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Vivss chapter 8 . 4/2
This story is so amazing. And you are a really good writer. I wish you would finish this fic.
It is very interesting the analogy of Austen's Persuasion to the story of Logan and Rory. And all your GG characters are much like in the show, there is no out of characters here.
I can see some of your story actually happening in the Revival. If the shows goes anything like this fic it will be pretty good.
It's been years since you wrote this, and maybe you've moved on from this fandom and is a successful writer or something, but I really hope you update this story. Maybe the Revival will bring back your old love for Rogan as it did to me, and you will finally finish this.
Vivss chapter 3 . 4/2
I had forgotten how much I loved this story!
You write so well!
And the mention of Brangelina, well I gotta say it makes me happy that after all these years they are still together.
angelwings202 chapter 1 . 8/17/2015
You should definitely update this story I've seriously enjoyed reading it
Guest chapter 8 . 2/25/2015
Please continue this story!
ImTheNana chapter 8 . 1/28/2015
Ok, that just plain sucked! You cannot leave us hanging here! Throw us a bone, or an update! Please!?
nightnovice chapter 8 . 12/20/2014
A well constructed, heart wrenching tale, sadly the reader is left adrift.
Ria82 chapter 8 . 11/26/2014
Hi - loving the story. Is another chapter or to coming?
UNwitty182 chapter 8 . 8/26/2014
Hey, I love the way you have incorporated persuasion into the story. I really would love if you finished the story. It's too beautiful and heartbreaking for me to stop reading... Please update...
Guest chapter 8 . 8/22/2014
I love this take on Persuasion!
Please don't leave it like this...
amywrites chapter 8 . 9/9/2013
I think I may be in love with you, because this... this... my friend was.. to put simply, achingly beautiful. More so than I could ever express in my own meager and paltry words. You write the best swoon-worthy internal monologues! I lost count of how many times I held my ipad to chest and just breathed in your words. I wanted to crawl inside several scenes and just live in them. Look what you've done to me.

I am a big Austen fan and to cross this with GG's Logan and Rory was a big win in my book. I'm not sure why it never occurred to me to connect these two worlds as they share so many of the same themes (high society, sophisticated banter, bitchy interfering moms, annoying third and fourth wheels, etc.) Good job at finding the parallels and making it so engaging!

I love especially that you've kept both Logan and Rory in character yet still showed their growth since we last saw them on the show. Their older selves were very believable to me. I love that we get to be inside both their heads so that we're not left guessing what Logan's thinking. I very much enjoyed the different perspectives and the easy way you jump from one to the other so that we can see how both react to the same event, especially since both have such different 'voices.' This is a feat so kudos to you.

I love that you kept Rory so neurotic and Logan so self-deprecating. Your situations do not feel contrived nor forced. Logan sending Rory a 'Be Okay' care package is definitely something show!him would have done. And Rory over-analyzing his note "It isn't anger or resentment I feel for you" is totally in character of her. Even your offending third and fourth wheel love interests are likeable (at least to me). It would be so -easy- to hate Louisa and David, but you actually make them 'human' rather than caricatures of 'the ones in the way.'

Oh, and thanks for bringing the funny! Oh, Finn you scene-stealing man of questionable morals. I heart thee. And the best use of 'Ace' EVER. I LOL'd at automaton Sheila and hope to see more of her. And it must be said, your Lorelai is absolutely spot on. I particularly love the 'Anne and Wentworth' conversation between mom and daughter, so perfectly perfect. Can we expect some more Ian? I would love to see how Lorelai raises a boy. You weave the pop culture references at just the right amount and at opportune times so that they're not jarring the reader from the narrative. And I have to say that I'm proud of myself for getting most of them! Haha.

I was in search of QUALITY Rogan fanfic as there are so much ahem, crap, out there that I was starting to lose hope. You have renewed my faith, my friend. With that said, it breaks my heart to see that you haven't updated in 3 years. I hope this review reignites some of the love I'm sure you once felt for this story. If not, I hope that you're still writing somewhere because your talent with words should not be wasted. I hope you do come back to finish this and give our characters the ending they so deserve. I have favorited for rereadability and read again and again I shall.

PS - Just curious what made you decide to do 'Persuasion' over 'Pride and Prejudice' because I can think of no better Mr. Darcy than Logan Huntzberger.

PPS - Sorry for the length of this review! It's a chapter by itself. I tend to go on and on when I'm obsessed with something. Take care, 'be okay'. :)
bellendp chapter 8 . 4/14/2013
This is fantastic! It is so hard to find a truly great post-finale story like this one, am I'm very glad to have stumbled upon this one. Your writing is beautiful, the emotion and pace are perfect and so realistic, and the Austen references are perfection. I'm sure that I'll be re-reading this often!
poetryismyfirstlove chapter 8 . 2/17/2013
ooh i feel seriously hanging here. what's supposed to happen next? help?
annawillows chapter 8 . 12/27/2012
sooo... is that the end?
ringmybella chapter 8 . 11/17/2012
I wish you finished this story. What happens next? I want them to find out a out rory and Logan. I want them to have their happily ever after. Please update! It's only been, what five years? I'll wait...
ringmybella chapter 7 . 11/17/2012
I enjoyed rory's analysis of Logan's note. Way cute and totally rory...I'm such a geek! I'm glad they're talkin again. I'm sad that there's one chapter left because this story's almost over.:(
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