just a vague reference to the original world that the Doctor and Susan came from.

I guess I now have to blame Setsuna for the world’s current financial crisis, don’t I? Either that or J.P. Morgan blatantly chose to ignore Setsuna when she explained that long term debt was not a sustainable option for the global financial market. J.P. Morgan along with a few other people were the primary people responsible for moving the world away from the Gold Standard, which though a limited financial system was much more sustainable than what we are currently using, as on the Gold Standard there was an actual physical worth backing the money instead of the completely metaphorical worth applied to it in the current system.

There is actually a reason Gold is considered to be such a precious metal nowadays, the governments of the world confiscated large quantities of it in the form of gold coins that had previously been issued by those same governments in an attempt to control the Gold Supply. Anything that wasn’t jewelry or priceless works of art also tended to end up getting confiscated. Gold is a finite resource, confiscating such large quantities of it from the public just shortened the supply.

So Ino is a strictly one girl per night type? Good to know. I imagine that Temari will be the more adventurous wife of the Shinobi natives.

LOL… Ami… the least desireable scout? That is a riot… In Japan Sailor Mercury is widely hailed as the all time favorite Sailor Scout with only Sailor Chibi Moon as an actual legitimate competitor for that position. So clearly Ami has something that appeals to the minds of the masses. Even on the front pure carnal attraction Ami is a classic Yamato Nadeshiko whose pure level of perfection of that trope is on the order of cosmically divine as she along with Hotaru are believed to be the Trope Namers for the Moe Trope which is basically just the Yamato Nadeshiko Trope on such an overdrive that it is capable of turning people who aren’t even Japanese into bearers of the Yamato Nadeshiko trope.

The only purpose of the Moe trope is to turn people who shouldn’t normally be cute into cuddly blankets of fluff. Then there are the issues of the Moeblob Trope where you get entire plots devised to tell a story about a cute character or characters and most of these plots serve no purpose other than to prove how cute the Moeblob is (i.e. K-On!)

In all honesty the only Sailor Scout who is intrinsically SEXIER than Ami… is Michiru, but she would point blank refuse Naruto’s proposition, no matter how much he might mean to her. There is only one person Michiru has a romantic interest in and that is Haruka.

Sometimes the most erotic expression of love is nothing more than a simple kiss. It is said that the most direct route to a person’s soul is through the mouth (hence the Dementor’s Kiss in Harry Potter), which implies that the kiss is the most intimate act of love rather than actual sexual intercourse.

Actually… with Kushina being rather conveniently M.I.A. and any potential heirs she might have given birth to opting to not make their existence known at the current time… Tsunade probably also qualifies as the Uzumaki Clan Regent as she is the most direct relative to the main branch of that clan in a position to claim the role… well at least until Karin decides to show up and take the position of Clan Head up… as Karin is likely the sole remaining Uzumaki capable of doing that at this point. While Nagato could do it, I don’t think he cares sufficiently to try.

I would also note that right now, Konoha has two Sannin, a Kage and a rather POWERFUL defense force in residence. Nagato’s invasion plans are looking rather glum at this point. Even if he somehow manages to infiltrate the village… Naruto has probably already taught the Stoneburner to the entire contingent of Senshi in the Nations, as well as teaching it to Jiraiya, Tsunade, Sarutobi, and Shizune.

Now while the Stoneburner is debilitating to people like the Hyuuga and Uchiha… it is a fatal technique to any of the Paths of a Rinnegan User except the one with the Primary Eyes as the eyes are directly responsible for animating the bodies. Disrupting the Dojutsu on that level would destroy the corpse animation ability.

It would also cause a severe psychic backlash to Nagato that could give him a heart attack or stroke in his weakened physical state.

LOL, because Naruto had your Grandfather’s blessing in seeking you out Tsunade. That is why you can’t leave. Plus, someone needs to teach those girls how to use their bloodlines, and who better than the last remaining Senju.

Actually… depending on where his loyalties are, Tenzo would probably be Makoto’s best instructor.

Actually I believe that at this point Sannin could be considered a rank roughly analogous to the Kumogakure Rank of Shinobigashira (Head Ninja) or Konoha’s own Jonin Commander (a post filled by Shikamaru’s dad).

LOL, asking Tsunade how to look pretty is probably self defeatist as her entire process can be summed up by saying “Get really good at the Transformation Technique.” And honestly that isn’t far off from what she is actually doing to maintain her good looks.

It still amazes me that they have inter departmental communication within the same building like that and shortwave radio’s… but still have to rely on carrier pigeons (or hawks in this case) for anything resembling long distance communication as they don’t seem to have telephones… which is ironic considering that the telephone predates the radio by almost two complete decades in our world… and if you want to get REALLY down and gritty… even if the Shinobi world lacks the technical expertise to develop something like a telephone (which would be inane considering the headsets Kakashi got his team during the Tora missions) that still begs the question of why they are using messenger birds instead of the far more reliable Telegraph? I mean they obviously know the principles of communication via Telegraph if they know what Morse Code is, so why aren’t they using them?

And Morse Code is referenced in the canonical series…

LOL… Nippon… that is a rather old fashioned name for Japan that no one in the Elemental Nations could really be expected to know. It is rather RARE even in our world to hear people refer to Japan by that name. Usually it is in direct reference to things like the Yamato Nadeshiko trope, the name of said trope literally translates into English as “The Flower of Nipponese Womanhood.”

Rather blatant when translated isn’t it? It isn’t really meant to be that crass but that is what it translates out to.

Calling her the Dead Planet Warrior is a horrible misunderstanding of her nature and was what in the canonical series led to a conflict with Michiru and Haruka as they both misunderstood her nature at the outset believing her to be one and the same with Mistress 9.

Sai is working for Madara? Well this just went bizarre.

