Reviews for Harry Potter and the Distaff Side
Mia chapter 2 . 11/7
Sweet cheeks really sweet cheeks
SnuggleKitten69 chapter 17 . 11/8
Why is it authors are now disabling private messaging?
Is it the volume of messages demanding updates with no actual concern for the integrity of the story?
Is it the sycophantic PMs, after the reading of such, one feels their skirt or slacks are drenched in the saliva dripping from their followers' lips?
Is it some mechanism to distance themselves from their readers?
Regardless of the reasons, this is a most wonderful story and you, like I, have a multitude of irons in the fire, heating away to be formed and forged into crafted works others hopefully enjoy reading.
I would encourage you to take whatever time you feel is needed to maintain the quality of your story.
I just miss being able to send you a PM.
ceraphim chapter 17 . 10/31
Didn't Hagrid change into a Reubella (so?) In recent chapters he has been listed as a male Hagrid. FYI. Cheers! Ceraphim :)
UserABC123 chapter 17 . 10/30
Great story! Please, please update this.
Guest chapter 17 . 10/12
I hope that Luna ends up okay...

It's a cruel sort of cliffhanger to see just before the spell is removed. Though to be fair, even when the next chapter comes out, there will no doubt be some other cliffhanger.
TangledPencils chapter 17 . 9/22
I'm enjoying this story, once I got my head around your "swapsies" lol. Looking forward to reading more, please continue soon.
TheMonitor1079 chapter 1 . 9/15
Oh please please please continue this. I nearly didn't read this at all because the summary didn't truly catch my interest, but now that I have I am hooked.
mayotta chapter 17 . 8/23
This is a really fun and entertaining story. Keep putting out the chapters even if it is one ever few years. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Cheers.
The God's Eye chapter 17 . 8/23
If you do not update this I will return here everyday just to make say the words update this story please.
Starting now.
Update this story please
Katt chapter 2 . 8/15
Heavens above, reading this chapter gave me one hell of a headache. You should lay down on them drugs whoever you are.
Cinthya chapter 17 . 8/12
lovely done
TakaT0 chapter 17 . 8/9
plz update this soon. ty. sincerely, taka
Peacemaren chapter 17 . 7/12
I was originally searching for a standard Harry Potter DimensionTravel! fanfic when I clicked on your story out of interest. Now, I have read many, many fanfiction, and was surprised when I did not recognize your story from anywhere. I was excited to see a new and unread story, and a little wary, but hey, I had thought, might as well give it a try.

When I read the first chapter of your story, I found the premise familiar. I've seen and read stories with that beginning, but still, I wanted to read it, waste some time before I headed to work. However, my curiosity was tweaked when I read 'Cecelia'. It was interesting to me, as I had never seen a gender -bent Cedric in a story before, but still it was cool. Then, when I hit the second chapter, I was actually consumed from the first line.

The idea of a gender-bent universe is not as familiar, but still can be found here and there. No, what really made me enamored with your story was the ridiculously natural and easy flow that you're story possessed. When I started reading Chapter 2, I was thanking every named god out there for how you skipped Harry's initial angsty and confused reaction without excising the development the angst and confusion did to Harry's character. The amount of care you gave to the characters and their development was phenomenal, and the amount of detail you have in your story is fantastic. There may be a few grammar and spelling errors, but I happily slaughtered my inner Grammar Nazi just to read this story without interruption.

For example, what you did with everyone's names? I loved it. And the 'Wiccegamot'? I damn well nearly squealed.

Not only that, but the changes you make to the environment that are so comprehensive, addressing societal and even instinctual reactions based on gender roles was GREAT. You even added that to the conversations! I've been recently reading a bit of feminist literature, so this story could not have come at a better time. And Lord Above, I love Luna in this story.

Just the amount of devotion you put into the story made me binge read until Chapter 17, and then you summarily broke my heart and stepped on the pieces when you left us all on the cliffie. Seriously, I am not kidding when I say I had to physically place my hands over my mouth to restrain myself from screaming from despair.

Please, for the love of all that is good and holy and magic, PLEASE UPDATE. You have me addicted and I really need my fix. Look, I understand that it may be tough to write with life going on; God knows that everyone can be busy in this day and age. But please know, that if you do choose to update soon, you have one seriously (I would say 'Sirius-ly', but it's the wrong universe for it) devoted fan who would very happily and very quickly devour anything that you write. Thank you for such a great story, and I hope to read more of your work soon. Keep up the great work! :)
iChaos chapter 17 . 7/10
This really is a very interesting story. I admit that it took several chapters to really wrap my mind around the concept of both reversed character genders as well as opposite gender roles simultaneously but I like what you've done so far. I hope that it does get finished someday, I would very much like to see how you resolve the plot - especially since the circumstances make everything far less predictable than usual.
iChaos chapter 5 . 7/10
Okay, so besides a few misplaced pronouns and some other minor confusion caused by calling "Veronina" by the nickname "Ronnie" this is pretty good stuff. Whatever Luna is up to, I am probably going to like it. What I am trying to figure out right now though is how and/or where do Sirius and Umbridge fit into the story?
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