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Arw165 chapter 25 . 6/22
This is an old story, I know... but from my A.D 2017 perspective it lacks something. Personally, I would prefer there to be some other not love-related sub-plot or at least have some more serious love problem, that would last few chapters or something similar (for example, Gaara or Neji being serious competition for more than 10 minutes, before we forget about them being in the fic)? I was bored througout the most of the story for some reason. I'm not a smut-loving person, so I was turned off by their relationship being so sex-oriented for so long (even considering the plot idea), having more lemons than scenes with them actually getting to know each other to have anything to fall in love with. Other than their looks and Naruto's allegedly fuckable ass being flaunted at us so much in early chapters. Too much stress put on that fact, while not showing any other positive quality of his, that would stand out somehow... Short angsty parts felt overdramatic and didn't satisfy my craving for having some serious drama to overcome. :( At least, that's what my personal taste tells me, so you're welcome to disagree).

Naruto in 22 chapter reached the whole new level of being stupid. I was so angry at him, blaming Sasuke for letting other guys have their way with him. And thinking he was the one hurt, DESERVING an apology xD Maybe Sai was right, saying Naruto didn't have a penis (balls), acting like a damsel in distress, waiting for his bodyguard/fuck-buddy to arrive. Him reflecting over this later doesn't change fact, that this way of thinking should have been to messed up to even evolve in his head so far along the way. (Although, since SasuNaru-love didn't feel serious to me, Naruto thinking solely in terms of protection actually made sense to me. But I don't think that was supposed to look like that, so... let's just say, Naruto's dumb). Too bad Sasuke appeared at all, now I'm curious what would have happened and how the blond bimbo would justify it.
yumenohime-sama chapter 25 . 5/20
Please, oh please... update this story soon~ . I've been following this one from waaaayyy before and finally after some years it's updated.. but only with one chapter... If you're still active, please updates? :D A lot of good stories are being discontinued because the author didn't come back... :(

anyway, I love this chapter 3 I hope some more loving and understanding from both parties in the upcoming updates~ Good work!
ChaosDeath chapter 1 . 5/16
i hoped hard it wasnt yioi...
infiresnation chapter 25 . 4/18
I really liked reading this chapter please update, I want to read more.
MDrocks chapter 19 . 4/14
I just want to say... I enjoyed this chapter a lot. I'm laughing my ass off so much, my jaw hurts. I am loving Kakashi and how he is hahahaha. Nice job, author-san!
SasuNaru's Loyal Fangirl TDDUP chapter 25 . 2/22
Woah. I read all of the current chapters in less than a day. Woop! Update as soon as possible please!
SasuNaru's Loyal Fangirl TDDUP chapter 1 . 2/21
I'm already laughing at the first few paragraphs! Hahaha! The conversation is so funny! Kiba you dog mutt xD
Guest chapter 21 . 2/17
Guest chapter 5 . 2/16
Naruto's ass is Uchiha property XD
Anna chapter 25 . 2/3
Very very sad that this has been abandoned
Guest chapter 4 . 12/22/2016
I know there's probably heaps of chapters and you have probably improved in those areas but...
There was like no descriptions of their bodies, what this amazing ass looks like, feels like, what they look like naked, their sizes and look of their junk, Sasuke noises... etc
tayleah chapter 25 . 12/23/2016
This is awesome. Please continue this. I want to know how the brothers are going to continue their relationship and how Naruto and Sasuke will develop.
rtalish chapter 25 . 12/9/2016
I really really really love this fic! Simply couldn't get enough! Update pleaseee~
Bren chapter 6 . 7/22/2016
lain-trigger01 chapter 25 . 7/12/2016
Hahaha Sasuke and Itachi really bring normal family squabbling to a different level don't they? Well they're a pair of genius perfectionists why should we be surprised?

Thank you for updating this. The dedication you have to finishing this story despite the years is amazing. Its so easy to stop writing as RL takes over more and more of your time so kudos for the perseverance! Also love how Sasu and Naru seem to have matured a bit through this story, becoming more confident in themselves and yet also more vulnerable. Gotta love Itachi's weird way of being a loving overprotective big bro too. All in all, looking forward to how the conclusion of this story will go!
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