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LezBlowShitUp chapter 1 . 5/14
Lovely. Breaking up the chapter through the definition of love felt very elegant. Also, I'm really enjoying the two ships you have set up between AsuKira and DeaYzak. They really foil each other quite well. The Shinn unrequited love thing is kind painful but in a good way (like your writing is completely gripping me and his character is so brought to life that I'm in pain for him... sort of thing).
Anna chapter 3 . 10/2/2014
Nggak dilanjutin ya kak? Padahal seru bgt. Penasaran deh ma lanjutannya gimana. Hiks...
Ryukie chapter 3 . 12/5/2013
Why Chap 1 - 4 very very very long..? -_-
Its make me dizzy,you know..? -_-
Please make shorty a little.. I think that make me bored if I continued read it.. Maybe 1k or less its okay.. :)
But the story is great.. I like it ( A half I guess.. ) :)
If Kira is Uke,I like it 'cause Kira is very innocent *smirk*..
I bet you update soon in chap 5.. :)
Ananda chapter 4 . 10/14/2011
Aah, 'sumi gak bakal ngelanjutin ini ya? Sayang bgt deh. Pdhl aq suka bgt ma jalan critanya. Fav AsuKiraq deh. Moga2 aja suatu saat nanti km brubah pikiran n update fic ini! Aq bharap bgt n Bdoa deh bdoa. Lanjutin lanjutin lanjutin...
JumpingBeans480 chapter 1 . 12/12/2010
How should I phrase it... hmmm...

This fic is lovely and I'm enjoying every word of it. It's easy to picture how it plays out in my head and I really think that you've captured everyone's personality.

Although... perhaps you should put some line breaks to show the changes in the scenes.

I do hope you update soon.
Envie the Otaku chapter 4 . 1/1/2010

Oh my.

Well, I believe I've either read some of your Tenipuri stuff or some of your KKM stuff, as your username sounds very familiar, but I didn't see this fic last time around, and I'm so glad I've found it now!

Your characterisation is good, your plot is absolutely wonderful, and you're very, very good at portraying the drama and emotions that the characters are feeling as events play out. You've recaptured the shocking twists and palpable tension of Gundam SEED that had me on the edge of my seat then, and has me crying out in amazement now.

I'm interested in finding out more about Az's power - it's interesting that you've introduced a supernatural element to Gundam, and I am -adoring- what you're doing with it. I have to admit, best friends/lovers being forced to fight one another is one of my favourite set-ups of all, and you're writing this so beautifully.

Your writing is also very, very good. You've got a huge vocabulary that you're using correctly, and your descriptions are nice and in-depth. Occasionally, your tenses slip, but it's nothing that would get me to stop reading, not when your story has me this excited.

I also enjoy your battle scenes immensely - they're descriptive and easy to follow/visualise, and very nicely choreographed.

Overall, this is shaping up to be one of my favourite SEED fanfictions so far. Do you think you'll be updating this one at some point in the future? Or has it slipped into the realms of hiatus? I would be sad if that were the case, but what you’ve got up here anyway is lovely. A total pleasure to read. Thank you so much for writing this, and I can’t wait to read more!
BloodyPinkRose chapter 4 . 5/25/2008

i love it!

its such an original idea and its so well written!

great job

so far so excellent

like a breath of fresh air

cant wait till the next chapter!

till next time!
Aira chapter 4 . 3/7/2008 a rock and a hard GOSH i hate that Chez guy! *fumes*...wonder how things get sorted out...that is...IF things gets sorted out...-.-' lookin forward to the next chappie so...make it GREAT! XD
Rowan Isabella McCarter chapter 4 . 3/7/2008
I really wish that the series had made it Kira and Athrun as together, they are the better couple, sorry to say for Lucus, but it's true. Anyways, I really love this story and I hope that things work out for Kira soon. Really, it sucks that the two are always having to fight each other. Doesn't Athrun and Kira deserve happiness together *cries* Looking forward to more
MyLiFeIsMuSiC chapter 3 . 1/24/2008

I found another sweet fanfic!

