Reviews for Beautiful
Current Name chapter 1 . 8/10/2008
Jeez. I don't remember reading this. Maybe I never did, but goodness, I love it. It's got this beautiful, bitter-sweet feeling to it. It's just wonderful.
yokudekimashita chapter 1 . 11/26/2007

I think it's awesome that your a student teacher there, and i have a question about it- would you recomend it? is it fun to do i mean? also, what inspired you to go?

I'm guessing your a female from the use of the name Megan, but am i correct? i like to know because it gives me a different view on their stories. not sexist at all with this comment but guys and girls think differently and that affects what they mean sometimes, so i just like to know. _

I agree, orange is an alluring and intelligent color. it makes me happy when i see it.

I love your stoies so far, just the ichigo*hichigo one made me... oh... yes... well... hm... and i dont even really know why, either... i dont usually like pain or sm or bdsm at all and shy away from it naturally, but your story gave me a new fetish... yeah... wow...

I'd like to try writing a story and if you think of any ideas your too busy to write i'd be happy to take a stab at them, no pun intended. Or if you get a suggestion from someone and don't want to take the time... you know, things like that.

keep writing, yo! I'ts Awesome! i get immages when i read your stories and its sometimes hard to find good ones on this site. ESPECIALLY for ZoSan pairings... they pretty much all suck... but they are one of the best pairings in the world.

~Yoku Dekimashita