Reviews for Not Falling Apart
CCLP4lyphe chapter 37 . 9/10
Okay- lol I swear the ending when Lucas says "marry me" it kinda reminds me of Twilight omg, I'm sorry lol. But I loved how he just looked at her with their son and ask her to be his wife. I hopes she says yes. Even thou I'm still and not a Brake fan - I guess they'd be cute together *shrugs*. I'm so happy for Nathan that he got accepted to college on a full scholarship nonetheless- I only hope they stay together too. I like that they all are happy and moving forward with their lives. I can't wait to read the sequel- I want see where you take them in four years. It should be good. Lovely story.
CCLP4lyphe chapter 36 . 9/10
This was nice. I'm glad all the groups can still come together and discuss life matters. It great that they all are still close friends. I hope it stays that way as everyone ventured into their new found careers. Let's see if that happens.
CCLP4lyphe chapter 35 . 9/10
I'm happy Naley had a successful delivery. I'm glad baby James is healthy and doing well. I can fathom how awkward it must have felt for Jake to see Leyton all lovey dovey lol. But he'll get over it - hell he got Brooke, which is funny since they both are Leyton leftovers hahahaha. I love the Leyton smut scene it's about time I see some Leyton loving. Awesome chapter...
CCLP4lyphe chapter 34 . 9/10
Well well well- shocker it's Jake. I knew it. It's a odd pairing but okay. I'm glad they all went to prom together but it was short lived due to Hales lil one ready to pop out lol. I think regardless thou it's a moment to remember. Uhm, did Brake just almost had a moment of their lol. I thought it was cute thou. Nice update...
CCLP4lyphe chapter 33 . 9/10
Nice chapter. Loved the Leyton moments of courses- they the best. Oh and that locker scenes was cute. I loved the Naley moments too, lol I thought Haley would go into labor at the championship game hahahaha. I wonder Brooke's mystery guy is gonna appear?. I love the Game scene it was cute- Skillz and Bevin love them. Looking forward to reading Leyton- I can't wait til they bow chicka wow wow lol.
CCLP4lyphe chapter 32 . 9/10
Loved the Leyton moments in this chapter. I enjoyed that lunch scene, P. Sawyer easy there momma bear lol- Peyton is a bad ass. I loved the Naley moments too- when is Hales gonna pop out that lil one. I know they all wish they could normal teenagers stuff but life has other plan for the foursome lol. I'm glad both Scott boys decided to 86 the party and stay in with their girls. I can't wait to find out who's the mystery guy Brooke been talking to lately- so I'm thinking it might be Jake idk. I hope it's Chase or someone else thou js. Nice update...
CCLP4lyphe chapter 31 . 9/10
I loved the Leyton fluff. I mean Lucas and Peyton with their soon is so freaking adorable. They are a gorgeous family. I'm so happy that they are finally giving themselves another chance at love and happiness. I hope it's smooth sailing from this point on. I feel for Brooke- all her friends are having babies and are in love and she just the loner amongst them. I hope she finds her true love soon. Beautiful chapter.. more please...
CCLP4lyphe chapter 30 . 9/9
First, loved the Pathan conversation- that's was good and the Laley's conversation was great too. It's just so weird that Peyton and Nathan are bestie and Lucas and Haley are bestie. I mean it will forever be a on going cycle with the four young adults. I'm glad Leyton is back together yeah!:). Hopefully nothing comes between them again. Because man, being on this Leyton roller coaster is tiring lol. Awww poor Nate- just hang in there buddy, Haley will soon pop out her lil one. Great update.. Looking forward to reading more Leyton.
CCLP4lyphe chapter 29 . 9/9
I loved Brooke in this chapter. She so clever lol. I love that Lucas is living with Peyton and their baby- that's so nice, because now he can help Peyton with Keith. I wish Leyton would stop being so damn stubborn and just get back together. Glad Larry came back and to spend time with his grandson. I know Peyton is happy that she's able to spend time with her dad. Lucas that last line was epic lol. Loved it. I need to see more Leyton;).
CCLP4lyphe chapter 28 . 9/9
Awwww omg- I'm so happy for Leyton. Uh, thank goodness Thayer have a bouncing baby and a health at that. I cried it was so beautiful. Omg- I love a pregnant Peyton she is too funny. I almost sure Luke hand is broken the way Peyton was squeezing it lol. It was such a sweet moment when Luke was talking to his adorable son;). Loved it. Amazing chapter.
CCLP4lyphe chapter 27 . 9/9
Awww I hope Peyton and the baby is alright. I love that Lucas immediately packed up and left Charlotte to go be by the mother of his child side. That was so sweet of him. I'm glad everyone was with her at the hospital. I think Nate is gonna thinks it's all his fault why she's in there. I can't wait to find out how if Peyton and the baby will be okay. I hope all goes well.
CCLP4lyphe chapter 26 . 9/9
Omg. Peyton and the baby have to be okay. I'm kinda like thou how she forgave Lucas and not Nathan idk I guess because she's close to him and also he's gonna be a father idk. It's just weird to me lol. The Pathan fight I'm like in awe. I just want all to be well and everyone makes up and stop being mad at each other lol. I hope that when Lucas comes back he will tell Peyton all that's been going on with him. Nice UD.
CCLP4lyphe chapter 25 . 9/9
Well that was a lovely chapter. I like the Leyton progress. I can't believe P. Sawyer is mad at Nate for going in the water after Rachel and hot uncle Cooper. I mean if anything he's brave for doing so and she should be proud but I get it. She's scared of loosing the people she loves. I can't wait until Lucas and Peyton get back together. Nice update..
CCLP4lyphe chapter 24 . 9/9
Well, the wedding was good. I like hot uncle Cooper lol. I hope Leyton get back soon. I hope he figures out what he needed to solve this mystery of who killed Keith Scott. I want Lucas and Peyton to be a couple again so please hurry up and make that happen lol. Looking forward to reading more...
CCLP4lyphe chapter 23 . 9/9
Oh Brooke - aren't you like the best student body president ever lol. I think Lucas better be extremely careful because if his ass get caught he's dead. I like that both Lucas and Peyton are doing good I mean despite the mini break up. I think maybe this was good for them both to take a breather from each for a while. Maybe after all this lil pause is over, they can get back together and enjoy being a couple again. I can't wait to hear the maid of honor and best man speeches. Oh wouldn't it be funny if Jake pops up now that Leyton aren't together lol. Jealous Lucas would be in full force hahahaha. That would be so good.
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