Reviews for Tea Time in Sunset Town
Taru Rui chapter 1 . 11/5/2007
Oh yes, Ouendan crack RPs... totally been there. Coincidentally, I RPed all of Yuuhi too at one point. The RP exploded (read: had a giant plothole) and somehow we had an AU Ippongi fighting with the normal Ippongi. Saionji ends up unexpectedly (well, more or less expected by now) soaked 90% of the time. Such fun times. Anyways.

Shinta's so adorable. :3 He seems so huggable. On that note, I think Ippongi needs a hug... or maybe another cookie. It's no fun being picked on by everyone in the room... *gives our dear Yuuhi leader a hug... and a cookie. It's an oreo, yum~*

The bit with Kiryuin saying "I hear the sounds of peace!" made me laugh. That and the thought of Hajime framing a piece of chocolate on his wall was amusing.

All in all, a cute little bundle of crackiness. If that made any sense. XD It's late, I'm tired and I don't know what I'm saying.
Googuru girl chapter 1 . 11/5/2007
I'm looking forward to the rest of the story! I hope you can continue working on it. Chapter 1 is an adorable start to a more relaxed view of the Ouendan (and humorous at that). After all, it makes sense that they would have some time for themselves. The tea time is just too cute~! Poor Ryuuta- he's so loved.

Keep up the awesome Ouendan fics!
Charlett chapter 1 . 11/4/2007
Why do you abuse Ryuuta so? D also why did Hajime get two lines? *shot*

The story was decent for RP insanity, although I personally don't enjoy random humor. "LOLS Let's make American Idol OUENDAN STYLE! It'll be funny because Simon will yell at them! GENIUS!"

At least it was original, you know?

Also I really REALLY wouldn't have thought about it that way but I was just reading about sex offenders for my research project for English class... and oh GOD KAORU. *SOB*

Also Shinta acted too much like a girl D He's a hot blooded cheerer too! He needs to be MANLY.

Although Hayato was great. Hayato should never get enough laughter out of Ryuuta being exploited *NO NO NOT EXPLOITED* picked on. Yeah, picked on.

Extra brownie points for actually keeping the characters' NAMES RIGHT.

Add IttetsuAtsushiKenshinTsuyoshi and Cheer Girls to make my day.

I really should put up my Asahi Town Ouendan story up sometime... D

Anything else? I guess not. This is getting big and rambly.

Much Love:

Lordess Ananda Teenorag chapter 1 . 11/3/2007
Ha ha ha... FANTASTIC ! _

I love it. Your RP fanfic is quite funny. (But you like to make fun of this poor Ryuuta, don't you ? Anyway, I think he IS someone to make fun of. _ Just because of his hairstyle and his hot temper. Mwaha ha... poor Ryuuta...)

Ryuuta : I thought you like me ?

Lord Ma : Be a good boy and have a cookie, Ryuuta.


Lord Ma : Too bad...

My favorite replies :

“I hear the sounds of peace!”

“Young Yuuhi-chibi! Stay and enjoy yourself! Rejoice in the citizen’s peace and happiness over tea!”

The best Ouendan over the world. _ (Though Shinta is the cutest ! “But, Ryuuta-san, wouldn’t we hear them when they call?”)

Well, actually, Kaoru can be intimadating. Even more than Kai, in a way... (and even Kai is making fun of Ryuuta...)

Ah, chocolate éclairs... I'm hungry now...

Heh heh, thank you for posting your RP fic, it was very funny (and, furthermore, there is one of my favorite Ouendan... _)

Lord Ma-koto