Reviews for Tide of Destiny Part One: Choices
Meggily chapter 31 . 3/12/2009
This review is long overdue! Altogether, a lovely chapter. I really loved the connection of the names between Estel and Amal-very nice touch. Great job :-)
Anonymous chapter 34 . 3/12/2009
I simple LOVED this story! on a side note, I clicked on the link for your original story, but then the web browser says "the webpage cannot be found" I just thought I should let you know. Is "Tide of Destiny" complete? because it doesn't say so on the category thing; when I search for it, it still shows up as "in-Progress" I loved the story either way. Thanks!
Medea Smyke chapter 34 . 3/11/2009
I'm shamefully late. :( This chapter takes the cake. There's so much joy despite all the darkness of the early chapters. Well done and thanks!
cutemara chapter 34 . 3/6/2009
Hm, I seem to recall a story about Amrothos and a dog called Drummer...or did I imagine it all up?
black4minister chapter 34 . 3/6/2009
that was the best eomer and lothiriel fic i have ever read, seriously. i've never seen anyone with quite such a talent for weaving a complecated story but still keping the interest going the whole time. i'm on tenter hooks waiting for the next one.

cant wait to find out what alphros did, it should bo good, see you at drummer chap one!
Lady M28 chapter 34 . 3/6/2009
Ahh, so I ‘knew’ that Seron was Gandalf, but it’s always nice to have these things confirmed. I guess we wont’ get to see them going home with him from Gondor, such interesting conversations I’m sure we’ll miss! I loved what you did with Shadowfax. I’ve always assumed that he might go home, Gandalf never says anything, though he’s at the Havens with him. I like the idea that he would go home to the Mark, I’ve always thought he might take Galadriel, Elrond, etc., horses with him, and as you think they’re actually all related it might provided a nice shot in the arm to the lifeblood of the Mark. I have to wonder what you mean by him saying ‘no man shall ever ride him again…’ Is it like with Éowyn, and Shadowfax becomes Lothíriel’s? Or could he mean that one of their sons will try to ride him and have something happen. The former would seem to go against Tolkein’s mythology of the Mearas, but Shadowfax has already bucked that, so….

The whole thing about Erchi was most strange; I’m assuming that we’ll actually find out what that is all about?

I rather loved the Imrahil of this chapter. Not quite ready to give her to someone else, even if he knows it’s best. Really all the details you had through the chapter were wonderful, from the flowers to the jello lion (very cute). The tone was fantastic. Very interesting that, and I just realized this, you had mostly told the story from him POV since they met, but these last couple of chapters really were about her.

Lovely job, all-in-all, this has been a love haul and you haven’t ever scrimped on the quality of the story. I especially loved the final image you left us with.

Very much looking forward to Amroth and his girl, very sneaky of you to not have a sighting of her at the wedding!
Soccer-Bitch chapter 34 . 3/6/2009
amazing job! i look forward to the next installment!

sorry this took me so long to review and to read. real life got in the way, lol
Guest chapter 34 . 3/5/2009
A wonderful story, thank you.
Queen Grapefruit chapter 34 . 3/4/2009
I am excited to hear that we'll get a little of Amroth, he's one of my favorites! I can't wait for the next installment, your writing is so much fun to read!
Elwen of Lorien chapter 34 . 3/4/2009
As always, another wonderful story. I look forward to reading the rest. Something tells me that a woman will ride Shadowfax, since Mithrandir looked at Lothiriel and said no MAN would ever ride him again. Happy wriiting. Elwen.
SilverWinter18 chapter 34 . 3/4/2009
YAY! I'm so happy for them! *Squeal* I loved this chapter!

I totally laughed when the jello lion was placed in front of them. Hehehehe...

Hmm..I'm wondering about what Gandalf said about how no man shall ever ride Shadowfax again. He was looking at Lothiriel when he said it. Is the implication supposed to be similar to how no 'man' could ever defeat the Lord of the Nazgul's? Hmm...I guess I'll just have to wait until part's so far away

I look forward to reading about Amroth in part 2!
blacksleeves chapter 34 . 3/4/2009
Lovely! You're a very gifted storyteller, thanks for a wonderful story, and I'm definitely looking forward to Amrothos' story next. What is up with Echirion's shabby cloak? you have to explain that too.

