Reviews for Not the Only Redhead
VoidWaIker chapter 42 . 8/31
Can I just say. While I know this is super duper old. 1. Great story 2. I called it being bill and Charlie around chapter 25ish
Secundum chapter 55 . 8/6
Again, it was Angelina, not Katie. -_-
Sec chapter 31 . 8/4
This slurring is getting really anoyying, especially as in canon, those under vertiseum speak very clearly.
TheDarkMan19 chapter 21 . 8/3
and I'm lost. it was an admirable effort, bogged down by poor dialogue, inconsistent characters and tone and overly preachy authors notes. Good try. Better luck next time.
TheDarkMan19 chapter 18 . 8/3
I officially detest both your "aggressive" version of Harry, and the oh so condescending Amelia Bones. The level of inconsistency in your characters is detracting from the story. Positives? you have certainly done well with expanding on the wizard ing government.
TheDarkMan19 chapter 14 . 8/2
quite enjoyable so far. But your dialogue.. leaves a lot to be desired. you overuse exclamation points a lot which makes it seems like the characters are just shouting constantly, which then makes the all caps sentences seem even more over the top. My advice would be to listen to how people actually converse try to find the sort of rhythm of conversation and try to mimic that in your own characters. as it stands now it feels more like the characters are just monologuing at eachother instead of talking to each other.
BarbedCaress chapter 37 . 7/6
Of course... and rolled my eyes.
Love Dune, but the robbing of the dead only makes sense in a culture where survival is a daily struggle.
BarbedCaress chapter 12 . 7/6
So many things wrong with the arrest, I don't know where to begin.
Not mad at the author.
Mad at toad and spineless.
I think Moody should deal with the corruption in the ministry as well as death eaters.
They are equally damaging to the magical world.
balthazarhandelong chapter 1 . 7/4
Took my four days to get though it and it was absolutely dreadful… I'm just kidding I loved it, when I first started reading fanfic it was all Harry and Hermoine then I have Miss Greengrass a try and that was brilliant and lately I've been fishing around for our favorite redhead not Ginny I'm a Ginny hater, bravo on a brilliant story loved almost all of it (kind of cringed during the Harry and Ginny parts) and was a little creeped out with the whole merging thing but in all I loved the story and I wish you the best
mckertis chapter 56 . 6/25
Uh...there's not a shred of romance in this fic. I do believe that "angst" category describes it more than fully. Angst, angst, and nothing else than angst. Not that it's bad as such, but i do feel swindled.
Niknakkitkat chapter 56 . 5/31
This was an awesome read! thank you!
Spazzman29 chapter 50 . 5/13
I find I don't agree with most of the side pairings. Also George and Daphne was very sudden with no build up which in turn leaves no believability.
Spazzman29 chapter 42 . 5/12
I don't really understand how Ginny's mental powers are as strong as Harry's when you consider the huge difference between their teachers.
Spazzman29 chapter 33 . 5/12
I really don't agree with the Hannah/Ron pairing but luckily it is easily ignorable
Spazzman29 chapter 31 . 5/12
I don't agree with the RonxHannah pairing at all.
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