Reviews for Chance Meetings
aggiefrogger chapter 41 . 7/1
Such a good chapter! Really great to see Fang and Daniel hanging out together! I loved it! Not to mention adding your love of cozy mysteries into the story!

Though Fang's still Fang, and I can only imagine what the fallout will be when Daniel finds out the truth about certain things! But until then, I can't wait to read what happens next! Keep up the great work!
Guest chapter 40 . 6/3
Love scenes of bonding.
JacksonMW chapter 40 . 3/30
Man, I'm surprised I've not clicked on this story until now. It's fantastic! I appreciate that so far it's not exactly been a high flying, world saving adventure more commonly found in Gargoyle's stories; you've kept in quite grounded and really let us enjoy the company of the characters.

Looking forward to more.
aggiefrogger chapter 40 . 3/20
Nice chapter! It was good to see the different POVs, as well as showing the consequences of Halloween night!
Fate-Be Changed chapter 39 . 2/27
That bitch will get what's coming to her for this, I know it.
Scruff the Rat chapter 39 . 2/26
Damn, poor Fang! What a way to end Halloween!
aggiefrogger chapter 39 . 2/21
I liked the karaoke bit at the beginning; very entertaining and it was great seeing the two of them having some fun! Not as much of a fan of the more intimate stuff afterwards, but choosing who you did to attack and beat up Fang was unique and cool!
BlackRaptor1 chapter 39 . 2/21
Somehow for some strange reason. I got a really bad feeling that Danny will end being a target by either the Quarrymen, Demona, Dr. Anton Sevarius, and/or any unknown enemy that will want revenge against Fred/Fang if they find out about their relationship as father and son.

With the one member that Fang just told he has a son, it will be only a matter before she tells the other members and targets his child. Then Danny will be in grave danger.
Macro And Micro chapter 38 . 1/20
I wonder when Fang will give the other mutates the turn human potion that he got from the London clan.
And when he will use it himself to hang out with his son.
aggiefrogger chapter 38 . 1/20
Dude, bringing Wolf into your story totally got me! I wonder who his dates are (are they also bad people, or just regular girls?), and I'm glad that he and Fang got along! Also having a nod to the P.I.T. Crew was also good! While not my favorite chapter, having those two features made it stand out!
Storyseeker chapter 38 . 1/20
Awesome new chapter! Great start to the new year! I loved the interaction between Fang and Wolf, too. I always wondered what might happen if those two met, and this scene worked excellently! I can't help wondering what girls would want to go with Wolf, though? I look forward to the next chap and seeing what Mal wants Fang to do!
Macro And Micro chapter 37 . 11/21/2021
I hope you haven't forgotten the magic potion that turns the mutates human again.
Or is Fang waiting until he REALLY messes up before he hands that over to Talon?
aggiefrogger chapter 37 . 11/20/2021
A really good chapter! From the talk with Talon and Brooklyn, to what Malibu does, this was one interesting and/or shocking moment after the next. Kinda sad that Fang isn't REALLY intending on becoming a better person, and there's no doubt that it'll come back to hurt him or Daniel later on down the road.

Until then, keep up the story, and I can't wait to read what happens next!
BlackRaptor1 chapter 37 . 11/20/2021
Well, the talk went much better then I thought it would.

Dispite the happy and good things happening now, I have a feeling that something really bad is about to happen.
Rashad Brown chapter 36 . 11/2/2021
Fang is doomed.
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