Lord… Astaroth…? At this point in time I will kindly point out that despite what the so called Book of Abramelin and subsequently the vast majority of all later works on demonology WANT you to believe… Shinrabanshou Choco actually got it right Astaroth was female or at the very least inspired by a female.

Astaroth’s identity was ultimately derived from the Phoenician Goddess Astarte, who is is roughly analogous to the Goddess Ishtar who has been compared on several levels to Aphrodite, Inanna, and even as unlikely as this may seem, to Isis. All of these Goddesses were viewed as beings with sovereignty over at the bare minimum fertility and love.

These Goddesses were also in direct moral opposition to any potential Patriarchal Society that may want to form as the entire worship of these Goddesses revolved around admitting that women, not men were the bearers of new life, and this was an admission that the men of the time, at least in the region that became famous for producing the Bible, just could admit.

While I am a Christian, I fully believe that a perfect God, is capable of being either male or female as it chooses but the same time is never one so long as to forget the other. A perfect God would be capable of understanding the intrinsic nature of both genders on such a fundamental level as to never need to be limited to a single gender.

Explaining more than that would send me off into a theological tangent that would serve absolutely no purpose as I can’t prove one way or another that my beliefs on God are true simply by posting it on the internet and thus it is entirely a mental exercise in bashing my skull against a metaphorical brick wall for the amount of thought I tend to put into such things. There is just no point.

Actually… the one who acts as a complete fool in front of inferior’s is Obito, not Madara… I am also reasonably certain that the Rinn
DalkonCledwin chapter 14 . 1/15/2016
Well… at the very least his Senshi form would improve his survivability against her. That said if he went Royal on her he WOULD be able to strong arm her, but it would be very short lived.

Best guess is Tsunade will have met his mother at one point and hit it off with the girl. Tsunade didn’t actually leave Konoha all that long ago.

LOL, he’s going to buy off her debt, isn’t he?

Actually… it is a completely unreasonable offer because he never once stated the name of his village thus her bid on such a wager is a completely blind bid. She is going to be pissed when he explains that to her.

LOL… and obviously that means Tsunade needs to spend some time in the company of Tony Stark or James Bond if she has never seen someone complete a mission through the use of a gambling table.
DalkonCledwin chapter 13 . 1/15/2016
A year… really? These doctors must have completely scrubbed their training if Tsunade is really that massively superior to them. I think it is time the sexiest Sannin came home, as clearly Hotaru needs a better instructor than these doctors are capable of being.

And thus it is another case of First Girl Wins by virtue that Ino is the first one to confess how she truly feels to Naruto, even if she doesn’t state it outright. Makoto played with his head, Ami is bashful about the idea, but Ino is straightforward and to the point.

I doubt Jiraiya will be as impressed with Naruto’s accomplishment when he figures out the reason he was suddenly capable popping the ball… I imagine it is a rather simple case of proper visualization. All Naruto needed to do was imagine Jiraiya’s expression when his own balls popped like that… and presto.

Well actually of the two approaching threats, only the swordsman is a danger as Naruto has the perfect counter to the other at his disposal if he chooses to use it.

You completely misspelled Amaterasu’s name.

That… completely defies logic… It should not be possible for such a small toad to do that… that said I guess the only logical explanation is that Toad Summons like to have sex with TARDIS’s? TARDISes are biological in nature and can… at least theoretically... reproduce sexually…

Tastes like shit… that is funny… this is coming from a guy whose species eats flies as part of their mainstay diet… Flies among other things, eat shit...
DalkonCledwin chapter 12 . 1/15/2016
I again like to point out that Minato was the Fourth Hokage, not the Third, thus cannot be Sarutobi’s predecessor as Sarutobi is in fact the Third Hokage. Sarutobi was the Hokage while Minato was an Academy student.

Even with their impressive reaction time, Mach speeds are rather impossible for a human to dodge unless they are empowered by the Speed Force or something ridiculous like that. Not even most guns are capable of firing bullets at supersonic speeds… it actually takes a Rifles and High Powered Handguns to pull that off regularly. And once it is in flight a bullet is damn near impossible to dodge.

Well… of course they stopped fighting… a close proximity to a sonic boom tends to be rather LOUD and attention grabbing. Especially when it happens right next to you like it did for everyone in the Hokage booth. Sonic Booms are something that is completely alien to the world of the Elemental Nations by the way, so they entire group would be rather shocked by the volume and concussive force caused by an attack that never even interacted with them.

In fact… sonic booms are loud enough and disrupt the atmosphere sufficiently enough that the entire village probably heard that attack happen, even if what they heard was basically an after image. Konoha may be the largest Shinobi Village, but compared to a even a small city on Earth it was barely even a suburb and even a low powered sonic boom originating from hundreds of feet in the atmosphere can be heard throughout the entirety of an Earth Based Mega-City.

It would be rather impossible for the favor of the Goddess to depart from the House of Serenity considering that I am fairly certain that the Goddess in question is Artemis in one or another of her many guises, and Artemis would never turn her back on her daughters… and son…

Okay… so not so much an intrinsic knowledge of the abilities but more of an instinctive ability to use them. That is going to be a headache for the girls.
DalkonCledwin chapter 11 . 1/15/2016
I would also point out that the instant that the Shinigami notices Hotaru being present on the battlefield (much less in this universe) he will take one look at Orochimaru and think “Yeah, no way I am upsetting Hotaru-hime-sama by leaving this guy in the world of the living.”

I think having an infinite supply of love is just a natural side effect of being the main character of a magical girl franchise… I mean look at Nanoha even her attacks are pink… and Madoka gave up on ever experiencing her own individual happiness for the sole purpose of making everyone else’s lives happier. and then you have Prisma Illya… that girl is basically the living incarnation of happiness and love with a heaping dose of sealed kick ass in a can… oh and a maid fetish, girl always seems to develop a nuclear nosebleed at the sight of anyone in maid cosplay.

