Reviews for Takes a Jhereg
OldStoneface chapter 1 . 10/1/2011
Absolutely marvelous work Becca. At a little over 2000 words, you managed to not only build a complex and interesting story, but you nailed the original author's stylistic quirks that make his books so appealing. In addition, you addressed a question that many of us long-time fans have wondered about (which I won't go into as not to spoil the story).

I especially loved your flashstone comment. Great one!

Your characters are believable, the names are well done, the story was interesting enough to read TWICE in a row. Your grammar and sentence structure were excellent.

You should write more of these. Taltos fans will thank you for it.
Misura chapter 1 . 12/3/2007
I enjoyed this a lot - you write one great Kiera-voice (although it actually took me a couple of paragraphs to catch on to the I-person not being Vlad) and the plot you desvised for this was neat, clever, several other cool things and (somehow) resolvable in less than a book without coming across as any less complicated or inventive than that of, say, Orca. (Okay, maybe it was a little less complicated, but it didn't *feel* that way.) Loved the wit as much as the plot, and adored the little touches Kiera brought to the text. The last line was perfect, too, my enjoyment of it only marred by the knowledge that it was the last line, meaning the end of the story.