I figured that gandalf was seron, I was almost hoping the mystery guest would be Merry, since I would think that he would come for such an event, but the hobbits haven't made much of an appearance so far. Maybe they will later? I hoped we would get to have more interaction with Eowyn, but that's ok. I'm glad Amar wasn't troublesome.

Thanks! Keep it coming!
LadyElanor chapter 33 . 3/2/2009
I myself am a person that hates to wait so I don't want to be in Lothiriel's place. Poor girl :(

Great chapter-you can feel it in the air that the best is yet to come :) Hm, I wonder what you have in mind for Amrothos :) Hope you'll update soon
SilverWinter18 chapter 33 . 2/28/2009
Ugh...I wanted to review when you first updated this chapter, but I only had time to read before I had to go to work. Then wouldnt let me review because it was having technical difficulties or something. Anyway, heres my review:

Ha! I totally thought that Lothiriel was going to blame Amroth for the way Eomer lost, but I guess it would be surprising if she did so since their sibling bond is so strong. I wonder if Amroth was counting on Lothiriel to defend him against Eomer? Hes a big boy now so he shouldnt be relying on her for Hmm...I would really like to see a wet Eomer...hehehe

Id be so embarrassed if I was in Lothiriels position when Eomer suddenly stood up during the feast and led her away to be thoroughly snogged. But what a kiss he gave her!

Hmm..Eomer seems to keep his word, so Ill believe him when he says that he isnt going to go visit anothers bed during the “long winter nights”.

I wonder how well the two of them are going to get through the winter until they are married?

Loved the chapter! :D
Lady M28 chapter 33 . 2/20/2009
Oh, just a chapter to go! Then Amroth gets to take center stage. ‘Lady’ sounds like a very pretty horse. I loved his realizations, or surmising that perhaps things are different between his sister & Éomer. That he perhaps really doesn’t understand this side of things. I thought it was a great segway to him finding out just what the differences he is wondering about are. I did find his accidentally bringing up Erchi’s chamber maids amusing. I get the impression that Erchi might never marry, that he’s not the type that really cares about that type of love & companionship, that physical release might be all he might ever really desire.

I so liked the distraction/time lapse device you used. I’m talking about the beginning of the chapter. Her musings, desires & fears were wonderful. I don’t have a lot insightful to say about all of this, but I did thoroughly enjoy all of it. I really liked all the arrangements you’ve made for her.

You said that for her the trip to the Hornberg stood out, well I loved all your descriptions of all of it, or her impressions. You really created a word picture that I could really paint in my mind. Also the herds. I’ve always imagined them as being so impressive. I’ve seen wild horses once out in the western part of the States, and that’s something of what I always imagine. It really is a very impressive site. Unlike any other animal herds, except perhaps bison, or larger game like elk or moose.

The smoldering to explosive embrace was lovely. Wakening the lion, lol. But the pacing of it was great, it blew up, then simmered then hit a rolling boil as you left them. Nicely done. I think it very useful to emphasize the mourning involved in the goodbye, since they won’t be together again for months. That theme worked nicely.

I’m very glad you brought back up the big exploration trip; it reminded me of something I wanted to bring up. This is one of the most interesting things you’ve included in this story, to me. It’s obviously a set up for something in part 3, but it’s most curious. The area seems to be the area north of Dunland, which will likely cause renewed tension with the Dunlendings, thinking they will be further encroached by the Rohirrim, if they are the ones that settle that area. If it becomes something settled by Gondorians, perhaps darker haired people might not engender quite as much distrust. If it were both Rohirrim & Gondorians it might cause an even more interesting reaction. No matter which way you go I look forward to finding out what you’re going to do with this tidbit.

There’s one small suggestion I would give, when you mention Winfrith’s stoicism, I would have mentioned, ‘thinking her husband and son were both dead…having to watch them both ride with their king to what seemed like certain death.’ I had gotten the impression that Wilheard was with Erkenbrand, and assume they both went to Gondor. That paragraph was one of my favorites of the chapter, it just touched something in me. Much like the mention of Deor & his mother on his coming home.

I’m sending you a pm with a question/hypothesis. Have a lovely vacation.
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