Heh… knocking Gaara out is not the most advisable method for ending the match considering what will happen should he go unconscious.

Of course… Nibi may be the Tailed Beast of the Afterlife, but Hotaru is the Goddess of the Afterlife. The only person who would actually have a closer connection to it that I could possibly care to name is the Pale Horseman of Supernatural.

Mama Tanuki? I suppose he is referring to Kaguya by that statement, as she is essentially the mother of all the tailed beasts…

Well… they are right… Sasuke would have finished the match a whole lot quicker… by making the mistake of causing Gaara to bleed and in the process ANGERING the Tanuki. That is NOT the same thing as gaining an efficient win the way Naruto had done.

The simple answer is Naruto is the descendent of a legacy of Demon Slayers and will have no issue dealing with the Elemental Nation’s resident demon problem all without sacrificing a single Jinchuriki’s life the way that the Akatsuki intend to do.

I am still kind of wondering just how they figured out what Orochimaru was planning without him figuring out that they knew what he was planning… my only guess is that it has something to do with Naruto’s new reptilian mentor?

ROFLMAO… calling Naruto an “average” Ninja is a complete mockery of the entire Moon Kingdom. And actually… no Sasuke, Itachi is the prodigy of the Uchiha, you are the runt. To even be ranked as a high level Uchiha much less its Prodigy you have to awaken the Mangekyou, which not even the canonical Sasuke manages to pull off without help from his older brother.

Wow… the arrogance. Please tell me that Ayame-chan promptly laid into her father if he ever pandered to the Uchiha’s Ego like that?

I also can’t see Tenten’s guardian, who happens to be a well respected weaponsmith, pandering to the ego of the Uchiha in that manner without Tenten forcibly exposing him to the Green Beast Sunset in revenge.

Huh… you know… only the bad guys ever really seem to believe the Tsukino clan is cursed. In actuality the clan is highly blessed.

Heh… actually… as soon as Naruto gets a good look at the Cursed Seal… he will automatically default to his highest power setting and obliterate the corruption.

LOL… saying Usagi has a brain is a bit much… she is completely book dumb, though entirely street smart.
DalkonCledwin chapter 10 . 1/15/2016
LOL… if Makoto began playing a game that Naruto didn’t know the rules to in the previous chapter… then I think it is fair to say that Ino just upped the ante big time.

LOL… you do realize that Hotaru could get into the contestants booth by having herself assigned as Naruto’s personal medic, which wouldn’t be all that far off from her duty as a Senshi…

Awww… hot damn. Shikamaru just got cosmically screwed, didn’t he? If he has to be saved by the Moe Blob of Doom I decree he loses all man points that any version of himself has ever managed to accrue.

Actually hilariously enough… there is a theory to explain the origin of the term “Moe” in popular culture that claims it is directly derived from the latter part of the surname Tomoe in Hotaru’s name basically implying that Tomoe is the prototype for the entirety of Moe Meme with Ami being her co-Prototype. Interestingly that same surname belonged to an 11th century female war hero who according to TV Tropes could have probably kicked Miyamoto Musashi’s ass if she wanted, and Musashi was classed a Sword Saint, which means his skill with the sword was unparalleled.

LOL… actually coming from someone with Naruto’s background… that was probably the best pickup line he could think of without sounding like a complete moron. And ironically… it actually is a good pickup line considering the setting.

A massacre is unlikely to happen… or at least if it does… it can be rendered completely meaningless by the presence of the new Moon God, the Guardian of Death and Rebirth, and the Mistress of Time. Their combined powers are such that even Gedo - Rinne Tensei no Jutsu pales in comparison before what they can pull off.

Where Rinne Tensei is capable of resurrecting a small city at the expense of the user’s life force, the Sailor Senshi can restore entire planets, or heck, even the entire universe if push really comes to shove. Their powers are just absolutely staggering.

LOL… Naruto may classify himself as a battle specialist… but he is a battle specialist in the same sense that Nanoha Takamachi is a battle specialist…

The operative crede of the Takamachi School of Battle Magic was basically explained point blank by Vaarsuvius from the webcomic “Order of the Stick”

“As the size of an explosion increases, the number of social situations it is incapable of solving approaches zero.”

Seriously, Nanoha will hit virtually anything with a magically induced explosion given even the most flimsy of excuses… she even hits her own DAUGHTER with these explosions in order to knock a corrupt possessed artifact out of her. These explosions are on the level where they can cause irreparable damage to a planet’s geological structure through hundreds of feet worth of ocean water by the way… and she is hitting people with them… usually at point blank range too. Can you imagine the kind of physical trauma that causes to a person? Good thing these explosions have no heat to them, huh? That said they CAN vaporize strong physical and magical barriers like pieces of cotton tossed into a bonfire.

LOL… Shikamaru forfeiting like that is the only reason I am allowing him to keep his man points. Because he didn’t rely on someone saving him rather than trusting his own intellect.

I would kindly point out that the only person in the Elemental Nations right now who has the ear of the Lady Fate happens to be Setsuna, and I don’t think either woman is particularly happy with Neji’s attitude or habit of putting words in a Goddesses mouth like that.

Actually… strictly speaking… Setsuna’s position as the Guardian of Time probably makes her position synonymous with the role of the Goddess of Fate, as the word Fate refers to that which is outside your ability to control, while Destiny refers to that which is still yours to manipulate, even if only minutely. Fate and Destiny come hand in hand, but they are not the same thing.

Also, Neji speaking like he controls fate is kind of pointless, nothing controls fate except fate.

LOL… plus since Kiba is aware of who the Senshi happen to be, he is probably aware of just which Senshi has the ability to determine which one of them wins this match, even if she would have to be in front of the Gates of Time in order to do so.

