Reviews for Time: Twisted Present
Cem-chan chapter 3 . 11/15/2007
This is getting good. I love it how the legendaries are arguing. Is Ho-oh gonna be here since well Lugia is the master of the birds and Ho-oh masters the dogs/beasts w/e. Houndour is back. Or will be back? How far did Espeon go into the future. Is Houndour here to give Espeon a message. BTW I think Sassy is a little more sassier this chapter. Umbreon will be thrilled to see here.

Oh and I see you updated the summary again. I think this one's the most mysterious which is good (bet it attracts a lot of readers)(But not enough reviewers which is just plain unjust!)

Oh and I know I'm usually the first to review whatever you post but starting this saturday I wont be able to read anything you post since I'm going on vacation. But next week on Sunday (the 25th) I'll check out everything you post and of course review every chapter of everything as usual.
DW-Chaos WolfEdge chapter 1 . 11/9/2007
Awesome! You've started part two! Oh, and the story title's cool too! I didn't notice it until more than a week after it was published...

Well, to the review part... Espeon is okay! And was Lugia referred to as 'Captain' Lugia? So he is leading an army of Pokemon... against what, my memory fails me. And since Sergeant called Espeon boss, I wonder what rank she has... Hold on... Espeon joined the army!

Normally this is the part where I groan in disappointment once there are no more chapters to read, but you have another one posted! Huzah!
Cem-chan chapter 2 . 11/6/2007
As I was reading this I thought Sassy was Umbreon's sister and I was right. Looks like 6 will become 7 when they are all reunited. No wonder they can't find Espeon though. She's in Kanto and they are most likely still in Orre. Angel is a weird nickname for her. Free World army. I like it :D. Update Team Orre soon. And this of course.

Cem-chan chapter 1 . 11/1/2007
Wow awesome. Whats the time difference between Torn Future and this. It seems Espeon was with Lugia and the rebel army(?) for some time now. When I first began reading I thought Espeon got brainwashed or something but it has a mysterious awesome feel to it.

Oh um in your summary you wrote I quintet. Did you mean to say a quintet? Maybe for one of your chapters you could make a flashback to what happened between the end of torn future and now. Seems Espeon has a high position in Captain Lugia's army. I wonder how the others are doing. BTW I dont remember everything in detail from Torn Future but isnt Houndour still with them? I'll reread that later.

Well I hope you'll update everything soon (maybe one of my ideas help you with Team Orre)(BTW you dont have to credit me if you use any ideas. Knowing I helped the update is good enough for me)
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