Reviews for I hope you know
kerritastic chapter 1 . 11/26/2009
omg that was so sad im in major tears hear

awesome job
x.itszanessalove.x chapter 1 . 5/9/2009
you broke my heart now i am crying my eyes out! its so touching!
dkzdiva chapter 1 . 3/21/2009
Aww so sad.
SoWhaat94 chapter 1 . 1/2/2009
This is so sad ! I AM CRYING :(
Proud.Aunty.Of.Seven chapter 1 . 12/30/2008
Omg I Cried When I Was Reading It And I Still Am Now There Are Tears On My Laptop Its Just So Sad I Definately Started To Cry At The Ring Part And The Phone Message When He Accidently Deleted It I Am About To Read The Sequel Now And I Will Write A Reveiw To That One Aswell

Amazing Job Your Definately Being Added To My Favourites

live-in-dreamland1 chapter 1 . 9/8/2008
that was soo sad. I was almost crying. great job on the story
mishyB chapter 1 . 8/11/2008
emmpee62794 chapter 1 . 8/6/2008
ohh jeeze. that was a greatly written storyy.

im crying right now. its so sad.

but you did a great job... ;)
zanessa4ever1013 chapter 1 . 7/6/2008
omghi made mme ccry. this is the ffirst story that hs ever madem cry! really amazing job!
Cullenlover09 chapter 1 . 5/7/2008
omg soo sad ! om crying right now !

awesome one shot !
Vanessa Leah Black chapter 1 . 3/18/2008
OMG that was so sad
isacz chapter 1 . 3/17/2008
wow! that was so sad! omg! I LOVED it! great job! :);):)
xyou'rethemusicinmex chapter 1 . 3/1/2008
that was so sad :(
LoveZanessaForever chapter 1 . 2/27/2008
and again i just cried my eyes out .. stop doing that to me .. good job! .. do u do M-rated stories? cuz if u do i have an idea that i would like to share with u! ]
This account is deleted 3 chapter 1 . 2/7/2008
THIS WAS INCREDIBLE! omg i LOVE it! loved loved loved LOVE it! ur such an increidlbe writer! WOW!


Sarah :-)

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