ROFLMAO… Stoneburner? one of Naruto’s ancestors created THAT? Oh god that is hilarious. Stoneburner is the absolute antithesis to any and all eye related kekkei genkei as it vaporizes the optic nerve.

LOL, I would point out that anyone from Usagi’s original world would instantaneously recognize that technique for what it truly was simply by virtue of the signature mushroom cloud that it left in its wake and would by proxy be horrified at what Kiba had just unleashed in his match, even if the Stoneburners were designed primarily as a non-lethal nuclear weapon.

LOL… looks like Hanabi (and yes that is how her name is spelled) might just end up getting herself adopted as Hotaru’s surrogate little sister in place of Chibiusa, not that I imagine either Hinata or Hotaru will complain about the situation.

Also the existence of that technique rather simplifies the Sasuke Retrieval Mission I suspect as even Kiba could beat Sasuke with that.

I love how you are playing up the meaning of Naruto’s name. The way you are building his name Mythos I am half expecting someone to outright peel off this quote about Naruto:

“He’s like fire and ice and rage. He’s like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun… He’s ancient and forever. He burns at the center of time and can see the turn of the universe… And… He’s wonderful.”

That particular quote wouldn’t be entirely out of place in regards to a male successor to Serenity and Usagi, even if it was referring to an entirely different Lord.

LOL… well Temujin’s jutsu is a point blank carbon copy of the Stone Burner Atomic Device from Frank Herbert’s Dune Franchise. The bomb had only two possible functions, the first was basically what you had this Jutsu duplicate, even if only on a temporary basis, it releases a type of radiation that dissolves the optic tissue of all creatures within a few kilometers of the device. The second function was widespread property damage more readily resembling a conventional warhead. It was in fact such a point blank carbon copy as to even use the same name as Frank Herbert used.

Fortunately the Jutsu only appears to affect anyone who is actually looking directly at the technique as opposed to all individuals in close proximity to it… which puts active Byakugan users at far greater risk than any other Doujutsu user as they can’t help but to look. The other Doujutsu users can at least turn there heads or close their eyes if they anticipate such an attack is about to be used. However considering such a technique hasn’t been observed in active use in over 200 years, I doubt even Madara has sufficient knowledge to know that he should avoid looking at it while it is being cast. The Sharingan doesn’t grant hereditary knowledge of all techniques copied by all previous users of the eyes, so unless Madara had witnessed the technique being used in person, he would have no idea what was being cast before it was actually cast outside of the instinctual ability for him to automatically duplicate the technique at a later time. The pseudo predictive aspects of the Sharingan only help if you have seen the technique the Ninja is preparing to cast before and thus already know how to duplicate it, if it is something that catches you completely by surprise than it will do you no good.

Though Madara’s regeneration abilities would kind of render the technique pointless I suspect.
DalkonCledwin chapter 9 . 1/15/2016
Wow… and the fact that he mentioned Ami and Makoto first just proves he has romantic feelings for them. I would point out that Makoto and Ami would conspire to create such a spoon spoon if they caught Jiraiya peeping on them… just to prove it can be done. And unfortunately it may end up being necessary, because if Jiraiya is anything… he is completely unrepentant in his perversion.

LOL… oh yes… Usagi is a hopeless romantic… but there is one thing above all others that she absolutely abhors. And that is blatant perverts. I can’t even begin to count the number of times she pounded Gurio Umino’s face for his blatant perversion. Fortunately he is a rather durable pervert and ended up redeeming himself. Coincidentally Word of God states that without those bizarre glasses Umino is actually a bishounen.

Between Rei and Makoto, there are probably multiple Martial Arts forms represented in the Inner Senshi.

Death Angel Gloves? Named in honor of Hotaru, who is essentially the Angel of Death? The title of Angel of Death is one that has occasionally been given to the Archangel Michael, who also possesses the title “Angel of Mercy,” which is interesting considering that Hotaru is the “Soldier of Death and Rebirth.” In a diversion from this meme, Michael is authority over the Sun, while Cassiel (a virtually unknown Archangel in modern times) has authority over Saturn. Interestingly enough for those High School DxD fans out there, it is Gabriel who has authority over the moon… I don’t know… is it me or does the moon seem to have a habit of collecting bubbly blondes to rule over it? Even Serenity could be classified as a blonde if you go by the new anime’s depiction of her, even if she isn’t exactly bubbly by the common definition (she definitely lacked some common sense though).

I feel I should explain this here… Gabriel in High School DxD is essentially a woman with the body of the ultimate playboy bunny, but the sexual awareness of a five year old. She is not mentally capable of comprehending the dangers of her being in close proximity to a guy with Jiraiya levels of perversion AND the ability to instantaneously vaporize the clothes of any female he touches. Nor would she necessarily understand that it is socially unacceptable for her to walk around naked until someone corrects her on the matter.

The simple fact of the matter is that most of the other Angels in heaven have mutually agreed to shield her from such perversion simply for their own sanity. This is largely because seeing Gabriel’s nude form is capable of causing human brains to rupture and sending demons into a panic. She is basically the embodiment of innocent beauty. The only people in High School DxD who rival her in terms of beauty are the Valkyries… and possibly Artemis, Athena and Aphrodite but those three haven’t even been mentioned in the franchise yet…

Interestingly enough, Gabriel in Highschool DxD is the ONLY Angel who could have sex and never risk falling as her unique attribute as a Seraph is that she can never fall from grace. Even Michael in his massive overwhelming power, would fall from grace if he desired any sort of carnal relationship.

It is rather enlightening the lengths that the heavenly host went to in order humour newly minted Angel Irina-chan’s crush on her childhood friend-turned-devil by creating a pocket dimension where they could be isolated from existence and thereby she would not risk falling.

