Reviews for A Selfish Desire
Rayless Night chapter 1 . 2/29/2008
I like the frame of this story, Gig/Vigilance balancing his three states of existence. I also really like your conception of the Haephnes world masters, naturally benevolent but not loving in any human sense of the world. Bringing them into contact with mortals seems to do them good.


1. Proofread.

2. I feel Gig's "voice" here is very scattered. Initially, he sounds like Vigilance. Then, towards the end, he's talking more like Gig. Doing that is fine, but I didn't see any transitions. He just seemed all over the place. (For instance, mentioning hotpods as he's mulling over his remorse was a jarring, Gig-like note.) Just try to smooth the interior stuff out so the reader can see him shifting back and forth between Gig and Vig more clearly.

3. In the early part, you should use "it" instead of "they" as a pronoun for the figure.
RainbowHeart chapter 1 . 12/31/2007
I never thought of Gig regaining his memories as Vigilance and choosing to come back. Very interesting and fabulously written. I look forward to other soul nomad fics of yours.
Erihppas chapter 1 . 11/19/2007
I second the Jedi; I thought it was linked to the Demon Path ending too. 'XD

I was just wondering, just after the Demon Path sad ending, that why didn't Vigilance regain his memories in the Normal Path. Perhaps he doesn't have the time? But I guess him regaining memories after his 'death' is fitting in this fic, and I salute you for writing that. X3

I'd be looking forward to more of your Soul Nomad fics, that is, if you're going to write another. ;)
Nemesis Jedi chapter 1 . 11/11/2007
Oh man. With the beginning dialogue, I thought this was linked to the good demon ending... T.T

Tease :P

It never occurred to me that Gig could have regained his memories after he sacrificed himself in the normal ending. When we first see (or is it hear?) Gig again, as the same sarcastic jackass we all know and love, I just figured that his life as Vigilance would forever be nothing more than a dream. The fact that he could have actually regained his memories and then choose to become Gig again to live among Revya and the others... it made me sad, but a wistful kinda sad... if that makes any sense at all _;

Really, though. It's a nice surprise to see a fic that's about Vigilance. We only get to see flashes of him in Gig's dreams, but what we do see is rather interesting don't you think? To me, the dream that Gig has of his first death was one of the best events in the game. Vigilance trying to reason with Median as their blades clash... and finally Median triumphantly standing over Vigilance's body with that bloodstained onyx sword, the very same sword you've been wielding all this time and the one Gig's been trapped in for 200 years, thanking Drazil (by the way, did you notice that the fight took place in the hidden village 0.o).

It's nice to see that you're continuing 'Being Closer' and I hope to see more Soul Nomad from you in the future~
rinshibooty chapter 1 . 11/10/2007
Like I said about your writing. *o* So eloquent.

Well, I enjoyed reading it. It gives an nice explanation for how Gig came back.