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AnimeUzumaki7 chapter 26 . 9/19 a fan of this story a big one cud u pliz update chapter 26 am in love with ur story...ur the among the writers ive met and read ther stories pliz pliz update am desprate i myt due ur stpry is so WOW AND GOOOD AND WONDERFUL

Serinity Dawn chapter 7 . 6/26
That was the best chapter yet! I absolutely love the banter between Kakashi and Naruto! :-/ LMAO Great job!
librarat chapter 6 . 6/18
If I were Naru, I would have one straight to Iruka and told him that Kakashi was making me do perverted things. Ha, I'd love to see how the silver-haired bastard would get outta that situation!
Ashlynn chapter 26 . 2/13
Hi! I'm not even sure if you are an active author any more but this is one of the best fanfictions and certainly the best KakaNaru fic EVER. I mean really, I re-read this story almost three or four times a year since you've published it and it's now 2015. So thank you so much for writing it. I can't tell you how much this story has lightened my mood and made me smile at the cuteness. Really, thank you so much.

-Huge fan, Ashlynn
Korregidora chapter 6 . 11/23/2014
Omg I nearly died laughing lol. Reminds me of when Kakashi had to read it out loud when they were trying to break the code and he kept blushing.
Guest chapter 26 . 10/15/2014
this was soooo...good...
Tirith works chapter 25 . 10/11/2014
This was worth the read for your characterization of Tsunade alone! LoL
Not that I didn't like the rest. The characters were a riot, the plot interesting, and the grammar good. I recall an unfortunate plot-hole or two - like Asuma's sudden, mysterious return to the living e.g. - but nothing serious enough to detract much from the story as a whole.
The only real complaint I have, which is probably more down to personal taste than anything, is the ending. The unexpected bout of blatant BDSM sex you dished out threw me so much, I thought it was a joke. It just... didn't fit. Then again, I may only think so because I dislike reading about such in general. Still, the fic could have definitely done without it. I liked the other ending better.
Hawk chapter 17 . 6/27/2014
This fic would be infinitely better without all the pointless, unnecessary, and clearly author-biased character bashings interspersed as fanon created character-perspective opinions. For readers whom enjoy a bit of canon characterizations for personalities and behaviours in their slash fics, it is very unsettling and off-putting to have characters be put down repeatedly and in such dismissive and rude manners, when if based on canon there actually is no reason to think such things of all of those characters. Having most of your cast behaving so out of character is part of the problem. Introducing negative bias without proper story generated motivation for it makes it unrealistic enough to be unenjoyable.

I don't tell you this because 'you bashed my favourite character' or anything of the sort. My favourite character hasn't even shown up in this fic, moot point. I say this because I want you to improve as an author, and one way to do that aside from not skipping character perspectives every other paragraph is to make your writing more enjoyable to audiences in general as this type of writing in which unnecessary bias is introduced can tend to alienate some readers. Even readers whom are neutral to the bashed characters may dislike a consistently negative voice in writing.