LOL… Ami’s fears are entirely unwarranted. Naruto’s first thoughts when making threats to a pervert were of Ami and Makoto and nobody else. This proves that Naruto at least on a subconscious level has marked them as his future wives and will geld anyone but him who dares to peep on them.

That said…. I can only imagine the number of bloody noses when Konoha beholds the Sailor Senshi in their battle regalia. Those skirts are really short…

LOL… now Ami is being foolish and forgetting what Luna said at their very first meal in the house… Naruto will legally be required to take multiple wives. No need to fear the tragedy of of the Silver Millenium being repeated here.

I would point out that the vast majority of those poses and speeches are entirely the fault of Artemis and Minako who had devised them to go along with her more publicized career. They might be a little annoyed at them being banned without being directly exposed to the reason.

Of course the sand retreated… The Ichibi may be insane… but it is NOT stupid. It would immediately recognize the chakra signature of something on the same order of power as the Shinigami and know not to push its luck.

Why do I suspect that transforming into his ruler form and performing the summoning technique would pull Gamamaru into the world of humans for the first time since the days of the Sage of Six Paths or even before then?

That said… Gamakichi is a crapton better than Gamatatsu in terms of toads Naruto could be regularly summoning.

LOL oh this was rich, Naruto doesn’t know the rules of dating? Please oh please tell me he asks either Ikuko, Kurenai, Asuma or anyone else who is sane and has been depicted in a stable and loving relationship in their respective series for advice rather than asking the social misfits like Anko, Jiraiya or Kakashi for their opinion. Anko probably would mean well but she has the exact same emotional breadth as Ronald Weasley… a teaspoon… only hers is wired towards embarrassing others instead of making a fool of himself.

Though ironically, the person who could probably give him the most unbiased advice on the matter is Sakura, he just has to make his intent going into the conversation absolutely clear from the onset.
DalkonCledwin chapter 8 . 1/15/2016
Heh… I doubt it had anything to do with Hotaru being exhausted and everything to do with the wide agreement by the Senshi not to reveal just how out of the entire world’s league they really happen to be. Hotaru literally has the ability to heal all injuries and ailments that anyone on the entire planet happens to be suffering when in her Senshi form, just as she has the power to erase all life save for that of the Royal Moon Lineage from the planet.

Coincidentally the Royal Moon Lineage has the power to restore all life that has been erased by the Silence Glaive, while simultaneously excising the trash. The two powers tend to work hand in hand.

LOL… yes Hotaru is a teensy bit socially awkward, which makes her a good match for the socially inept Gaara. They can be socially defunct together.

Do I sense a Kiba/Hinata pairing in the works?

Naruto’s family scrolls would include exacting instructions on how to duplicate the signature techniques of Minato Namikaze, the Hiraishin and the Rasengan, the ability to add both techniques to his arsenal, even while in his civilian form would automatically rank Naruto as an S-Class Ninja in his least powerful form.

Well… actually… considering who his opponent happens to be… he could probably ace the exam simply by demonstrating one of the Shinobi’s dirtier trade secrets, the seduction arts.

LOL… Gaara probably could hear her by straining his ears… he rarely bothers to sleep since doing so lets the Ichibi out to play.

When and exactly HOW was Kabuto revealed as a spy? I don’t remember that happening until the finals of the Chunin Exam… and the canonical Naruto didn’t even find out until the Tsunade Retrieval Arc…

Enter the Ero-Sennin… who coincidentally is a Seal Master who could fulfill Ami’s request… but may have a request of his own that not one of the Senshi would be inclined to grant.

Actually… of the Sannin… the only one that I would willingly let near juveniles is Tsunade. Woman is a certified medical professional and thus has the training needed to deal with maturing minds, even if she is a notorious drunk and gambling addict.

Jiraiya, despite having raised multiple children, is just not a reliable parental figure… seriously what sort of parent leaves three orphans in the middle of a war torn nation with no one but themselves to look after each other? That is Grade-A Stupid.

Meanwhile I would sooner entrust Voldemort with the care of my child than Orochimaru. At least Voldemort appreciates that children are to be nurtured not experimented upon, even if his definition of ‘nurtured’ leaves something to be desired.

ROFLMAO… or you could go the route of having that character show up out of the blue and decide to aid in Naruto’s training. It would also be a mighty big coincidence if he decided to stick around to observe the conclusion of the exams and proceeded to further derail the invasion. It is also a rather big coincidence that due to his experiments Orochimaru himself is actually now a reptile…

Eh… I guess that would explain his use of Frog techniques, wouldn’t it?
DalkonCledwin chapter 7 . 1/15/2016
Thank god that Gaara is winning the polls for the Hotaru pairing… I still can’t get the image of what happened to Sakura Matou out of my head when someone mentions any female with dark hair in a protracted relationship with a member of the Aburame clan… And Sakura was only about eight years old when she was defiled by those worms… do you have any idea what that does to a young girl’s psyche? It’s amazing she made it out of that with only a subversive case of Dissociative Identity Disorder and generic emotional withdrawal, she could have ended up much worse off, especially since it is rather heavily implied that her adopted brother was encouraged by Zouken Matou to sexually abuse her.

She is the big bad of least one of the scenario’s of Fate/Stay Night… but she is the sort of big bad that you really can’t help but feel sorry for. Especially since the hero’s of the story really want to redeem her, not to end her. This is largely because she is the male protagonists main love interest, and because she is the main female protagonists little sister… I say that she is the main female protagonists little sister because outside of the odd scenario’s where either Illyasviel or Sakura survive the grail war or its immediate aftermath, or where Saber gets to remain in the modern world after the destruction of the grail, it is only Rin who manages to get the fairytale ending and live happily ever after with the hero of the story. The fact that all four girls were vying for the affections of Shirou is of no real consequence… even if one stops to consider the fact that Illyasviel is technically Shirou’s older sister, even if they aren’t biologically related.

