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Guest chapter 24 . 11/1
"Dammit, we look like a sentai team!" he complained. "Why does she get to be red?
Why do I have to get the gender-neutral color?" Everyone looked at him; oddly. Fine.
I retract the question."

oh right, androg kensuke lol
wonder why this isn't bigger of a joke? or is GUNSUKE overshadowing?
Guest chapter 21 . 10/31
The only real change was that the rocket pods were taken out and replaced with a...
chin-mounted defense cannon, taken right out from an AEGIS Cruiser

...wait what chin mounted phalanx?

...i want my lasguns though...
maskedkeeper chapter 1 . 7/18
weird beginning ,but damn it was nice to see him have a good uncle and Aunt. Plus the boyz be fun, now to find out if he is crazy or not
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 1 . 6/20
I can't get past this first chapter, sorry. I gave it a good try, but drama is hard to parse when the tense and perspective can't stay glued to one person. It's Shinji's POV, then it's his verbally abusive not-mother screaming at the ten year old POV, then it's his not-father thinking POV, etc.

Angst already uses up patience, the rest just makes it worse.
anon chapter 41 . 6/13
I am giving up. It was great before the timeskip, things I disliked could have been explained or a setup for what comes later. After the timeskip it's Like you are intentionally trying to destroy everything you created before. There is zero weight given to anything that is introduced, and what was there before is forgotten. I should have seen the writtings on the wall, but I held hope that it would all come together in the end. For that same reason I plowed through until here, but not anymore. This is no longer a story but a stream of consciousness of a 12 year old who watched too many epilepsy inducing AMVs while high on sugar. Others might cum at the mention of a T-rex with lightsabers for hands and jackhammers for feet, but I would like that creature to be more than a surface level spectacle, one that could be removed from the story without any loss. That is what kills me inside, enough to write this: It had potential, but everything of worth was replaced with a cheap lightshow.
If you started this fanfic with everything post-timeskip, I could have easily dropped it chapter 1, knowing it's not my thing and be done with it, but you suckered me into having hope. Giving a bit of joy to get me hooked then pounded my ass with a metal rod. I will just pretend this fic ended many chapters ago, Shinji pummeled ass of everyone else(some literally) , and pray to God I forget everything I have read after the timeskip.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/7
If this were a film, it would be great to make that way the four main figurines popped up full size as they would be in real life. It would be hilarious, yet horrifying when there is a 7 to 8 foot tall Ultramarine looming over Shinji, comforting him.
raydeisega chapter 1 . 5/1
Ngl until half way through this chapter i thought I was reading about the shinji from fate and was looking forward to crazy magi-tech lazer weapons and chain swords being used against servants and other such shenanigans this is still good so far but my disappointment is immeasurable
guestinstor chapter 52 . 2/12
Holy shit was this entire thing a stupid fucking shit show of trying to be edgy and rule or cool but failing so hard you ass rapes yourself in the process.

Any new readers be warned, it is a crack. There I'd hardly ever any logic or explanations. Worse it is bad crack, not amusing, not cool and not even interesting.

It is a epic of pain to slog through this wet shit storm of a story.
GymNatty321 chapter 1 . 2/9
Cosmos2001 is a weak minded individual, don't listen to em and keep it real.
Pachu72lee chapter 35 . 1/6
Ok yea the beginning of the story is great and all but now there's less 40k later on the story like where are the figure they come out like every so often now
Clone chapter 52 . 9/4/2022
Dear Charles Bhepin,
I love this story, truly. So I have to ask. Can you Please Update this Masterpiece of Fanfiction? it has been 3 Years since a posting has be made. I don't know why you have not, but please do.
Cosmos2001 chapter 46 . 7/21/2022
You are a horrible human being for not putting warnings at the start of story. Major character death is not something you just expect people to...expect. 'It's just what Ayanami does'? Well Nagisa clearly didn't die as he was supposed to. I haven't watched NGE because I don't like to be depressed, I thought this was a fix-fic, it doesn't seem like it.

Half of the story flew over my head, every chapter made me want to drop it, but I read it anyway because I thought the end would be something grand. I'm just gonna skip-read the rest of chapters, just to see what's at the end.
Ark Zilong chapter 3 . 6/27/2022
"I'm not amuro rei" unfortunately I have to be a MASSIVE nerd and point out that Amuro did horrible his first time piloting, only surviving through it thanks to the gundam being though enough to handle a beating, and having the manual handy helped.

This review is mostly a joke btw, but yeah, people gve amuro way too much credit for doing well in his first sortie when it was 90% the gundam and dumb luck carrying him
Mantha065 chapter 40 . 5/31/2022
This is where I gave up. This story unfortunately has devolved into near-nonsense, having very little to do with Warhammer 40k anymore, and instead becoming some convoluted Evangelion fever dream.
I spent an hour skimming the chapters after this, and it's clear the story does not get better. It gets even more nonsensical. In my skimming I saw magic hair, Nazi zombies, time travel, more jedi-monks, more lapses in characters' personalities, Kaworu becoming obsessed with defeating Shinji, multiple active Rei clones, Lilith being released, and a steadily-increasing flood of random pop-culture references, many of which are shoe-horned in, and just end up being distracting and annoying.
I'm sad to say it, but this story has indeed irreparably gone off the rails, jumped the shark, and collapsed in on itself. Everything past the chapters detailing Sahaquiel's attack is a totally different story from what was being built-up and devolves into nonsense.

It's a real shame.
Mantha065 chapter 36 . 5/30/2022
I don't understand what the implications were when Yang revealed that China is ready for another Impact. Everyone treated it as some horrible thing, but I don't get it.
And if the part where Shinji attempts-and-fails to telepathically hit Kaworu in a recorded video 8 hours into the past was supposed to be played for comedy, I couldn't tell. If it was supposed to be a comedic thing, that would explain the nonsensical nature of it. If it was on Earth does one telepathically punch (or miss, in this case) someone *in a recording* AND in the past? That's just Monty Python levels of nonsense, which is why I can't tell if it's supposed to be serious or comedy.
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