Reviews for Halloween World The Halloween that Never Ends
slayer8131team chapter 1 . 7/30/2019
Hi mavis Nathan I was wondering is there any way the story is put all together as and what you have written with the other people have written in the right place or I just need the numbers the pages to where I can put add that part of the story so high can read it all together at once thank you I'm enjoying the story it's really interesting
Nathan chapter 1 . 5/9/2018
First off let me say I like your story it is interesting long but very interesting the other thing I got all the way up till the good times give 10 years and then I didn't understand who some of the people were that's the only thing I'm just hoping that you go back or somebody will explain those 10 years it would be really good because could put it into a story

And I'm wondering are you planning on ending it or read your other stores and the really really good you have a good good writing ability thank you
gediel chapter 6 . 7/9/2015
I am terribly confuse.
Let me make it clear that i am not a fan of anime and as most of this works are as such, i didnt have a damn clue who they are.
Normally, a good writing would keep me entertained but...i just can't read it because it kept changing POV and that confuses me a great deal.
It wasnt boring, just confusing. My fault not yours.
Arafell chapter 2 . 6/11/2014
I wonder if anyone was wearing a Diebuster costume, and if the world can, at any moment, be cut in half by a giant laser sword. . .
Winter's Folly chapter 3 . 1/29/2014
Winter's Folly chapter 1 . 1/25/2014
alan chapter 35 . 7/17/2013
your probably no longer continuing this but if you do maybe you could have Morgana Pendragon as a Dark Council survivor who starts up an army in one the Naruto universes.
Trueblade Hinata chapter 14 . 3/24/2013
I have a few more idea for patients/allies
Subject name:Eleventh Doctor
Type:Gallifreyan Time Lord
Origin:Doctor Who
Encounter:The TARDIS appears at Itachi and Azula's curent location,as the Doctor and his curent companions come to warn them of an upcoming Dalek attack aimed at them.

Subject name:Sasuke Uchiha(companion of the Doctor)
Type:metahuman ninja
Origin Naruto
Appearence:Dressed similar to the Alternate universe Sasuke in the "Rooad to ninja movie,exept he wears a konoha headband,a long sheelved shirt under his blue vest(with the Uchiha clan symbol on the back.
Encounter:Was in the TARDIS along with the Doctor,Naruto and Sakura(the Naruto and Sakura come from the same shinobi universe as this Sasuke)
Subject name:Sakura Haruno(companion of the Doctor)
Type:metahuman ninja
Encounter:Same as Sasuke avove
Name:Naruto Uzumaki(companion of the Doctor)
Type:metahuman ninja
Appearence:Wears an orange vest with the same patterns he has in Kyubi chakra mode and his red sage vest
Encounter:Same as Sasuke avove.
Subject name:Rainbow Dash
Type:Equrstrian pegasus pony
Origin:My little pony:Friendship is magic
Reason:Broken wing
Subject name:
Pinkie Pie
Type:Equestrian Earth pony
Origin:My little Pony Friendship is magic
Reason:Being sick after eating too much cake.
Kingdark chapter 1 . 5/10/2012
You confuse

there / their

threw / through

scene / seen

the form of use / used

though /

Garra isn't the right nama, Gaara is.

Those are the ones I could find

count-lurkula chapter 1 . 2/10/2011
Sorry, but I just couldn't get past the first chapter. The story's overall concept had a LOT of potential, but the execution here just absolutely fell flat. I'm sure I might be missing a lot of epic moments and a great deal of improvement in the story's quality, but if I can't get past the first chapter and its jarring flashback whiplash plot structure, poor spelling/grammar, and Japanese Anachronism Stew then what I'm missing doesn't really matter as far as I'm concerned.
Trueblade Hinata chapter 35 . 11/4/2010
Awesome story.

This is the best mega crossover that I've ever readed.

I do have a few suggestions for characters:

First cameos:

Subject Name:Fox McCloud

Type:Cornerian anthro fox

Origin:Star Fox McCloud is the leader of the mercenary for hire group Star Fox

Encounter:Cordy and Itachi finds him and the rest of Star Fox fighting against Star Wolf.

Subject Name:Krystal

Type:Cerinian anthro vixen

Origin:Star Fox originaly met Fox on the planet Sauria,when she was trapped in a crystal prison by Andross after a mission to find the source of a distress signal on Andross's defeat,Krystal joined Star Fox and became their telepath member.