Yeah… Illyasviel has a rather severe and well documented Brother Complex of a romantic nature as opposed to the sort often dubbed the Cain Complex. Oh it definitely originated as a typical Cain Complex… but kind of morphed into a Big Brother Attraction, and I can only really apply the phrase Big Brother Attraction to it due to the technicality that Illyasviel suffers from the same sort of height disadvantage that Chibiusa suffers from, despite being the older sibling of the two.

Training Area 44… aka “Anko’s back yard.” It is also likely the place where Team Maelstrom spends a great deal of their time training their abilities without fear of inflicting property damage or being witnessed by spies like Kabuto. It is also a place that I fully expect Makoto to take a rather firm liking to by virtue of the trees, and Ami will like it because of the animals. Both Senshi are rather fond of nature.

I would also point out that even if she isn’t a member of the Senju clan, that Makoto has a very high probability of awakening the Mokuton bloodline limit just by watching Hashirama fighting Sarutobi.

I would say having one’s arms shattered or a debilitating Curse Mark forced into one’s neck are both sufficient to be categorized as permanently disabled in most circumstances, wouldn’t you?

I find it kind of bizarre that Akamaru is physically capable of swallowing a scroll that is almost as long as his entire torso currently happens to be… He probably won’t be eating anything for the next five days at any rate…

Outdoor Onsen? Usagi willingly let Minato keep his Onsen outdoors when she had to have been aware of Jiraiya’s habits? Why do I suddenly expect to be smelling the scent of lightning fried frog legs in the near future?

LOL yeah and if she transforms she becomes so powerful that she probably ranks as Super-S rank.

ROFLMAO at how unsurprised I am at how Naruto’s team cake-walked the second phase of the second phase of the exam.

It is because of his bloodline but because of his Royal Moon bloodline as opposed to the other Senshi who never inherited that trait. The Royal Moon can sense the unnatural taints like Orochimaru, and would recognize those influenced by Lunar Cycles like the Ichibi.

Damnit, it would actually require far more than a chakra empowered taser to put down someone with one of Orochimaru’s curse marks… if we are limited to electric based attacks, it would probably actually take something on the level of Makoto’s Supreme Thunder attack at the absolute bare minimum… and this is ignoring the far more powerful electricity/plant combination attack “Jupiter Oak Evolution” that would have Hashirama and Tenzo begging to be her apprentices at the mere idea that such an attack is possible.

LOL… that… had absolutely NOTHING to do with Orochimaru, though I doubt he is complaining overly much about the results.

Oooh… poor Sakura… she does not deserve that match… even if you count how much of a bitch she can be.

Oooh… poor Kiba… I also have to point out that Naruto and Temari’s match may turn into a date rather than a match considering that she is a planned member of the harem, and will as such will be far less entertaining to a large percentage of the spectators than I care to imagine.

LOL… oh of course. That would be the only theme that could ever work in such a situation as that. The fact that I can fully imagine the entire lot of them pulling off that gag, including the two lesbians, doesn’t even need to be stated, does it?
DalkonCledwin chapter 6 . 1/15/2016
Hmm… I have to say, I am mildly disappointed that Hotaru doesn’t end up using Naruto as an affection replacement for Chibiusa…

I am fine with Ami and Makoto being in his harem, along with Ino and Temari. Ino could have gone either way and Temari is admittedly hot.

Please god do not pair Kakashi with any of the Senshi… he does not deserve that kind of luck. Same goes for Orochimaru, most of the male members of both Otogakure and the Akatsuki as well as Jiraiya. Actually the only person in the associated groups of people who even remotely deserves to have a girlfriend anytime in the immediate future is Itachi, who would probably benefit from having Setsuna send him to one of Earth’s leading Ophthalmologists to see what can be done for his degenerating eye condition. Worst case scenario says nothing can be done, best case scenario they stop it from killing him?

Hotaru with Gaara would be amusing because she could make the Ichibi behave simply because of who she happens to be and what she is capable of doing to it if it doesn’t. Hotaru and Shino is not as amusing because such a pairing instantly reminds me of the ordeals suffered by the newly dubbed Sakura “Matou” at the hands of her adoptive grandfather, Zouken Matou. There are just some things that foreign insects should never find their way into… the human female’s reproductive system is one such thing.

As for Naruto having one night deals with the other Senshi to give them heirs? With the exception of Michiru and Haruka, who as has been stated, are Lesbians in a rather long standing relationship with each other… I imagine most of the other Senshi that you don’t have a specific pairing in mind for would agree to such a set up. But at this point it really is just Rei and Minako, and the devotion of the Inner Court is rather well known.

Not that the outfit that Temari was wearing when she arrived for the Chunin Exams really played up her assets a whole heck of a lot… it was rather modest all things told.

LOL… no… Gaara is unlikely to be a danger to the civilians. Though if he runs across any of the Senshi… he is likely to go into a mild panic attack.

Playninja? LOL I think you mean Icha Icha. Jiraiya kind of cornered the market on pseudo-acceptable pornography in the Elemental Nations with those books of his.

LOL… that last thought in Ami’s internal debate MUST have come from the original incarnation of Sailor Mercury who was older and in a developed relationship during the Silver Millennium if Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is to be believed, and would thereby be more willing to commit to the carnal aspects of a relationship than the far more innocent Ami happens to be.

I have this feeling that Naruto is fully aware of what he is doing to Ami, Makoto and Ino, isn’t he?

