Reviews for The Dark Side
Guest chapter 1 . 6/22/2016
This is sooooo good, I would love to know if wildwing would have dress up. ((( please please write more...)))
Perchance to Write chapter 1 . 11/13/2007
zOMG! You dedicated something to me! *huggles* That is so sweet! I am completely and totally astounded and tickled pink! Thank you so much! *huggles harder*

And Star Wars! You so didn't! You so did! Oh, you rock, my friend!

"DON'T LEAVE THE FANDOM, lest I shall have to hunt you down and force you to keep writing awesomenessful stories!"

*blushes* You keep my face purple all the time! XD! And you have at least eight stories with me still-all the reviewer stories, but eventually, I'm going to have to leave, especially if my book gets published. But then think! YOu'll have me all the time with other stuff (I promise you. My original novel is actually better than "Fallen Angel.")

Sorry for talking so long about myself!


"The Dark Side"

Awesome title!

"[Wildwing] pulled his feet off the rest he set them on too-short ago..."

I really like this image! It just looks so cool in my head!

"Wildwing, I am your father!"

Nosedive is actually doing something I do to my older sister all the time! Kudos on the realistic aspect! Btw, let's think about this-could Nosedive really be Wildwing's father? If Nosedive was a time traveler from the past, had his brother, and then, some freak accident sent him further in time as a teenager-oh, God. Reading too many comic books, but sounds like a cool story to write! Sorry...I work in the comic industry, and it sounds like a conversation I had with my boss yesterday.

"Wildwing also took notice of Duke's metal training saber at his hip, knowing his brother was as good as dead if Duke found him with it."

Oh, so true! So true! I would love to see that! Great insight and point!

" "Aw, how'd you know it was me?" The teened whined, lifting the mask off his head and pulling his blonde hair out."

Oh, if I could just draw, I would so draw this one! FANART! ...FICTION! Where is she? We need her to draw some fanart for us!

"Oh, the tacky costume was a give away. Darth Vader, Dive? Really? Isn't he from way back when in the nineties? Puh-lease."

Oh! Pop-culture! And so 1970s, too! Talk about retro!

"his Sudoku puzzle"

I like the reference here! Makes it seem so modern, and let's be honest! Sodoku is so hard, man! Really!

"...does this mean you wont dress up in the matching Luke Skywalker outfit I made for you?"

Aw! I love it! Love it! It's the best present you could have given me! Thank you so much, and I treasure it! *huggles* Now, you have to give me your idea, don't you? *glares*

Bladestar chapter 1 . 11/12/2007
Oh, the shock and conversation that must have ensued after that comment. :)