Actually ur English is not that bad at all

I think its better than mine...

Oh btw, u know the part when Cagalli talks about all the things that they sacrificed in the second war?

U said (Doesn't it enough?).

Its (Isnt it enough?)

Please dont take what im saying the wrong way!

I just noticed that u said it wrong and i just wanted to help!

I hope u continue this story!

Its rly great!
Jusrecht chapter 3 . 1/20/2008
First of all, my condolences to your missing USB. I know perfectly how it feels to have to rewrite a finished fic...

Second of all, can I say just how much I like the way you write our two heroines? Cagalli and Lacus totally kick ass. Letting Kira go seemed like something that Lacus would do. And the fact that you insert the canon Cagalli-handing-over-the-baton-to-Meyrin thing only makes this fic even more wonderful.

I suppose Lacus did know that Athrun was lying and just pretended that she didn't? She's sure capable of doing that sort of thing XD

Twilight? Nice, nice twist. After Akatsuki, comes Twilight. By the way, have you watched Gundam SEED Stargazer? They also have the dual-pilot system. But why two girls?

By the way, the Shinn-Cagalli interaction is just begging to be developed into something more *nudge, nudge* XD And the preview of the next chapter sounds... ominous. Seriously. I hope the 'end' won't be something really bad...

One last thing (just a tiny little minuscule tidbit because I'm a total pain in the ass), there was this sentence in the middle of this chapter: "They passed the lazy afternoon staying inside the mansion, chatted and talked a lot. It was around three in the afternoon when Cagalli suddenly leapt up from the coush..." Shouldn't it be 'couch'?

All right, I'll shut up now. (Thank you for writing this chapter!)

~ Jusrecht ~

P.S.: I've just realized after reading Athreith's name again and again. Is it possible that her name comes from 'Aerith'?
Rowan Isabella McCarter chapter 3 . 1/7/2008
That's horrible, how, that's just...stupid! Ug, Damn it Athrun! Damn it...looking forward to more -
Norman chapter 1 . 11/22/2007
Once Upon a Time there was a really good fanfic that I was reading. The author was an amazing writer and had excellent portrayals of the characters but then, part way though, something happened. The Destiny characters appeared and all was lost to a deep and slimy abyss that smelled of mildew and shiitake mushroom powder.

The End.
Jusrecht chapter 1 . 11/21/2007
So this is your fic! You didn't tell me *pouts* If I wasn't struck by an inspiration to check the GS section, I'd completely miss it.

Thank you for mentioning me at all. I feel very proud that I can inspire someone to write (yes, I'm shameless, moi) XD

Now onto the real review. This story certainly has the potential to be a great (and long) one. And wow, I love long first chapters. Kudos for you to be able to write one this long.

My fav character in this chapter is definitely Shinn. His issues with Athrun always amuse me to some degree, but I like his thoughts at the end of his part best. Top secrets documents... Oh, Shinn, you're just so incorrigible...

Much much love for the twins' names! Arrel and Aralia, I don't know why, they just sound so cool for me. Just one more little unimportant tidbit. I swear when I read the part when Shinn screamed 'Dearka-san!', I felt a Dearka x Shinn plotbunny hitting me on the head...

I definitely want to read more. You should continue! About your idea to have a beta, I think it'll be better if you have one. I noticed some grammatical mistakes and this fic will definitely be more enjoyable without those. And not that I'm trying to be nitpicky or anything, but I just want to tell you that Cagalli's family name is 'Athha' not 'Attha'. I didn't get it the first time I wrote about her either, but since then I've been very conscious about her name (yes, she's my fav character, I'll admit XD)

Thank you for writing this and good luck for the next chapters!

~ Jusrecht ~
Corwalch chapter 2 . 11/20/2007
yay! thank you for your nicely written fic! as long as kira and athrun are a couple, i can stand the ocs popping out. but that is besides the point... i am very glad to see asukira fics poping out there and then although their tension are below what i hope (the hint: more asukira action!). still i hope you don't break kira's precious heart. i will have a fit along with him when athrun disappers, which you better make it brief. hehe
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