LOL… he could always do what his counterpart in another Naruto fanfic I read about did… identify one of Ibuki’s plants, what for a time when said plant will have filled out most of the test… and then proceed to blatantly and overtly knock the plant out and steal his copy of the test and replace the plants name on the test with his own. They only get punished for getting caught cheating by having two points removed regardless of what method they choose to employ in order to achieve their cheat. That punishment is the same even if a blatantly obvious cheat is made, though further attempts at the same cheat would likely face expulsion from the exam.
DalkonCledwin chapter 5 . 1/15/2016
I believe you mean Haruka, not Hakura… So the fact that Hotaru is fully mature and REMEMBERS the Pharaoh 90 incident means that Mistress 9 never manifested, doesn’t it? I would also note that out of all of the girls going, only Hotaru is roughly the same age as Naruto currently happens to be… the others are at a bare minimum 15 years old, while Naruto is just 12, which is the same age as Hotaru (at least according to the Manga).

And my suspicions that the timelines aren’t linked continues to grow in leaps and bounds…

Weird circumstances like Usagi’s mother having become acquainted with a woman who holds dominion over time and space to a truly staggering degree? So much so that she probably has veto powers on the abilities of entities such as Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg and Yuuko Ichihara… the former being nicknamed the Troll of the Kaleidoscope, and the latter who is titled the Dimensional Witch… those kinds of circumstances?

I also kind of have to point out that the presence of Hotaru in the Elemental Nations effectively makes practically every conceivable threat that they could end up facing wet itself in fear and run away crying for it's mummy.

While Nagato might like to claim he is Kami and will show the world peace through an understanding of pain… only Hotaru is capable of truly enlightening the entirety of creation on just what it means to piss a Goddess off as her Silence Glaive is capable of erasing an entire planet. She is the Senshi of Saturn, the Princess over Death and Rebirth.

In fact it is entirely conceivable that Hotaru could summon the Shinigami order it around and suffer absolutely no consequences as a result as she is essentially the Ruler of Death.

I imagine that once she shows up, Ikuko will be thrilled to act as the proxy-stand-in.

It will be mildly amusing to see what he names the “bloodlines” of the other Senshi that show up, as you can’t exactly name them “Tsukisenshi” since they aren’t descended from the Lunarians.

The women for Naruto will be the Senshi, as there is absolutely no chance in hell he would be willing to form a relationship with Sakura or one of the other Sasuke fangirls. Ino is bearable but still has problems. And if he desires a strong willed girl than Hinata is right out of the question. Hanabi might have qualified but she’s like eight right now… Anko could qualify but has the same issue as Kurenai and Tsunade in being much too old.

Let’s see… based on the qualities he listed… Makoto, Minako, and Hotaru seem to be the prime candidates.

Rei Hino is too much of a class act tsundere. She is such a Tsundere that I am actually inclined to believe that they modeled practically ALL of Rin Tohsaka’s character on Rei right down to Rin’s preferred color palette, even if that may not actually be true.

Ami Mizuno is basically the Senshiverse equivalent to Hinata Hyuuga, only far more efficient at dealing with an enemy early on in her career than Hinata ever was.

Setsuna as has been noted is much too old, being the oldest member of the Senshi.

And while it would admittedly be neat to have the “wet dream on legs” that is Michiru in a relationship with Naruto… that would go against Word of God which says she is in fact a Lesbian and in a committed relationship with Haruka since before the fall of the Moon Kingdom...

Which means that the only viable candidates left are Makoto, Minako, and Hotaru. And all three of them meet one or more of Naruto’s requirements, if not all of them.

All three are incredibly powerful combatants. Minako being the most experienced member of the Inner Senshi have had her powers the longest. Makoto being a Girls Heavyweight Martial Arts Champion or something like that if her laundry list of Ex-Boyfriends is to be believed, and Hotaru being a Planet Buster.

All three have Adamantine wills… though Makoto’s can be detoured by a pretty boy a good food…

And all three are among the most caring members of the Senshi, rivaling even Usagi in their caring natures.

I have to point out that Hotaru is likely to attach herself to Naruto like a limpet the exact moment she figures out that Naruto is basically an alternate and sexier version of Chibiusa. A version of Chibiusa that can actually succeed in getting her pregnant at that. It is widely believed that Hotaru had romantic feelings for Chibiusa, much like her adopted parents Michiru and Haruka have for each other. I can easily see her transplanting those feelings to Naruto in this situation.

And actually… I think he would be rather surprised at how compromising the Senshi would be to the idea of sharing him… it isn’t every day a male Senshi is born after all and practically the entire court will be impressed by his existence.

Actually… in point of fact… WORD OF GOD dictates that Male Senshi cannot exist… the Sailor Starlights were an abnormality in that according to the Manga they were ALWAYS female, even when in their civilian forms, but in the anime… for some reason… their civilian forms were male. The anime portraying their civilian forms as male actually angered Naoko Takeuchi who had decreed that only women could be Sailor Senshi.

Oh… I suspect that once Ikuko is through with the council (probably Setsuna or Mikoto playing back up singer), that the council will be far more supportive of Naruto. While Serenity (both original and neo) was the Big Good of the franchise, Ikuko was still the better mother of the two (again both original and neo).

The reason I say that Usagi wasn’t as good of a mother as Ikuko is as follows: Anyone who thinks it a good idea to place the words “small lady” immediately following your own name on your daughters Birth Certificate needs to go to remedial Parenting 101 classes. I can only assume that it was Minato who named Naruto in this story?

I would also point out that if Naruto had children with any of the Senshi… the odds are about 50/50 that they would inherit the bloodline of the Moon Kingdom as opposed to the bloodline of whichever planet that particular Senshi hails from.

That said… all of the Senshi have abilities that are MORE than capable of dealing with Tailed Beasts, whether it be binding them, sealing them, banishing them, erasing them, or outright killing them… it largely depends on which Senshi we are talking about as to which option would be most expedient for them to utilize in dealing with a Tailed Beast.