I personally ignore the bashings when it doesn't impact the actual plot of the story, unless it is a singular catalyst and motivator for character actions in the plot, but even with that being necessary for a particular plot to evolve, it makes me as a reader lose the necessary suspension of disbelief which is required for any kind of story to be entertaining. This is especially true if it isn't handled well through plot points introduced in the story rather than just characters reminiscing on canon events through out of character reactions to them. Bashings in fic writing are never truly needed, and can be viewed by many readers as a sign of weak writing and poor 'voice' even in original stories.
Hawk chapter 6 . 6/25/2014
You change perspective too often, as in which character is thinking what, and it confuses the reader since one paragraph from one perspective leads in to another paragraph, but in this other paragraph it is in the head of the opposite character. It might be better to work on these subtle transitions to clarify who is thinking what, or to simply keep the entire chapter or section of the story in one single character's point of view.
Guest chapter 26 . 6/16/2014
Naruto gets kicked out of home.
Kakashi takes him in.
Kakashi walks around the house half naked.
Naruto starts noticing Kakashi.
Kakashi is mourning for his lost love.
Kakashi doesn't realise Naruto has feelings for him.
Naruto starts trying to seduce Kakashi.
Kakashi brushes it off, thinking Naruto is just being Naruto.
Naruto has to resort to desperate measures.
Kakashi still doesn't get the hint.
Naruto starts feeling as if he is worthless.
Naruto decides to try and find his own way.
Sasuke finds Naruto upset and alone.
Sasuke starts insulting Naruto.
Naruto doesn't do anything back.
Sasuke realises something really must be wrong.
Naruto and Sasuke sit together in silence.
Naruto asks if Sasuke would ever leave the village.
Sasuke says yes.
Naruto asks if Sasuke would want to leave right now.
Sasuke says yes.
They leave together.
Still hating eachother but finding comfort.
Sasuke starts liking Naruto.
Sasuke kisses Naruto.
Naruto kisses back, but afterwards says:
I could never be who you wanted me to be.
Sasuke replies:
Actually I think I'm not who you want to be.
They share a sad smile.
Kakashi starts worrying about Naruto.
Naruto has been gone for two days.
Kakashi searches the entire village.
He goes to his lost loves grave.
And he speaks.
Realising he loves Naruto.
A cool breeze gives Kakashi his blessing.
Sakura finds Kakashi and informs him Sasuke is missing.
Both are called to the Hokage's office.
She informs them that Sasuke and Naruto were seen leaving the village.
Kakashi volunteers to bring them back.
Meanwhile Sasuke and Naruto-
They kiss some more.
But still profess their hatred.
But they love eachother as best friends.
But Naruto loves Kakashi as more.
Sasuke is about to tell Naruto something...
They are attacked and kidnapped.
By Orochimaru.
They are tortured.
Then Sasuke finds an escape,
Saves Naruto but dies.
Naruto, half dead, half drugged,
Pulls himself along and eventually faints.
Kakashi finds him.
Kakashi sends the others to search for Sasuke.
But Kakashi needs to get Naruto to safety.
Naruto awakens and tells what happened to sasuke.
Kakashi thinks that Naruto has feelings for Sasuke.
Kakashi decides to be Naruto's forever protector,
If he cannot have him...
He takes Naruto home,
Naruto cries out Sasuke's name in his sleep.
Kakashi is torn.
Kakashi decides to drink.
He kisses Iruka.
Iruka smiles a sad smile and says:
Don't, don't take advantage of my feelings for you, when I know you have none for me.
Kakashi apologises and cries.
Iruka asks who is he?
Kakashi replies: Naruto.
Iruka is shocked but gives kakashi a sad smile and offers no support.
Kakashi goes home.
He looks into Naruto's room.
Naruto is gone.
Panicked, Kakashi goes out searching for him.
He finds Naruto, clad in his boxers, in the middle of the forrest.
Kakashi asks Naruto what he is doing.
Naruto replies that he was looking for him.
Kakashi is shocked but takes Naruto home.
He tucks Naruto in bed.
Naruto begs Kakashi to stay, for fear of nightmares.
Kakashi agrees.
They fall asleep and Naruto snuggles close to Kakashi.
In the morning Kakashi pretends nothing happened,
and Naruto lets out a sad sigh.
Thinking about the reason he first left with Sasuke.
Kakashi couldn't love someone as disgusting as him.
Naruto spends weeks in his room.
Kakashi believes he is grieving for Sasuke.
Kakashi begins sneaking into Naruto's room.
One night he witnesses Naruto having an obvious sex dream...
Kakashi is about to leave when Naruto moans out "Kakaaaashiii"
Kakashi stares in complete confusion.
He couldn't have heard right.
Could he?
Again "Kakaaashii, oh fuck, yes, don't stop"
the moaning quietens down.
And Naruto ends with "I love you..."
Kakashi leaves Naruto's room.
Naruto love him?
But he is nothing? He isn't extraordinary.
Doesn't Naruto love Sasuke?
Apparently not.
And apparently Naruto would never admit his feelings for Kakashi.
Kakashi thinks back to when they first moved in together.
How could he be so blind of Naruto's feelings?
He decides to romance Naruto.
Lingering looks.
"innocent" comments and compliments.
Naruto didn't get the hint.
Being so sure Kakashi couldn't like him.
Kakashi, "Can't you see I like you"
Naruto thinks he is going crazy and starts to walk out the room
Kakashi grabs Naruto and kisses him.
Naruto does nothing.
He is shocked. He is dreaming.
Kakashi says, "I said I like you, aren't you going to say anything."
Naruto replies, "I'm just wondering when I fell asleep. I must be dreaming."
Kakashi is miffed.
He decides for a different tactic.
"Naruto, if this is a dream, shouldn't you be using it to your advantage"
And Naruto does.
Teacuppy chapter 25 . 6/9/2014
Well, this was amazing, all of it, I like this alternative ending more, their conversation at the end was so honest, it is my fav part :-) it was simply beautiful, you're good writer, and thank you for sharing your story with us...
Teacuppy chapter 22 . 6/8/2014
This Chapter was, unbelievably good :-)
Teacuppy chapter 16 . 6/7/2014
This Chapter was Powerful :-)
Teacuppy chapter 10 . 6/7/2014
Well it's official :-) You're Evil Genius! This is Masterpiece!
cora bug chapter 26 . 3/29/2014
I loved chapter 24, the best chapter I thought, that and 10and 11.
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