Reviews for She Who the Prophecy Foretold
SilverWolf1978 chapter 1 . 4/16
Love the story! I wish it was updated recently but oh well its still amazing!
amari chapter 79 . 3/22
absolutely love this story as all you're others thanks.
missy.carter.77 chapter 79 . 3/22
LOL! Feisty Miko, anyway loved this storie and wish it could have continued, but I have noticed it's been more than six years since you last updated it so I'm assuming that you've given up on it that's unfortunate because it was really good story. Or maybe it's under a different name or something I don't know I just recently started to read your work and to be honest it is the most impressive writing of it I've ever seen, i'm currently in the process of reading your other stories and yet to be disappointed, thank you, so much for letting me read this story I do hope you continue it one day, thank you so much. _
Snowbird chapter 79 . 3/20
Just learned about that anal minded reviewer. You are a fantastic and talented writer. Don't let some one like that interfere with your imagination. Your true fans understand about life and family coming first. So hang in there!
KagoMaru4thewin chapter 79 . 3/13
Okay, I just finished reading this... I noticed that the last update was in 2008. Please tell me there will be more, or you put more into a sequel... Please... I NEED more! It's be come my obsession!
Wendy AA chapter 79 . 3/2
Please Please Please Update! I' begging!
GoldenGryphon chapter 79 . 3/1
I've really loved this story and where you've taken the characters. I fully understand the problems with writers of fanfic getting burn-out. DA (Darling Adorable, my husband) writes fanfic for a "pokegirl" website and has for years. Over time he was made a moderator, then became one of the few people responsible for controlling the expansion of the genre (sub-genre? Who knows...?). With all the demands he was getting from people to write a story based on their ideas (he would tell them that they could write it themselves or pay him - he wrote for pleasure and "contract-writing" like they wanted was done for pay), all the demands that he write faster, more, or different stories - he just recently finished what he considers his last chapter-based story for them and is putting some serious thought into dropping the rest of the responsibilities. Once it's no fun, it's not a hobby. Once it's not a hobby, you should either get paid for it or quit.

While I have loved reading this story, I can see that you dropped the story line quite some time ago and have moved on. While I would love to encourage you to continue... 79 chapters is quite a few. You wrote more than a good sized-book. You have more than earned any break, departure or absence that you choose to take.

You are a good writer. You have great pacing, a good handle on your characters and you know how to use the English language well - I would encourage you to participate in NaNoWriMo, but that's because that's where/when I do my best writing. I can also do the math and figure that your daughter is keeping you busy with school and after school projects. Home schooling is difficult in the best of times and the government has done its level best to make it harder over the past few years.
Good luck with your writing and anything else you choose to do. I can only hope, as I go through your backlog of stories, that you have remained active in this community, since I think you would be a fun person to know. But that would be your choice as to whether or not to contact me.
( or )
Thank you for all of your time and efforts in bringing such a fabulous story to life.
GoldenGryphon chapter 42 . 2/28
How good that someone in this genre has been paying attention to non-human biologies. It's a relief to me that you are able to write so well about a subject that, while it might make some people feel ooky, is perfectly natural. Anyone who has any experience with canines of any sort knows of their interest in blood, bodily fluids (to the point of embarrassment at times) and their complete disregard for certain human preoccupations.
Thank you for having the courage to do two things - point out that orgasm is a *very* good pain killer for women with bad cramps from their period - and two, deal with an inu's natural desire to ...well... have natural desires.
Thank you.
GoldenGryphon chapter 15 . 2/27
Perfect name for a perfect present. I don't usually approve of giving animals as gifts, but I think intelligent demonic ones will know enough to leave if their owners/partners are wastes of air.

It's nice to see Sesshoumaru being a bit shy and uncertain about his status with Kagome. I look forward to watching their relationship develop.
GoldenGryphon chapter 9 . 2/27
Wow. Again, Wow. The previous chapters had some interesting concepts and well thought-out story/plot points, but this chapter blows them all away.
Great job.
I can't wait to read more... luckily for me, I don;t have to wait at this point.
Thanks for writing this story!
SuMoMo chapter 79 . 2/13
I really Love this story. I totally want to know how it will continue and end. PLEASE UPDATE!
skyslash7388 chapter 79 . 2/11
Love this story, I can remember reading it when you were first writing it. Please update!
Swiftkittykat chapter 79 . 1/31
Just read this entire story this week, I adore it! I was hoping that it continued in another story or something.. I know you have stepped away from this story as the last update was years ago, but I thank you for what you did post and I hope some day you pick it up again!
waterflame4991 chapter 1 . 1/30
This is so exciting! This story is one of the best ones with this pairing, and I truly appreciate you not only continuing it, but going back and editing all of your chapters! In my opinion they were already perfect, but you wanting to go back to make them even better just shows what an amazing writer you are! Thank you so much for providing me with a reprieve when I just need to get away from everything. I hope you know that your writing is a safe haven for many!
Psyka chapter 79 . 1/25
Bloody hell go Kagura awesome chapter so bloody loved it please oh please please please update again soon
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