Ami would probably trap a Tailed Beast in a virtual reality limbo or something
Rei would purify it with fire… lots and lots of fire.
Makoto would probably do what Rei did but with Lightning instead.
Minako would probably simply bind it in her chains until it died of boredom.
Setsuna would probably deposit it in a Black Hole and be done with it.
Haruka and Michiru can probably outright kill a tailed beast with martial skills.
and Hotaru… any tailed beast that took the time to look at the girl and bothered to comprehend what she happens to represent would promptly say “Fuck this, I am not being payed enough.” Same principle applies to Manda or any other Summon that shows up in opposition to her.

I actually have to point something out here… out of all the Magical Girl characters… the award for most benevolent, kind hearted, and self-sacrificing Magical Girl to have ever existed goes to the following people in the following order from least to greatest with a reason attached:

Nanoha Takamachi - for sheer determination. This girl will never give up if it means getting people to get along… of course her chosen method for getting people to get along usually involves hitting them with a Wave Motion Cannon from point blank range but… Even when she wasn’t a magical girl she had a track record of slapping other girls full force across the face to get them to be nice to others. She also gets the award for most overtly destructive Magical Girl. Sure, Hotaru can destroy entire planets at the drop of her glaive, but in terms of raw visceral effect, Nanoha’s attacks are vastly more impressive. Nanoha can take people out from entire opposite side of a magically reinforced and fortified spacecraft designed to prevent such attacks from being successful in the first place.

Usagi Tsukino - her powers are literally fueled by her love for others.

Madoka Kaname - this girl willingly made a contract with an nigh-omnipotent entity who had openly admitted that he will screw her over on the terms of said contract solely on the hunch that she could screw him over and fix the entire natural order of the Multiverse in the process. Turns out she was right.

LOL… It will be highly amusing to watch the Sailor Senshi put the fear of Kami into the female population of the Shinobi world for even daring to suggest that they take their Naruto-kun-sama away from them.

AND LOW AND BEHOLD Out of the mouth of hotties you have confirmed my suspicions about the time stream.

Fourteen Years? I see… so that means you have aged up the graduating class at the Academy to be more in line with the majority of the Sailor Senshi. Interesting.

So you are going with the belief that somehow ending up in the Elemental Nations knocked enough good parenting skills into Usagi not to saddle Naruto with something like “Minato Small Lord Serene Tsukino” or the like as a name? Or was she on good enough terms with Kushina to know what Kushina wanted to name her own child in the event she had a child?

LOL… and just like that, Orochimaru’s invasion plans got pre-empted rather massively. I think he will find it rather difficult to kill the Hokage when the Wielder Silence Glaive is in attendance and can give detailed targeting instructions to her divine minion.

ROFLMAO… how did the villagers manage to neglect the fact that Usagi was Naruto’s mother when Naruto walks around using her maiden name as his Surname? That is a rather massive tell, isn’t it? Even more so than Uzumaki is because she was the only other Tsukino any of them had ever likely heard of.

Huh… Ami I did not anticipate…

Even Setsuna woul
DalkonCledwin chapter 4 . 1/15/2016
And of course if there is something that Anko can’t handle… there is always Naruto’s final release which can singlehandedly take down any and all threats that currently exist in the Elemental Nations short of the full release of the Juubi which would require something on the scale of a “Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss” in order to eradicate, and that attack was gated behind Usagi’s Eternal Sailor Moon form and only really capable of its full potential while used in conjunction with Eternal Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon.

Well Kiba… on the plus side… at least their just bandits and not… I don’t know… actual trained Shinobi? Bandits are far easier to deal with.

Huh… the Narn? That could be interesting. Certainly better than the Imperium of Man.

Of course Anko would probably be aware of the Narn by virtue of being acquainted with Usagi, who would be acquainted with them by virtue of being the Lunar Princess.

LOL… yes… a bloodline limit like that is a problem. But at the same time gaining the Narn as an ally would be remarkably beneficial.

Um… just to point out a fact… but the trademark whiskers of the canonical Naruto are the result of Kushina being pregnant with him while she was STILL the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, and NOT because of him being a Kyuubi Jinchuriki himself. If it had been the result of him being the Jinchuriki, then all of the other Jinchuriki would have had some physical manifestation of the Tailed Beast they contained, but none of them do… well except for Gaara, but that was because his Seal was such a shoddy piece of Fuinjutsu that he couldn’t get any shut-eye without the Ichibi taking his body for a joy ride, as such he bore the signs of a biologically impossible case of chronic insomnia.

Of course it gnawed at the back of G’kar’s mind. The Narn are a society who are AWARE of Thirdspace… as well as probably a few other dimensions. As such his people have probably had run-ins with the Sailor Senshi from time to time. Thus it is entirely possible that G’kar is AWARE that Setsuna and the other Senshi are in meltdown mode over their misplaced leader, and also aware that said leader showed up in this universe a few years ago.

Um… you do realize frogs are amphibians NOT reptiles… The two entirely different classes of animal. The Animal Classes are as follows: Mammals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians, and Arthropods (at this point basically anything that by default has five or more jointed legs counts as an Arthropod, anything with four or less falls into one of the other categories depending on its other biological features). To say a Narn can summon a Frog or the abilities of a Frog without the associated Summoning Contract, would be like saying Jiraiya could summon an Eagle’s wings and use them to fly around in the same way that Konan uses her Origami-based Bloodline Limit to enable her to do.

LOL… ironically if he’s only putting out the power of a Sannin, Naruto only needs to use his Senshi form to finish this fight as his Senshi form is a full 20% stronger than a Sannin who are all by default the same strength as a Kage.

LOL… Setsuna found him. Which means that the Sailor Senshi are going to start showing up.

Well… obviously the ones who need to go are the Inner Senshi as they are the Usagi’s bodyguards. The Outer Senshi are more tasked with protecting the Kingdom from outside threats.
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