Reviews for A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy
ahh.idk.idc chapter 25 . 10/9
great it was!
Guest chapter 11 . 10/1
Nope. Sorry. But no. This story made no sense at all. Dont get me wrong the writting skills are there and the inner voices are a great asset and very well use but the plot is lacking.

Here are some of my problems.
1. The speed of the beginning. We all know that H woul never accepted that proposal unless she actually feel emphaty for both of them and that development of characters didnt happen.
2. D lawyer should have know about the fake marriage in order to made all the proper documentation not only regarding the contract that they hastily wrote (wich could have been replace by a unbreakeble vow) but in order to made all Malfoys assets protected of the future divorce.
3. The Malfoys are not that easy going not even after all that hapenned
4. H would have never go back to the mansion that easy and would have been smart enougth to makr things clear before the wedding... things like the rules of how are they gonna live and raise the kid. I mean she went for not knowing them to make home cooking meals and laundry in 3 weeks?
5. This is totally out of character... H would have never accepted an spanking for a child even without her studies less alone after having a degree on child development

I was reading the text triying to overlook all of this but this chapter was enough. Sadly this is one of those texts where you can clearly see the authors point of view in each line. A view of marital life where women belong to the kitchen and even if they work they still do all the housekeeping. A very clear disdain for the GLBT comunity. A very violent view of child discipline. And some unnecesary cliches about women, sex, periods and weakness.
KittAnn chapter 20 . 9/27
Your twist was just wonderful.
KittAnn chapter 11 . 9/27
KittAnn chapter 8 . 9/27
The hemorrhoid cream was incredibly funny!
KittAnn chapter 5 . 9/27
I AM IN LOVE! gosh! the part where Draco says that he needs to stop giving Lucius Vodka as a gift was EPIC!
KittAnn chapter 4 . 9/27
KittAnn chapter 3 . 9/27
It is so funny how Draco made internal comments while talking to Zane.
Malfoy-Whitlock chapter 25 . 9/22
Odd ending…
Malfoy-Whitlock chapter 6 . 9/20
I adore the way you have spelled Zane’s words the way he says them, e.g. “growmupit really helps bring his presence forward!
hpfreak24 chapter 25 . 9/9
Ok I finished reading this. I loved it! Thank you for this story
hpfreak24 chapter 14 . 9/8
I was enjoying this story very much until this chapter. I wish their first time together wouldn’t have been after Hermione was attacked. It’s kind of messed up. Any girl would have been terrified after that experience! Draco didn’t even ask if she was ok
hpfreak24 chapter 12 . 9/8
Hahaha i loved the part with the ouchi in Draco’s pants…. That was hilarious!
Seniia7 chapter 25 . 8/17
Thank you for writing!
Seniia7 chapter 24 . 8/17
now it's a baby!
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