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jmadd chapter 1 . 5/21/2017
There are already too many fics like this. I've dubbed them "contemplation fics", fics in which events that have already happened and the readers should already be aware of are recited/contemplated upon. The lack of much dialog or any new events bores me here
tomorrow4eva chapter 9 . 1/12/2016
Creepy story. I enjoyed it.
heredia chapter 1 . 10/19/2014
"seeing himself commiting such atricities" and then why Zack and other bitches can stand themselves watching how they did thingsa like keep Sephiroth in sex-slavery; burning people for they read banned books; rape sephiroth only because Aerith refused spread her legs; stoned people to death for they "not normal" they never felt regret for what they did to Sephiroth and other "freaks" they never felt regret for they keep Sephiroth in sex-slavery and now they await from him that he would cant stand seeing how he kill the ones who beated and raped him?
Filigranka chapter 1 . 1/18/2013
Daaamn. It's god-tier of writing, divine writing and so what can a reviewer say? Well, we may pray or praise and it's all falls into the void, because it's not even comparable to greatness of your work. Really, really, really.

So, yeah, it's that good for me.

Depressing like hell, because it's true, soo true ("brutally honest, beautiful look into the human psyche" somebody said below and he/she is right) - but it made me laugh during reading. Milan Kundera said once something like "the most difficult thing is, when you understand than there is no pathos in any, even the greatest tragedy, the greatest suffering - from a distance, from objective point of view, there always funny, at most tragicomedies or plain comedies. The pathos of suffering is a consolation as long as you believe in it". Something like that, I don't remember exact quote, nor I know it in English. But I think it sums up your fic quite nicely (well, it sums up the Eastern Europe too) - it's full of laughter, of bitter irony - bitter, but amusing (when one read something like ""God," he whispers, faintly astonished, to a blank sky. ( —Yes, Sephiroth says at his shoulder. —I am.)" he truly isn't sure if he should/wants laugh or curl under the chair, trembling - great line, of course) and said irony made it even more unbearable. We would to think that our/human suffering has some meaning/importance/pathos and that angels and God/Higher Being wouldn't mock as for it.

Zack is fantastic narrator and you're using the device of unreliable narrator brilliantly, by the way.

There is much symbolism in it, shown to readers in both direct and indirect (composition, for example) way - and it is doing very, very good job at deconstructing the... founding beliefs? opinions? credos? ideas (looking for English word) of European modernity, from Enlightenment to today. Especially the one about "progress" - OK, to be precise, it's Christian/Judaic concept, took by Enlightening and secularised - which can justify suffering or at least give it any meaning. Make it useful (usefulness, another one of the beautiful myths/beliefs or modernity). And it's chilling, because one may see, through Sephiroth's words/acts, ShinRa's/Hojo's own justifications and blind devotion to some concepts - there is no progress, it's just the circle of abuse. Or life (the question is, what differs Lifestream from ShinRa and them from Sephiroth, except one may have arbitrary given right - the scale maybe? but moral system based on scale is somewhat terrible [for people raised as a Christian, I guess]; more pragmatic than ethic, though pragmatic, one may argue, is kind of morality too - but that's the problem with any religion based on Higher Beings, including my own).

Considering that some abuse and suffering is unavoidable in our lives, existence is really flawed (oh, so now we're at gnosticism - by the way, are the titles of chapters chosen because of their general meaning in ancient Greek mythology or there's another interpretation at play? - via Orphism, Neoplatonism, another sect of that age?).

Quite disillusioning fic, better and bitterer because of that. And lacking of any clear consolation or hope (any hope it gives is based on modern understanding of world, which the very same fic is proving - once again, directly or indirectly - wrong; or rather, it points that there're faiths, not science, beliefs, not facts; you may believe them, but you can't be sure), which a plus in my book.
Chibipinkbunny chapter 1 . 11/4/2012
I meant to come back and review a while ago, but sadly never did. *sigh* I guess it's because I can't put into words how beautiful this story is. I've come back to it again and again, because I love it so much. It's so rare to find someone that writes poetic prose well, especially within fanfiction. Usually they only exist in the realm of published fiction. Many people try, but it comes out awkward and/or overbearing :S When I read something this pretty it's like looking at a gorgeous sunset, and you can't tear your eyes away because the beauty is so captivating, almost surreal.

I would read this story for that fact alone, but the characterization is so amazing. Zack seems so REAL here, and that makes this story even more poignant. What's most impressive are the dynamics between Seph and Cloud. So few people capture the essence that is Cloud, myself not included XD Seph and Cloud are tied to each other, but many people misinterpret it as lust, which doesn't quite fit, at least in my opinion. You've given a reason why they can't exist without each other. Seph needs Cloud as much as Cloud needs Seph despite the fact that they hate each other XD

This story is just so amazing and so inspiring. I don't even remember how I found it. Probably looking through someone's favorite list. It's good to see that you're still writing (although I'm sad it's not in the FF VII fandom) because you're brilliant :D
CBK1000 chapter 1 . 11/2/2012
I don't even know how to begin this review.

