Reviews for Acceptance, Forgiveness
JellybeanChiChi chapter 1 . 2/5/2008
Gorgeous. Just found your stuff. Love it. Thanks for sharing.
Ricker23 chapter 2 . 11/17/2007
This was great! And especially for a first fic. Love how you used Sunday to reflect on important days in their lives. And I love how she snuck back to see him and celebrate in his accomplishments.

Great job! Looking forward to more from you. :)
Emily chapter 2 . 11/11/2007
I loved it! That was so sweet and oh, if only...
ajechi chapter 2 . 11/11/2007
That is so heartwarming... That was a good one.

If only things are as simple as that...

Yeah, that's why they call it fanfic, right?
Big Evil chapter 2 . 11/11/2007
I really liked your story, very well written
trda chapter 2 . 11/11/2007
if only this could happen on TV.

First fic? This is too amazing to be your first fic! Hope to see more of your work.
Mingsmommy chapter 1 . 11/11/2007
He liked the quiet, because during those times, he could pretend she was still there.

That was a heart wrenching and beautiful line. This was bittersweet. I love the Sunday tie in.
NickyStokes chapter 2 . 11/11/2007
OH I so loved would be great to play out on tv. I think you did a phenomenal job with your first fic and look forward to more
MSCSIFANGSR chapter 2 . 11/11/2007
this is a nice sending you a review...this story was wonderful.

i want you to know it's very addicting, getting happy reviews and the only cure is to keep writing.

putting you on author alert...:) chauncey
theyHAUNTme chapter 2 . 11/11/2007
Awesome fic...especially for your first fanfic! Please write more CSI fics soon...amazing job!
CR1-GSR chapter 2 . 11/11/2007
Wonderful ,this was so sad and so full of hope at the end,you managed to convey Grissoms emotions so well
GSfanatic chapter 2 . 11/11/2007
Oh, wow! That just made me cry. A very good cry. I needed that. Thank you so much.
sky m chapter 2 . 11/11/2007
Great fic, especially for a first one! loved the first chapter, Ch 2 was nice, but I didn't get why Sara was going to walk away again... Thanks for sharing.
bonnielass89 chapter 1 . 11/11/2007
Great! loved it!
mischiefrg chapter 2 . 11/11/2007
Good job for your first fan fic. Hope you write more!
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