Reviews for Not the Only Redhead
Guest chapter 1 . 11/5
I liked this story to begin with. It was good, interesting. But then... for fucks sake, your need to create a conflict between literally everyone is ridiculous and also, Bill and Charlie wouldn't try and fucking kill Harry and Susan just because their sister was sad. Veritaserum doesn't make you fucking slur your words, especially that fucking badly since it would create a lot of confusion and you wouldn't be able to really use what the person said if you can't fucking understand them. Honestly, this story isn't fucking worth it
cmfisher chapter 20 . 11/2
I was reading your comment about no one Dumbles age. There is Madame Marchbanks, I believe. Not a lit but from what I remember I thought she might have been older than Dumbles.
BTW love this story. Thank you.
The Shadows Mistress chapter 56 . 10/26
brilliant story, fun with lots of twists. enjoyed the story very much
The Shadows Mistress chapter 43 . 10/26
Christ, Harry has a hair-trigger temper, needs some anger management classes ; still too bad for the Dursleys
The Shadows Mistress chapter 30 . 10/25
Stealing from Harry, yea I can see that and Dumbles letting him may be hard to tell. People like Snape because the actor who portrayed him was very popular. But Canon Snap was despicable.
The Shadows Mistress chapter 29 . 10/25
I agree, it cant be the first Dark Lord to go after the stone. So the Flemels lied, ao I can easily see that the 600-year-old couple didn't give Albus a fake stone. Wait a few decades then come back to 'life'. I am sure it will come up but wonder why they were curious about why or what he was blocked. Good tale.
The Shadows Mistress chapter 3 . 10/25
OK always thought it was weird, everyone but Harry has their Yule Ball partner. So why wasn't it Ginny?
G the Headmaster chapter 56 . 10/8
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this story. I really hope you had as much fun writing it as I had reading it.

Thank you for writing.
G the Headmaster chapter 52 . 10/8
I never saw that coming.
G the Headmaster chapter 50 . 10/8
More twists and turns than a snake pit!
G the Headmaster chapter 48 . 10/8
Garland even sounds evil!

Love this story
G the Headmaster chapter 45 . 10/8
A good cliffie!
G the Headmaster chapter 41 . 10/7
Really did not see that coming!

It was a real twist.
G the Headmaster chapter 39 . 10/7
Loved the reference to Doc Smith and the lensman series. Used the lens idea in something I wrote.

On a different note while I was reading the wedding scene in this chapter I remembered a restaurant that I’ve been to in Hilton Head South Caroline. - Frankie Bones!

By the way, live the story!
G the Headmaster chapter 15 . 10/6
I don’t know why you think cliffie are a bad thing.
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