Reviews for Lord of Blood
potatos-ate-my-soul chapter 9 . 12/20/2007
This chapter was really great. Loved the ushabti fight. seriously well done.

Loved this line 'The huge weapon punched through his armour, and the black metal of the blade carved through flesh and bone alike, emerging from the front of his chest in a welter of blood and gore.' exellent description.

Gotta say I prefer the flashback moments to the present day sections, although I look forward to where your going with this.

Slight niggle, when abhorash punched through the face of an ushabti i reckon varakash would have been a little more surprised, thats a LOT more strength than a human could have. I understand he was busy at the time, but i reckon he would have noticed that more.

anyway, please keep it up, this is an exellent story.
Slaashyish chapter 8 . 11/28/2007
Woohoo! More vampyric slaughterising!

A thousand Gobbos in five minutes? That's some serious power.

Again, I want to congragulate you on your Race-writing prowess. Gorthek is good, but I'd have expected him to relish the thought of dying at the hands of such a mighty foe. That was his Oath after all, and I can tell that you know how seriously Dwarves take such matters
Slaashyish chapter 7 . 11/21/2007

Every Race you've covered so far has been pretty much perfectly represented. The only thing that struck me as odd, because it doesn't fit with some of the official Vampire work from GW is all the silver on the vampires. It might only be mentioned in the Genevieve books, and it's a fanfic anyway, so it's not important, but I just wanted to make this review a decent size, considering it's only the second one.

Is it wrong that one of my favourite parts was when the elves died? I don't care even if it is, that was really cool. Very descriptive with the gory destruction of the sneaky, effeminate, pointy-eared, tree huggers.

Can you tell I play Dwarves as well as Vampires?

Sometimes I wonder which are cooler... for a few seconds before logic reasserts itself and the Vampire rips the limbs off the stunty, and paints "Vampires Rule!" on the side of my mind with Dwarf blood.
potatos-ate-my-soul chapter 6 . 11/13/2007
this a really cool story begining. Vampires are the coolest thing in warhammer. Im really glad you decided to write about them. Hehe, looking forward to Lahmia bieng restored through blood and conquest :D

Hope you follow it through, the most irritating thing about the warhammer universe is that nothing ever changes in it. No side can ever win coz GW wanna keep the show running, course in fan fiction you can go wherever you want. :D I hope you continue this as its very good.

Flashbacks to ancient Lahmia are great btw.