Reviews for The Guardian
Guest chapter 17 . 10/8/2014
Very well crafted. An amazing story.
Hazmatt chapter 17 . 6/18/2014
Amazing story! I really enjoyed it!
becgate chapter 17 . 6/17/2014
Amazing story! ! Just perfect in every way! ! Loved every thing about this story! !
becgate chapter 7 . 6/17/2014
Awesome story! ! Love it! ! Great writing! !
Guest chapter 17 . 5/14/2014
amazing story
riverlover chapter 17 . 9/13/2013
This was an amazingly well written story. You really know how to write to capture the emotions of the reader. At times I felt I was there with them. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.
U chapter 17 . 3/3/2013
This was an amazing story. I'm really grateful you shared it with us.
fanka77 chapter 17 . 2/28/2012
Beautiful, touching, FANTASTIC story!

Mary Kleinsmith chapter 1 . 8/14/2011
This was a really great story, and I was sad to see it end. Did you ever write The Guardian's Wife? Or any kind of sequel? I'd love to see more.
Jack M. Kaiser chapter 17 . 5/5/2011
I loved this story! You are truly one of the best. Keep up the good work and I'm anxiously awaiting your next great story.
Blueowl chapter 17 . 4/27/2011
Brilliant and amazing. This is one of the best Jack-centered fics I have ever read. Thanks so much for sharing :)
DammitJim chapter 17 . 5/4/2010
really touching
Cort 85 chapter 17 . 2/26/2010
What a truly amazing story, I'm so glad that I finally came across it. And just when I didn't think that this story could get any better you toss in that last part - Loved it!
Cort 85 chapter 1 . 2/26/2010
What an absolutely wonderful start for this story, I can't wait to finish reading it - hopefully I can stay awake long enough to read it in one sitting :)
LadyMo chapter 17 . 4/15/2009
This was an absolute wonderful story. I loved it from the beginning to the end. My emotions was on a roller coaster with this story and that's a good thing. I don't know how you came up with this but I'm glad you did. A very wonderful story.

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