Reviews for The Perfect Prank
hpfan2013 chapter 11 . 2/3/2014
This is an absolutely fantastic story! You had me crying by the end of it. :')
n chapter 11 . 1/7/2013
Love this story 3
GothKat2SlashFan chapter 1 . 10/25/2012
You may hate this and it's sequel, but honestly I find nothing wrong with it I love your stories, really. You're such a good writer ;_;
Quill Scribblings chapter 2 . 3/12/2012
Aw, poor Sirius! Oh, when will Remus figure it out? I hope they get together soon _
TechNomaNcer28 chapter 11 . 2/26/2012
WOW!Such intense events!Really!Awesome work with this!
TechNomaNcer28 chapter 5 . 2/26/2012
Oh gosh!
TechNomaNcer28 chapter 2 . 2/26/2012
Oh my!Sirius really cool!lol his fangirls!
TechNomaNcer28 chapter 1 . 2/26/2012
RedStalkingDeath chapter 5 . 12/12/2011
Come on! He really not have to kiss her. Really! Once (when I was like 12, or something) four teenagers (two boys and two older girls) was holding me down, trying to kiss me, and they didn't manage to do it (and I'm not a particularly big girl either). He could easily have gotten away without kissing her, maybe she would have followed him, but he really did not have to kiss her.

Sorry, I just needed to rant about that... I actually like this story pretty much :)
Narcissa Raie chapter 9 . 3/18/2011
Oh my gosh, you scared the hell out me of the at the end of the last chapter. I was like, "No! Lily wouldn't scream! She's fabulous and all kinds of brilliant!" But then she hugged Remus and I am happy again. And rambling. Please excuse my lunacy, I just hold Lilyflower in highest regards.
Inkweaver13 chapter 11 . 2/16/2011
awwwwwwwww htat was one of the cutest ones i have ever read! it made me cry! i was afraid it wasent going to be a happy ending!
megan chapter 11 . 8/17/2009
I quite like it. I almost started to cry during the fighting scene. Ha. I think the ending was kind of... out there and was needed to be built up a bit more. Other than that, I quite liked it.
KaleidoscopeKreation chapter 11 . 6/29/2009
wow that was dramatic!
KaleidoscopeKreation chapter 9 . 6/29/2009
i like the lilly and lupin interaction in this story, it's perfect!
KaleidoscopeKreation chapter 7 . 6/29/2009

sad chapter again.
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