Reviews for Heroes Rising
Patches0456 chapter 2 . 7/30/2009
Ah, this makes sense now. When I read the prequel series, I thought it ended in a cliff hanger. But now I see your continuing the series. Good beginning. By the way, I loved your story, so I look forward to future chapters.
noc chapter 2 . 11/17/2007
Okay so no one wants to review this story...So i will!

I honestly think this story is going no where but i thought i'd post it just in case any one wants to read it.

I'm actaully hooked on my other fic "Moving on" right now i so i don't think i'll be upating this one anytime soon. If you think you have any good ideas to get this lame ass story going again send me a PM.

Although, I think i've "grown" out of this fic, after re reading it and seeing how young the ideas and writing style is. I find myself held by obligation to finish it no matter how much it sucks. So if you want me to continue then review with fresh ideas!

Tal has come back to life! He's still marrying Milla! The world is still at stake by an older and sinister evil than Sharrakor! I've got croocked Crones and captured allies and i 've thrown in a hint of mythology! So please if you can help me get this story up and running again then don't be afraid to review!