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Death Scribe chapter 3 . 11/16/2007
I bow to you and your awesome feic. I like the insight into the characters, their relations to each other and what Decepticons find attractive.

Dang, I was almost drooling with that description of Starscream. Amazing what a little wax can do :D

Scavenger needs a shot of self-esteem. He did a sweet job there, even Starscream thinks so.

For some reason I was thinking that it was an Elvis statuette in Tracks' glove compartment.
eeyop1428 chapter 3 . 11/13/2007
that was a really LONG chapter! that took me at least an hour to read man! lol, but it was worth it.

i really loved the amazing descriptions on SS's body, very poetic and deep in detail - it made me fall in love with him lol. i cant blame most of the decepticons for wanting him - he "looked" so beautiful.

i agree that the scene of soundwave laughing maniacally in the corner was VERY weird, and also the question of WHY he was in the corner :S

but so funny when megatron busts in on them like a parent and starts yelling and beating on them lol - he saved SS from perverted mechs! yay!

the ending i thought was touching, in a friendship/understanding kind of way. nice to know that even an unlikely connection like scavenger and SS's can exist in the vast array of characters in the transformers world, and you are one of the several writers on this site that have made it come true. well done! :D
Fireline chapter 3 . 11/1/2007
I was reading this while listening to Coldplay's X&Y album and somehow the combination just meshed so well I nearly found myself salivating as I read this last chapter. Or that might have been the leftover Halloween goodies. In any case, "Surface Deep" is going on my Favorite Stories list. I particularly like your portrayal of Thundercracker. I've recently rewatched the original series and, while I like the Nice!TC favored by no few authors, I feel you are more honest in your comparison of Starscream and Thundercracker in contrast to Skywarp. All of the characters remain true Decepticons through and through and are both more and less alien than they are often written.

The brief appearance of Megatron was just enough. I was hoping to get his reaction before the end, without direct interaction with Starscream, and I was very happy with the way you gave it.

One of my favorite elements of your particular writing style is your ability to get into the characters' minds and reveal them in a believable manner. I also like your "Celestial Skies" series for that reason, yet I think this story surpasses those. An entire faction is given rich characterization in this, without feeling artificially human or deliberately contrived as alien. Reading this was like finally discovering a social psychology paper explicating an aspect of human nature that one has always subconsciously accepted, but never explored. I found suspending my disbelief while reading this to be stunningly effortless and "Surface Deep" may well have permanently changed my personal construction of the Decepticons. I imagine you put serious work into this piece and I hope you had as much fun writing it as I have had reading it. A true treat.
P.A.W.07 chapter 3 . 11/1/2007
"See Skywarp. See Skywarp sneak. Sneak, Skywarp, sneak.

See Skywarp. See Skywarp be a big, fat distraction while Thundercracker sneaked around behind everyone’s turned backs. Sneak, Thundercracker, sneak."

I just loved those lines and I had to emphasize that fact because I might just borrow those oh-so-corny lines later. This was rather deep if I must say. You just seemed to dive into the minds of the characters with such easy that it was kind of scary. Wonderful work ... I wish I could say more but words fail me.
D.G.Arrow chapter 3 . 11/1/2007
*fans self* Whoo!

Talk about hot-stuff! That was inspired! Truly!

I love the twist at the end, so like our Screamer, ne?

(Personally I think the screechy voice adds to his charm!)
Sanjuno Shori Niko chapter 3 . 11/1/2007
This fic was utterly lovely. It really discribed the Decepticon mentality for me, and it was nice to see Starscream win for once. He doesn't win very much, but hey, that's part of his charm. Thanks for writing and posting the fic, even though it wasn't for me specifically, it made me happy to read it. Please keep up the good work.


cmdrtekk chapter 3 . 11/1/2007
Amazing piece of work.
tomorrow4eva chapter 3 . 11/1/2007
Such powerful descriptions! It's hard to describe a single object for about 19 paragraphs without getting boring, but you did it and did it compellingly.

I guess deep down they *all* have a desire to be dust-free and glossy (lol). I think you're right: Starscream can be beautiful... until he opens his mouth. And Swindle is so true to himself.

Only complaint was that I didn't get that Dirge had contacted the Stunticons over radio until I read it through a second time, some hours later. That could have been clearer. And Wildrider drives after Dead End, and I couldn't tell which of the two of them was cornering, since I thought Dead End was walking, but the pronoun seemed to indicate Dead End. Finally, Mixmaster says "You can come ou-out now" I think you meant "You can come on out now."

I love everyone's reaction when Megatron shows up. And the Stunticons are OFF!

Maybe if they were all polished & glossy, the entire race would be too busy admiring themselves to make war...
tomorrow4eva chapter 1 . 11/1/2007
Starscream forced to be silent is kinda funny. It immediately adds a sense of surrealism to the scene.

Recovering the items from Tracks' glove box was a nice touch, I think.
Kagelu chapter 3 . 11/1/2007
OMG~! Very crafty piece of work. The way you built the tension and the cruel twist of humor at the end was lovely
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