Reviews for Tango In D Minor
chibichoco chapter 18 . 1/5/2008
That was amazing. Your whole fic is amazing. I love reading your work. Great job as usual. XD Loved the New Years thing... and Serena not hearing the new year come... hahaha. XD
chibichoco chapter 17 . 1/5/2008
O.O ... Very nice chapter. Hehehe. Loved it! Hahaha... near the Christmas tree... Wow... hahaha. Great job. XD
Deka Lopez Granger chapter 18 . 1/5/2008
Oh, I loved this fic, and I'm sad to see that it's over / But at least they got their happy ending x ) The fic was awesome . Great job (:
Ace Trainer Jessie chapter 18 . 1/5/2008
that is a realy good story.
angel0wonder chapter 18 . 1/5/2008
No, thank YOU for providing us readers with entertainment that surpasses many.
SheLoves2Read chapter 16 . 12/31/2007
this is written brilliantly :]
mysensitiveside chapter 16 . 12/27/2007
I've been horrible...I've been reading this story from the beginning, but I haven't reviewed yet. But, to sum it all up: this story rocks! I first started reading your stuff because of your Popular fics (which are awesome, by the way), and now you have gotten me totally into the gloriousness that is Waldsen. You even got me to check out the tv show out of curiosity, after I missed the first few episodes, and it's definitely paid off because they're so totally gay for each other on-screen (and off-screen, I like to assume). So basically, thanks for the wonderful introduction to this pair!
Billy Rose chapter 16 . 12/24/2007
aw s uch a super sweet chap!

glad Blair's said her piece - now serena has a better shot at yale _
Frida Vaccari chapter 16 . 12/23/2007
ok i totally love this story

i am addicted to it

i would love some more Blair/Serena scenes but i still love the story

please update soon
Guest chapter 16 . 12/23/2007
*chuckles* and here in my devious mind I thought they were going to use the frosting for something much deferant than cookies... *grins*

chibichoco chapter 16 . 12/23/2007
Hahahaha! VERY NICE! OMG! I LOVED this chapter! That was hilarious... hahaha... I am really happy that Serena's mom is going to give them a chance. You know... I bet that Blair could have thought of something even more fun to do with that frosting... hahaha. Sorry, mind out of the gutters now. Hahaha. Great chapter. I love your fics with this pair. Happy Holidays!
slickchick84 chapter 16 . 12/22/2007
'Lillian Poppins'! Ha, that slayed me it was so funny. Seriously, that killed me I laughed so hard.

I am seriously in love with your Blair and every chapter you add just steals my heart a little more. I mean Blair watching Serena's cookies for her was about the sweetest thing ever. I also rather enjoyed the little look into Lilly we got here, it was refreshing.

Anyway, just wanted to say you're a wonderful writer and this story is funny, sweet and about the best GG fic I've read to date. Keep it up!
Nonori chapter 15 . 12/20/2007
Your stories are some of the best in whatever fandom you write. This one just happens to be my favorite since it's the longest GG I've ever read, and Serena/Blair is just too awesome not to love. I don't follow the TV series, for some reason I'm never home one Wednesday nights. However, I do read up on your summaries over at your lj account (hope that not too stalker-ish).

Getting back to your awesome story. I love how you incorporate the other characters, especially Vanessa. She seriously gets no love from anyone, poor girl. Serena and Blair dialogue is also pretty great, you write them better than anyone else I've seen. Keep up the great work, you've totally converted me to Waldsen (is that right?).
hoodrat.friend chapter 15 . 12/18/2007
I loved that they went on a double date, that was really interesting. And how Blair and Vanessa are becoming friends, I didn't see that coming and it was such a nice touch.
chibichoco chapter 15 . 12/17/2007
HAHAHA! OMG! That was amazing... There aren't even enough words for me to say how amazing that was. I loved the part with Blair liking her for who she is... hahaha. That was hilarious. Very cute and great job with this chapter. It has to be one of the best ones yet! :) I really love your series here. Great job! XD
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