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Bugs bunny chapter 41 . 5/6/2003
hullo, luv! good fic. just what am lookin' for
The Wallflower chapter 1 . 4/23/2003
I recently surveyed all the favorite stories of all the Final Fantasy 8 authors and all the Final Fantasy stories (all 7,0) of them and this story ranked the number one favorite of all the stories in this category with 80 votes. Good job and congratulations.
Akira Makie chapter 41 . 4/19/2003
...well...i could sit here and tell you how great this story was...but then i would just be repeating alot of what you already know. I...ah what the hell...CRIMSON LIES IS ONE OF THE SINGLE MOST GREATEST FANFICS IVE EVER READ! PERIOD!

now that thats done :) i jsut want to know how u do it. I had been reading Somewhere in Between and had been waiting around for updates on that until i decided to go and read some of your fics and here i am, 3days later, tired but throughly satified. The emotions ran high while i was reading. There were moments when i was sad that things had gone the way they had for them. then there was times that i was happy that things may work out after all.. then there were times when i thought i might have cried(only thought, never would i cry *blinks*), especially when Caraway was executed, and when Alex dreams showed her her mothers fate when she gave birth to her...damn that president Mitchell...who by the way was the single greatest madman ever. lol a shrine to rinoa...thats gone WAY beyond crazy (lol no disrespect to those who ACUALLY HAVE rinoa shrines). He was a mad man with no remorse and though he was the bad guy...he was one of my favorite charecters.

though u made ure ending somewhat of a happy one...i think i would have liked a sad one, which is where i thought i was heading when Mitchell used the gunblade on rin. I mean, wouldnt it have been ironic that all that stuff they went though was jsut so that the outcome could be that Rin still dies and that it was truely her destiny from the begining. wEll..the ending was as it was and was great non the less. I understand what you meant when u said in your AN's that The begining of the story almost Mimics the end. To me, thats like saying the past cant be changed, but everyone can be given a second chance...well im just rambling on about nothing lol.

great fic, hope you and wayward update ure fic soon.

Digger McFoogle chapter 41 . 4/16/2003
"We all share a common bond here; we all love Final Fantasy VI. No matter which couple you prefer, or what type of story you like…we are a circle who can relate to one another about a game – that most people in our everyday life cannot. Maybe my husband will never understand me on this instance or read a single word I write, but that’s okay…because it doesn’t matter. In the end, I wrote it because I wanted to…"

Oh ma GAWD! ok I was crying at the story so I was a bit emotional, but that made me feel so fuzzy! Kristine, you were the reason I started writing FF fiction, and I thank you for this truly amazing tale. It is impossible not to be touched. Thank you, Thank you.

I'm going to try and capture some of your genious in Legacy... I wanted to ask- is it ok if I use Maude Mccay in that story? I want to link her to Squall Quistis and Relm (it makes sense. Trust me)

please tell me if thats ok


rubyxangel chapter 41 . 4/10/2003
You have spent alot of time on this story, but I think it was all worth while,certainly the best story you have ever written.
Tiriya chapter 41 . 3/29/2003
Wow! Oh man, that took a while. I started reading this about a week ago, but stopped after the first few chapters - little thing called life got in the way, and as much as I wanted to just sit down and read the lot of this in one go, I couldn't. But I did today. When I finished the last paragraph of the last chapter, I must have sat there for a good five minutes, just staring blankly at the screen, in complete awe of your brilliance. Then I came to a conclusion.

This was probably the best damn fanfic I've ever read.

Now, I know you get this a lot, but this was simply brilliant! I mean, never in a million years could I come up with something like this - it's wonderful. There's not many fanfics that can make me cry. This one did. And the plot - wow. Just... wow. Certain bits and pieces of information that seemed irrelevant at the time suddenly cropped up again and became important parts of the plot, and as things drew to an end, everything just fit together so perfectly that I was left thinking, "Oh my god. Why the hell didn't I see that coming?" And the way you developed the characters as the story unfolded was amazing, too. They were like real people, so much so that I felt like I knew them. Is that weird? I mean, they are only characters in a game... but that just goes to show your talent, I guess. You took a bunch of polygon shapes on a tv screen and turned them into characters who somehow seemed more real than anybody I know - they weren't perfect and I liked that. They were harsh. They were brutal in the face of dangerre were no pretences (unless you count that brief stint involving Nicholas Jackson... _). They had their weaknesses and they had their strengths, just like any other human being. I could relate to them, and although I didn't care much for either Quistis or Seifer in the beginning, before long I found myself rooting for them to hurry up and get together. Also, I could totally see a part of myself in Squall when he was faced with Allison for the first time - I'm not very good with children, but I'm left looking after them a lot of the time anyway... and what am I going on about now? Sorry, I'm a big one for going off the subject and rambling on and on about things that have absolutely no significance whatsoever. But you'll have to forgive me - it's late, I'm tired, my ass is numb from sitting on a hard chair for hours on end while I sat here, determined to finish this, and I'm pretty sure that my eyes have long since gone square from staring at the computer screen all day. Let me just check...

