Reviews for A Different start
The Dastardly Muffin chapter 40 . 7/10
I just reread this fic after a long time... And I still love it! Also, wasn't expecting Lara Croft to make an appearance, though it fits well with their expedition coming up.
Yay for Kitsune! I love that she got to Keitaro before any of the other girls did.
Great job with the fic, and I'm looking forward to the next update!
major wallace chapter 40 . 6/26
nice work
Quathis chapter 40 . 6/24
Things still very interesting for Keitaro with all the new faces in his life. And now adding the Croft trouble as well. Hopefully whenever they go can survive them. Until next time.
laki chapter 40 . 6/24
what a great development...kkakaka
thanks for the nice update
Wittmann the Tiger Ace chapter 40 . 6/24
Very good chapter.

In doing some research, found out that Tokyo U does not have an Archaeology Department per se. It is more like a Cultural Studies section in the Science Department.


Guest chapter 40 . 6/24
So ... 1 harem member? And who is next Indiana jones. Nice chapter and can't wait what will happens when suu use her k-card
Samhan chapter 40 . 6/24
INTERESTING! what is the story with numbers?
The King Engine chapter 39 . 5/24
Interesting take on the whole story. Entertaining, refreshing and induced my mind for some good ideas i may use later on. I eagerly await your next chapter
Galeiam chapter 1 . 5/17
Eh...a bit of a choppy start, hopefully it improves.
Guest chapter 39 . 3/22
Can't wait for the next chapter man
NateAnonymous chapter 39 . 2/11
Fantastic as always :)!
anon chapter 32 . 1/24
here i thought keitaro was going the godly harem end. Meh, monogamy.
MrReynevan2 chapter 39 . 1/14
New year sure brought a few nice surprises...
FLARECROWN chapter 39 . 1/5
Damn this story was simply amazing.
darkofficer chapter 39 . 1/3
I have to say I really liked this chapter maybe it was because there was a sweet romance in it. but how would suu build a armor for keitaro if she have removed her lab.
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