Encounter:same as Fox

Subject name: Wolf O'Donnell

Type:Lylatian anthro wolf

Origin:Star is the leader of the criminal mercenary for hire group Star Wolf.

Encounter:Hired by the Akatsuki to investigate Cordelia and Itachi's curent location,Wolf and the two other curent members of Star Wolf,Leon Polawski and Panther Caroso bump into their rivals of Star Fox,who were hired to investigate as well and fighting starts.


Subject:Ike Gawain


Origin:Fire Emblem Path of 's the new leader of the Greil mercenaries,after the death of his father,Greil,who fell to the blade of the Black Knight of Daein.

Encounter:Is at the hospital,looking over his sister,Mist,who been injured.

Subject:Sasuke Uchiha Gawain


Origin:Naruto/Fire the battle against Itachi,this version of Sasuke,due the power of both of their Mangekyo,along with Itachi,were sent to Tellius,where he was found by Ike's father Greil who brought him back to the mercenary fort,where he was healed by the mercenaries's resident healer, was then considered like a son to Greil and a brother to Ike and still trained with his ninjutsu and sharigan,but thanks to Ike,his sword skills became 's dressed in medival clothing similar to Ike's with a blue headband.

Encouter:Also at the hospital with Ike,looking over Mist.



Subject name:Mist Gawain


Origin:Fire Emblem Path of 's Ike younger sister and an inexperimented Cleric and healer.

Reason:Severe stabed on the left shoulder by an enemy soldier.

That is all for now.

I'll send some characters when I'll have the time.

Keep up the good work!
Fuzzlets chapter 35 . 6/10/2010
D. W. Tyn chapter 1 . 5/20/2010
I must say that this is the most unique and original Multi-Xover I've seen yet. I love how you merged the Scoobies into various characters; some that weren't even thought up at the time the classic Buffy episode that you used and clearly tweaked to suite the premise: Xander with Sayuki's Hakkai; Willow with Rukia; Dawn with Raven (two characters with so much in common); Cordie with Azula (a stuck-up prepy princess merged with a sadistic super-evil, but super-sexy princess: BRILLIANT!); and of course, the piece de resistance, mixing the sarcastic perky blonde Slayer Buffy with the solemn sexy catsuit wearing raven-haired Death-Dealer Seline. I bow to your brillaince. I hope the Vamps got transformed, too.
Ahrimal chapter 35 . 2/20/2010
With great formality and reverence, the Queens of Magia are meeting with avatars of the Seldarine. Corellon Larethian himself has taken great interest, as Magia has become the center of elven art and high magic, of a level not seen since Miyeritar's apex before the catastrophic Crown Wars. The Coronal of Arvandor has bestowed his blessing and favor by gifting the Queens with a set of selu'kiira, all of which have stored vast knowledge of High Magic and much ancient lore besides. With the Queens stand all the elven members of their inner circle. Gromph Baenre represents the Dark Elves, while the othes represent the High Elves, Grey Elves, Gold Elves (Ar-tel-quessir), and Moon Elves (Teu-tel-quessir)(I leave it to you to flesh out the other elven archmages). The Queens accept graciously and in turn present one selu'kiira from the set to each of the archmages present, depending on the resonance between the stone and potential wielder. It is ultimately for the selu'kiira to decide whether they find their hosts suitable. The Seldarine and the Queens are pleased to see that all the selu'kiira have accepted their hosts. The knowledge the selu'kiira bestow would usually take decades at least to learn, and from the other end, the archmages also add to the kiira stones' store of knowledge. In fact, once the bonding is done, the Seldarine bestow one final gift before taking their leave. Corellon Larethian directs the Queens and their elven advisors to perform their first act of high magic by guidng them to weave a Mythal that will cover all of the twin-cities. The Queens understand that it is his wish for them to spread this knowledge to the other elven colonies in the world and render them aid when they require it. In this way, they too might be elevated to strive for their ancestral glory.

A coalition of lesser chromatic dragons covets the arcane power that Magia wields, and they attempt to infiltrate the city that they might seize the wealth and subjugate the people as their thralls or raze them if they resist. Of course, none of Magia's dragons, metallic, chromatic, planar, or lung, react well to the upstart interlopers attempting to violate their territory. Battles between dragons are always epic, the scenes from which great legends are wrought, and this one is no exception. In their combined fury, all of the Magian dragons demonstrate their arcane mastery by performing a potent ritual that utterly rends their foes before they can even set foot in the city. What is even more impressive is the precision of the ritual magic, as there was no collateral damage at all. Verily, tread lightly in a dragon's domain.

