Reviews for Young Ms. Figg
projektrevolution20 chapter 18 . 1/28/2016
BAHAHAHAHAH! This ending was perfect. You are a great writer.
anniekun93 chapter 18 . 11/3/2012
Loved it! hahahaha it was hilarious. lovely job :D
siriusforeva chapter 18 . 3/5/2004
Very funny! Can't wait to see what will happen with Malfoy and his 'friends'
Guest chapter 18 . 7/21/2003
Cute story.

Write more.

Write more Remus Lupin tales, ask Raven Dancer if you can borrow her Severus.

Love Sevie stories.

Glad the dog died in OOPs this novel stunk, also know as HP5, the turgid tome. So many good parts going... nowhere. Sad.

And where as I usually dislike the BLACK one, your version set in RD's universe was great. Write more.
Elysia chapter 18 . 2/26/2003
An excellent misadventure, I was laughing hard, great work!
Gnomish Librarian chapter 18 . 11/17/2002
I very much enjoyed this story and I look forward to more!
Aquila chapter 8 . 9/23/2002
Hey dont know when this was posted - too lazy to look at the top but thought id respond to your little ahem - The story has been really great so far but im dying to know whats with Sape and Figg and am glad u got Neville to come out of his shell and Hermione to shut up about her OWLs .

Any way keep writing and hope this review improves ur mood!
Sirius Black16 chapter 18 . 6/12/2002
GReat Story
Pogo chapter 18 . 4/24/2002
got a good laugh out of this, hope to see more of your work...
Guest chapter 8 . 3/16/2002
I'm reviewing to say this story is great! Finally its getting more interesting! I

was worried I'd have to stop reading it! Its great but just needs to be more i-

nteresting now... Well, I'll shut up now.
Aille chapter 18 . 3/9/2002
I LOVE the punishment. Though... isn't that punishing Draco too? *snickers* Oh can see a spin off from this... with just the studing. *LOL*

Great story.

I wanna see those mug shots too.
Girl chapter 18 . 1/7/2002
Dear God, how I love this fic! I very rarely even smile when I read fics, but this one had me roaring with laughter.

I really like fics where "the trio" run away, haven't read that many though. Your is by far the best.
Cherry Sinclaire chapter 18 . 12/31/2001
OMG that was so cute, the end was excellent! You are a great author. Keep up the good work!
Ms. Snape chapter 1 . 12/18/2001
Wow, this is good. (How many reviews start with this? I know.) But I am really enjoying this. I saw that it was about Arabella Figg and thought I'd take a peek but wasn't expecting this. She's a very believable character, and I always wondered how Mrs. Figg could be part of the "Old Crowd" for I imagined her as being sort of decrepid. I enjoy this take on Arabella and will definitely finish this, (especially since the next chapter seems to be about Moody.) Oh, fun!
Dragon-sama chapter 18 . 11/26/2001
Wonderful, wonderful fic! I applaude you! Man, that had me laughing out loud! People in the computer lab kept giving me strange looks... -_- Feh! They don't know what they're missing. Great story, and I look forward to more from you! Later.
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