I'm a member of The Genesis Awards Forum, and for the last several weeks I have been poking through old shortlists because I am too lazy to go looking for excellent fanfiction all on my own, and I happened to stumble across this fic. The premise sounded interesting, and it came highly recommended, so I thought 'Eh, let's give it a go,' even though I am more of a Turk fan.

How very, very fortunate for me that I did not pass this up. I was caught up in this from the very first opening line. It is HAUNTING; what a brutally honest, beautiful look into the human psyche. I absolutely loved your portrayal of Zack, and how he too was only human, and equipped with all his own little flaws and selfish thoughts. He is not evil, but he is not all good either, as none of us are, and you captured this SO well. Sephiroth's madness, the way he sucked Cloud down into that madness and held him tight, the bickering, the welcome flashes of humor through all this darkness- brilliant. I haven't read anything that has affected me quite so much in quite some time.

You may not even be around this site much anymore; you may not even read this review, but I had to write it, because I absolutely loved this like I haven't loved a fic in a long time. I can't even put into words how much I enjoyed this, so thank you so much for posting it.
withering blossoms chapter 9 . 5/28/2011
Everything I thought about this fic can be summed up in four words: I utterly love this.

Seriously. If there was one fanfiction on this site I would vote to be published, it would be this. Heck, I would somehow find a way to vote for it twenty-four times, I love it so much.

I honestly think this is the best thing I have ever read, online or off. Their personality's are spot on, and the whole Zack-ness that infects the whole thing is just so amazing. I love the way it's written.

The philosphy is pretty astounding as well. You've captured the essence of a human being, and brought it out so well, and in a way that I doubt anyone else had dared to do before.

Nothing I can say can give this justice. There's nothing that could possibly ever live up to this: Nothing.

I've probably read this about sixteen times. I plan on memorising it. I am memorising it.

This will be the inspiration for so many fics. It will be.

If thre is one thing I dislike about this, it's that it has barely any reviews. It deserves a whole lot more recognition, and it doesn't get it. It drives me slightly insane that people don't read this. It should have over a thousand reviwes, it's that extraordinary.

tookkia chapter 9 . 4/13/2011
Ok, so I already have another one of your stories on my favorites but this one definitely gets a spot. Unbelievable writing and imagery. Don't even get me started with your characterization (as so many other reviewers have already pointed out)

A friend of mine (chibipinkbunny) suggested this story to me. And I have to agree with her: why the hell does it not have more freaking reviews?

I will never understand how genius works like yours go unnoticed-or should I say, unappreciated?

From the very beginning, you had me mesmerized with a darker side of Zack that I've never really thought about but makes so much sense. He's so much more human, and perhaps this is why so many of us can relate to him and enjoy him that much more. It's sad, yes, the way you show us his flaws ("That's why… I told Cloud to kill him. I wanted… Cloud… I wanted… to see you fail.")

And despite this dark/human Zack that we see, you still keep up the lighthearted, fun-loving SOLDIER we want to see. Lol, I remember clutching my stomach with the mental image of Zack jumping over the fire in Cosmo Canyon, stopping mid-jump when Red walks out. So brilliant!

There were so many good characterization/dynamics in this story. I particularly (also) enjoyed reading about Reno and Rude. I have a thing for Reno(among others obviously) and you write him so amazing as well. Their little popcorn and mini robot deal: fucking hilarious.

I mentioned your writing style, right? I can see that you write these really deep, intricate webs of metaphors and symbolism (Titles of the Underworld, anyone?), and I must applaud you on that too. It's difficult to write like that, at least successfully. You must be very proud of yourself. I would be. Your writing is flawless, different (very different) than most great stories that I've read, but in a ridiculously good way. Looking forward to more ;)

Lady Sanzennine chapter 9 . 4/8/2011
Absolutely beautiful. I was completely enraptured by the narration of this story. oh, i wish i could write like this!

You captured insanity wonderfully. all of your characters were well written and vivid and different, despite the common underlying angst. I love the turks and their zaniness. I loved yuffie's optimism. zack's humanity. sephiroth's completely fucking nuttiness.

just wonderful. thank you for an excellent read.
chibipinkbunny chapter 1 . 4/5/2011
So I just finished reading this first chapter today and I'm in awe. I actually signed out so I could come back and review this piece when I'm more awake. I woke up in the middle of the night and started reading this to help put me back to sleep. Big mistake XD Now I'm super awake and full of emotions.