Yep, square. What'd I tell ya? _

Okay, being serious now. O_O Totally straight-faced. No matter how hard I try, I'm never going to get across to you how much I loved this story. So let me just finish off this long, gushing review with two simple words:


~ Hazel
xRachelx chapter 41 . 3/22/2003
I don't know how ya do it but I always cry after I read anything you write! My sister compared me to Squall's twin sister today but I think I stole all his emotion! It wasn't being left alone it was me theifing it all! Mwhahahahahaha! Yes now that proves to the world that I am mad... as if the cowboy hand (don't ask) and me arguing with myself outloud wasn't enough! I just wanna say again that I love this story and you are so brillant! I havent played FF8 for about two years and yet its been on my mind everyday! Talk about obbsession! Anyway nice author notes!

Love Rachel!
Shenny G. Potter chapter 41 . 3/21/2003
Whoa! Really Cool! Please, I think you should write a sequel, maybe sumthin about Ally grown up, Quistis and Seifer ,and Irvine and Selphie having some kids or sumthin like that.

You're really a good author. You know if it wasn't so hard to explain the sorcerss and magic parts, I would've recomended you to make this a book!

Man, how old are you? you act around my age(15-17)

and you have kids? Man, if you didn't put it up that you had children I would've thought you were really around my age.

Oh well, I wish you all the best.

Nell-chan1 chapter 41 . 3/21/2003
I just finished reading Crimson Lies for the second time, and I wanted to tell you that it amazed me even more the second time around. I've also read Castles In The Sky, which was a beautiful story. You have a true gift with words. I find it rather funny that this 40 chapter epic was inspired by a simple song, but I am grateful to that song. This story ranks in my tope ten favorite stories of all genres and all time. The ending made me cry both times I read it, and it will probably make me cry the third time. You made every character so realistic, so perfectly human. I can not find the words to say how amazing your gift is, and I only hope that you continue with Somewhere In Between and your newest story (so sorry! I can't remember the title!).
Midnight Rain chapter 40 . 3/21/2003
Wow, that had to be the BEST Final Fantasy story ever! I loved it. It was wonderful! Wonderfully written. Just amazing. You had so many parts taht I would just stare at the screen in amazement, in awe! I can't describe how truly magnificent it was...

I feel like I am rambling... but I am just in shock. Wonderful! A masterpiece! Keeps you on the edge of your seat! TWO THUMBS UP!


~ Midnight Rain
Cra5hovride chapter 41 . 3/21/2003
This is a nice round up to a fantastic story. I prefered authors notes to be left at the end of the story and at the very least at the end of a chapter which is great. Your stories have been one of the reasons why ive stuck with I do personally wish you luck with any future projects that you may have sis. I am SURE that you will defintly succeed, and will suprise yourself of your true capabilities. And time and time again i have said and I believe others have as well, please please please remember who you wrote this story for, it does not matter if others dislike your story, whether it is out of jealousy, or plain stupidity remember all those reviews couldnt have been wrong, and the people whom you care about give you the honest reviews possible.
Discordia the Goddess of Irony chapter 41 . 3/21/2003
Call me crazy, (You're crazy.) Silence you. Anyway, call me crazy, but I just sat up for hours, abandoning my much needed rest to finish this. (It's about four am now.) Very well done I must admit. I can only hope that my endeavors have as much soul and purpose in them. I love the parallel structure you use. I think your characterization was excellent and the ending very intriguing and well written. The only major problem (and I say this to MANY people) was your grammar. As I've probably noted in a previous review somewhere around here, you have problems with punctuating possessives. Additionally, there are several errors concerning spelling and homophones. Don't worry too much about my complaints, though; I'm a real stickler for grammar, thanks in large part to my schooling. Anyway, nice work and glad I read this.
MizukoMidori chapter 41 . 3/20/2003
Can I remind you that I love you? That's not wrong is it? 'Cause I do. -Grin- You are simply a goddess. Ack! I sound obssessive. I just love this so much. -Snuggles the fic- Okay I'll stop now. This kinda stuff must get annoying after awhile though. Luvas ya

-Rachel (again)
Rachel chapter 41 . 3/19/2003
-Squeal- I think I'm in love with you! Seriously. This is the the absolute best thing I have ever read. You probably hear that a lot, but it's true. I adore this story to no end. I've cried more times during this story than a lot of things. Trust me that's a good thing. I have to say my favorite character had to be Alex. I loved her. I hope you don't mind but me and my friends kinda borrowed her for some of our roleplays. We roleplay ff8 all the time. But serioulsly, I love this fic and I love you! You write really beautifully. I only wish I could write this well. Of course I am only a freshmen in highschool. -.- I've read a couple of your other stuff too.

Oh and on your final note, those last two paragraphs, are so true. And I love you even more for it. It was relly touching and sweet and once again made me cry. I hope you keep writing 'cause you are wonderful at it. I hope to get to the rest of your work too. Crimson Lies will always have a special place in my heart. Hell you even made me feel sorry for Caraway and cry for him even though I hate him. -Laughs ironically- I'll stop rambling now. Thanks for the wonderful work of pure brilliance.

Vick330 chapter 41 . 3/17/2003
Hi Kris, just around to tell you once again how I loved the way you made the characters so realistic, and yes, also so human in their emotions and actions. Castles In The Sky became my favorite fic when I first read it, and it'll always hold a special place in my heart, but Crimson Lies is nearly an equal in that regard. I remember how I eagerly awaited updates, and the pleasure of you asking me to beta-read some of the chapters, making this story a journey into the world you created. Some tales one never forgets, and this one sure fits that category.

May your muse always be by your side,

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