Reviews for A Tithe To Hell
Scripta Lexicona chapter 1 . 5/23/2008
inashosetai chapter 1 . 5/23/2008
Ahahah! I liked the story. SO long...! I fell asleep reading it that one night, and here I am now, reviewing! XD

Well, I think you're an awesome writer. I would've finished this story a couple nights ago had it not been for exhaustion, I hope I could read future stories from you.

BlingBling021 chapter 1 . 5/17/2008
This was incredible. It's depth and style kept me entranced; this is how I will imagine Death Note really ended from now on. :)
TwistedLilBarbie chapter 1 . 5/15/2008
So incredibly hot
Myu-dono chapter 1 . 5/13/2008
Wow. Simply wow.

This absolutely incredible story has left me breathless, to say the least. Good lord, I can't even manage a coherent thought at the moment.

Thank you so much. For this amazing, utterly stunning episode of Light and L together. It made me fall in love with their intricate and unique personalities all over again.
Resquience chapter 1 . 4/21/2008
Perhaps the most detailed fic so far. :)
SweetG chapter 1 . 4/20/2008
I love this fic so freaking much.

It's one of my favourites.

I wish I could write as good as you. You've portrayed every emotion, every sensation.

It's just... Awesome.
PervyLlamaSama chapter 1 . 4/13/2008
I think this is probably the best fanfic I've ever read. I'm sort of blown away by it, probably why I can't think of anything coherent/useful to say. It was just...absolutely brilliant, moving, emotional...yeah, definitely going on my favorites list. Loved it!
Love x Wasabi chapter 1 . 4/4/2008

It is definitely going on my favorites list. One of the best fanfics, no works of literature, I have ever read. It was so emotional, and sensual, and most of all, hopeful.

For a while, I couldn't see how this could have ended happily, and I am so glad it did, because the way the original plot of Death Note progressed seriously broke my heart.

It's sweet that even though so many things stand in Light and L's way, in the end, they were able to just say Ah Screw It, and find a way to love each other anyways.

And if it's possible, this fanfic made me love L even more! I thought it was hilarious that you kept comparing him to primitive animals and marshmallows. Puwahaha. And I think one of my favorite parts is when Light is making eggs and L is staring at them incredulously, like the proteins are going to invade his digestive system. Eheehee!

I think I am going to check this out on livejournal next. I got an account a couple of months ago and am loving it so far.
as the stars watch me descend chapter 1 . 3/28/2008
I... am too stunned to leave a coherent review. So I'm just going to say... fuck... that was amazing.

And goodness, I think I'm going to actually print this out and just put it up in my bookshelf, because it was... there are no words to describe how perfect it was. This is by far the best fanfic I have ever read.

I'm basically stunned right now. This would have been the perfect ending to Death Note, and I honestly, honestly wish that it had actually happened.

Such a beautiful, beautiful story. I have never been so moved by a work of literature (either an original story or a fanfic) in my life. Absolutely brilliant.

dragonspell26 chapter 1 . 3/16/2008
Even though I've already spoken my thoughts on Livejournal-as incoherent as this lovely fic makes them-I'm leaving a review here, too. Why? Because even though it is one of the cream of the crop, it has too few reviews on this site (not the case on others, I know) and this is a crime against humanity. I'm certain. :)
Nina chapter 1 . 2/18/2008
I can never express my emotions well, so I'll make this short and painless.

It's brilliant, beautiful, heart wrenching, and everything a reader would want it to be. I cried a couple of times. Literally felt my heart wrench every other sentence. It's one of the best fanfiction stories I have ever read. You are, as you must know, amazing.

Now take everything I just said, magnify its meaning by a hundred, and you'll border on just how blown away I am.
quotidienne chapter 1 . 2/17/2008

so. there's a part of me that seriously wants to leave you a coherent review detailing exactly what i loved about this fic and why, as i slowly scrolled down, i wished that it would never end and i wanted it to end to see what would happen but it could end, but but...

but the other part of me is kind of just lapsing into mindless squee for how absolutely brilliant this is. just sheer fantastic made of all kinds of awesome and god i can't believe it, that ambitious, amazing, i tell you, what with the chains and light going insane and l and light and ryuuzaki and kira and the dynamics between them and light's slow realization and l's submission i...i can't even begin anywhere. the language is gorgeous and flows with the piece, perfectly, form reflecting content denigrating into long strings of mush because light is panicking, light is falling apart and l knows. l knows and light is falling apart and l is explaining mercy and light doesn't understand how he could be kira only he is, he's killed so many people and he never stops wanting to mete out justice, not even at the end, you never compromise his character, only now you've given light what he never wanted and never had-a glance at happiness. and now that he's had it, tasted it, he wants it. and l will give it to him. at a price.

the best part is your reason for WHY l(you made the distinction between him and "ryuuzaki" so clear, it was amazing) wanted light to be kira. because there can't be two people as brilliant and amazing as light, could there be? and l was in love with kira for that, but ryuuzaki was f*cking light and loved it and so the part of him that as l wanted to fall, and fall hard.

jeez. i could go on forever. this, seriously, is one the most fantastic death note fics. your characters remain in charatcer even as they change, the dynamics of the story are rife with tensions and connotations and the prose is solid and follows the story. i'm so impressed.

blkwingangel chapter 1 . 2/7/2008
this was brilliant. so freaking brilliant. this is the ending that would have happened if they got together, and decided to stay together.

and your thoughts of justice, mercy and forgiveness, made me want to cry so bad. because i think the manga was trying to say this, but for some reason couldn't get the right words across. but you had stated it so plainly and easily.

goodness, and the ending was perfect. the way L "submitted" was just... perfection. that was what light needed to make him realize, why L did all this, just for him.

and i don't know what else to say but that this was just fantastic!
Vine Verrine chapter 1 . 2/4/2008
A manifestation of REAL love...Your Fic!

So simple and cute, yet so profound, the way they interact, all the dialogue, the emotion, tha hardcore sex, the crazy and passionate feeling emanating from every pore of their skin, it's utterly beautiful, breathtaking.

The devotion, the hatred, the lust, the sin.

Everything thay share together, their thoughts, their bonds. How they kept falling and falling for each other, and they could not control it.

It's just fucking amazing.

And in the end, I just stared like one hour, and my mother wondering why I was like this, a ragdoll like myself being speechless because of the pure art that is you story.

So raw and deep, and simple and everything, yet so cute.

It's like a contradiction in itself you know.

It's difficult to explain, yet so easy to understand!

So yeah, I love this story, Im glad I found this piece of art, it was completely wotrh all the time I spend in reading this. And I would do it again!


P.S Sorry for my awful english.
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