Speaking of dragons, a version of Van Fanel and another of Hitomi dwell in Magia. They have shown a very interesting ability by bonding to a young adult metallic gold dragon, becoming his partners. Van helps him fight, while Hitomi aids in piercing through illusions and deceptions. Van and Hitomi have asked the Queens for permission to start forming an order of dragon knights like themselves who sally forth into battle with their draconic partners. The Queens are quite receptive to the idea and give their support. As such, their allies in the Thousand Kingdoms, Nihon, and the Midlands are seeking to establish their own sects of dragon knights.

Magia continues living up to its reputation as a center for culture and learning by inviting the ghost of William Shakespeare to teach aspiring playwrights and actors. Of course, it would not be complete if the Bard did not organize and direct performances for his old plays in the theatre as well. The spirits of Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, and a whole plethora of other philosophers are teaching in Magia as well. Finally, there are the ancient writers like Homer and the novelists like Jane Austen and Henry James. Their students love their works and are ecstatic to improve their writing and poetry skills under the guidance of the great masters. Olothontor's latest breakthrough is arranging for Georg Friedrich Händel to teach and perform in Magia. The music faculty and students are all looking forward to his guidance and especially anticipate performing his much-acclaimed Messiah, among other renowned works, as much as the people of Magia are looking forward to their performances.

A team of social scientists is working its way through the colonies, studying the cultures of various populations of certain races in those colonies. They are currently in Magia. Specifically, they are currently observing and interviewing members of the various elven races, including Dark Elves, in order to determine how their cultures have been shaped by their colony, and how they in turn have shaped their colony's overall culture. It has been a very fascinating study, especially when they analyze how the elven cultures of the various colonies have diverged from the original templates, how they have remained the same, and how they compare and contrast with one another in the current time, both within and between colonies.

In the Thousand Kingdoms, the Jade Emperor has elevated Zhuge Liang, also known as Kongming, to divine status to serve in the Celestial Bureaucracy. It is a reward for Kongming's virtue and diligence on behalf of his people and country. The Jade Emperor and his ministers are meeting with the celestial dragons. The spirits of past emperors like Han Wudi and Tang Taizong are also observing. It is a flourishing time for culture and art, especially with the ghosts of old poets like Du Fu and Li Bai teaching and artisans learning to craft jade and porcelain.

A version of Ryu and Chun-li live in the Thousand Kingdoms with their son, all training in the Wuxia styles.

Perhaps something with Carmen Sandiego and her amicable rivalry/partnership with ACME detectives. These days she mostly helps them with cases and stopping the truly malicious criminals. Admittedly, whenever she is in the mood, she still leaves clues for the ACME detective to find her location on the globe and where she is heading next. For their part, the ACME detectives do not follow the clues to arrest her, but rather because both parties enjoy what has become a friendly game that keeps their skills sharp.

A kind and redeemed version of No Heart is helping the Care Bears in their mission to spread caring around the world. They all live in Care-A-Lot, transferring it to Reikai early on.

In Albion, the Queen and her children reminisce fondly on the fact that, even now, they often love to spend time in the Hundred Acre Woods with Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, and all his other dear friends. When children in Albion are lonely and sad or simply need someone to talk to, they always somehow find their way to the Hundred Acre Woods, where Pooh and the others comfort them, give them good advice, and play with them to cheer their spirits before sending them back home. In some cases, if the children have no homes to return to, they choose to stay with Pooh and the others in the Hundred Acre Woods, remaining eternally young. Under the protection of Albion's Royal Family, the Hundred Acre Woods and their denizens are thriving more than ever.
badgep chapter 35 . 2/19/2010
Subject Name : Blaze Sonic

Type : Chaos empowered Hypersonic Anthromorphic Hedgehog

Origin : Christmas Island , Mobius Sonic the hedgehog universe (originally ) Now travelling the hallow universe in pursuit of Chaos Emeralds , Adventure , and friends

Encounter : Blaze Sonic and his crew of Yoshi Luigi and Shadow encounter the Black Arms during their travels and seek to wipe out the parasitic aliens and their leader Black doom
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