Without going into specifics, your imagery is so beautiful, and the writing seamless. I took my time while reading this cause I wanted to savor every sentence. There was such a natural flow even amongst the chaotic thoughts thrown around.

The other thing that impressed me was your characterization of Zack. I don't know that I've ever seen another Zack where I stopped and said to myself, 'This Zack is more Zack-like than my own.' He was humorous and caring, but at the same time he was human. He had flaws like every other human being. Without telling us outright you communicated the fact that Zack was very much in love with Aerith when he was alive. I especially loved the complex bond you gave Zack and Cloud, which is something few people ever do. The underlying jealousy, guilt, pity, love, and remorse. I actually teared up a bit as I was reading this.

Okay, I need to get back to sleep, but I'll be back to review some more, rather than just saying this piece is awesome. Thank you so much for this :D
run4life chapter 9 . 3/11/2011
...WHOA. ~

I think that's all I can say at the moment. I saw this fic somewhere, recommended by somebody, and read it all over a couple days. They had listed it as a fic that's sure to make you cry. I nearly did, and I'm just pondering how your clearly incredible mind works.

For one thing, I liked how you did the chapter titles - parts of the Underworld, right? - and how you managed to draw in just about every ancient religion, FFVII as a derivative or not, throughout the course of the story.

Sure, for most of the time I was completely floored just by how you can paint these amazing metaphors and confuse me out of my mind while pulling me in and getting me to try desperately what exactly is really happening. This has got to be The Most intriguing take on the afterlife that I've attempted to understand...ever.

Oh, and I have to say that I love Zack as a narrator anyways. I think you did that perfectly, with his weird, post-mortem humor and bluntness. I also really liked how you went through all the characters at one point or another (nearly, at least) and gave them such accurate and amazing and believable depths of character.

And, sure, I'm not really quite sure what happened there, in the end, exactly. But the spotlight is on emotion and insanity, so I suppose it makes sense in a way.

Thank you for the most incredible, heart-and-soul-deep read.

LightDarkandChaos chapter 9 . 11/27/2010
... Deep. Philosophical. Beautiful.

That's all I have to say, unfortunately.
Origami Mimi chapter 9 . 9/3/2010
I found parts of this hilarious, mostly when Sephiroth was around or interacting with Cloud or being a creepy stalkerperson. That probably makes me a terrible person, but. The absolute wonderfulness of this is more important.

Zack isn't a selfless hero but he's the Zack who gave his life for his friend. Sephiroth was inhuman but human and he chose to fall. Cloud is an asshole sometimes. Gah, the way you write them makes me love their screwed up selves and it fits just right with their original characterization, if it doesn't go above and beyond and awesome. And the imagery. The imagery reduces me to piles of awe filled goo and it's everywhere and it makes me happy in a lot of ways, but mostly deep inside where heartfelt squees and tears come from. If I went to any chapter I could find something to call my favorite, but I really like the line about eating pain, and the one at the very end which begins with "slowly, slowly we will get there" and ends with "we are not lost."

Thank you for listening to Enya on repeat and doing who knows what to your psyche because it was worth it (and I am a terrible person, but) I enjoyed your story way too much.
solsere chapter 9 . 8/3/2009
Wow, I had been planning to go to sleep before coming across this jewel. So extremely deep, frustrating, and... strangely poignant. I love your language, and the abundance of metaphors, and such such beautiful symbolism!

I am mildly depressed after reading this. I'm not sure I (really) welcome this extremely-human-Zack. I'm in denial about human nature (or just too optimistic), and I like to fool myself with stories (unrealistic?) than acknowledge the flaws of human nature you have portrayed so elegantly.
vana naine chapter 9 . 6/23/2009


This is...


I mean, I like FF. But I look at it and I think "well, bunch of pretty androgynous men, lots and lots on emotions, weakish plot, sometimes stupid dialog and some outrageously idiotic moments... but it is so PRETTY that I can take the stupidity. I would like to take the pictures and write new dialog to them and it would still not be art, but it would be my secret sin, sweet and unhealthy and childish as chocolate."

And then I find and read this and I'm numb from awe. You take those overcool characters and this weakish plot and you don't make some sweet chocolate-sin out of them, you make pure art. You create prose that makes me jealous, you create feelings and inner conversations that sound like real person's inner speeches and you use this beautiful beautiful form, all those little shots between longer ones and comments to Zack's story from Sephiroth and Aeris and...

This is great, and I don't share this kind of praise easily.

English is not my native language and see how long did I write to thank you?

Only thing that bothers me - how can person, who can write and think like that, be so charmed by rather stupid FF? Charmed enough to write all this? Are pretty androgynous men really that addictive?

But anyway I thank you and I respect you skill and work really and truly. This IS awesome.
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